Gods and Goddesses

Short Summary

This is just a memory-jogger in case you're in need of a re-charge.
It is in no way an expansive list, and is,
of course, at the mercy of our not-perfect research and UPG!
For more on the God/desses, we suggest you
read everything you can get your hands on
and meditate/commune with Them.
We suggest you also visit
The Troth's overview of the
Gods and Goddesses

for a nice, succinct description of Them.


  • All-Father
  • Husband of Frigga
  • Father of Vali, Balder and Thor
  • Gainer of the Mead of Inspiration
  • Finder of the runes
  • Magician, Warrior, Wanderer, Wishfather
  • Leader of the Wild Hunt
  • Resides in Gladsheim containing Valhalla


  • Beloved,Spinner of the Clouds
  • Wife of Odin
  • Mother of Balder
  • Silent Knower
  • Protector of women and families
  • Resides in Fensalir


  • Mighty Thunderer
  • Father of Magni, Modhi and Thrudhr
  • Son of Odin and Jord
  • Wielder of Mjollnir
  • Defender of Asgard and Midgard
  • Helper of the farmer and 'common man'
  • Resides in Bilskinir


  • Lady
  • Mother of Hnos and Grissimie
  • Daughter of Njord and sister of Frey
  • Valkyrie, Chooser of half the slain
  • Owner of Brisingamen
  • Seidh Woman
  • Resides in Sessrumnir


  • Lord
  • Son of Njord and brother of Freya
  • Ruler of Alfheim
  • Wooer of Gerd
  • Noble, Fertile God
  • Foe of Surt


  • Daughter of Ivalde
  • Wife of Bragi
  • Sister of Orvandil and Nanna
  • Giver of health to the God/desses
  • Carrier of the Golden Apples
  • She who will rise again after Ragnarok


  • Sprung from the Earth
  • Guider of the Pole Star
  • Granter of victory and courage
  • Binder of Fenris
  • Seeker of justice
  • One-handed, Law giver


  • Wife of Thor
  • Daughter of Ivalde
  • Sister of Orvandil
  • Swan maiden
  • Golden Haired
  • Peacemaker


  • Father of Frey and Freya
  • Brother/Husband to Nerthus
  • Ruler of the sea
  • Giver of riches and safe harbor
  • Protector of travellers
  • Resides in Noatun


  • Sister/Wife of Njord
  • Goddess of the Earth
  • Goddess of the bogs
  • Rider of the wagon
  • Bestower of peace and Plenty


  • Blood brother of Odin
  • Husband of Signy
  • Fiery trickster
  • Father of Fenris and Sleipnir (and others)
  • Companion and Foe to the God/desses and humans


  • Earth Goddess/Giantess
  • Mother of Thor
  • Daughter of Nott
  • Earth Itself


  • Son of nine sisters
  • Wise watcher of Bifrost
  • Keeper of Gjallarhorn
  • Shining God
  • Rig
  • Father/Teacher of the ages of mankind


  • Daughter of Thiazji
  • Wife of Njord (then possibly Ullr?)
  • Wintry Goddess
  • Hunter and skier
  • Resides in Thrymheim


  • Son of Odin and Frigg
  • Husband of Nanna
  • Father of Forseti
  • Radiant God
  • Slain by the Mistletoe
  • Hel's guest
  • from Breidhablik


  • Giving One
  • Independent Maiden
  • Keeper of unmarried woman
  • Driver of the 4 oxen (her sons)


  • Son of Odin and Gunnlod
  • Husband of Idunna
  • Skald of Valhalla
  • Long-beard
  • Silver tongued-poet
  • Harp carrier


  • Daughter of Loki and Agrboda
  • Sister of Fenris and Jormungand
  • Ruler of Hel
  • Half dead/Half alive
  • Keeper of Balder and Nanna
  • Keeper of the dead


  • Son of Sif
  • Wintry God
  • Skier, Archer, Warrior
  • Resides in Ydalir


  • Daughter of Nep
  • Broken-hearted wife of Balder
  • Beautiful Goddess
  • Gift-giver


  • Son of Balder and Nanna
  • Ruler of the Holy Springs
  • Giver of wise council
  • Resides in Glitner


  • Mother of the Nine Waves
  • Wife of Aegir
  • Catcher of the drowned
  • Resides in her gold-glittering coral caves


  • Brewer of Mead for the God/desses
  • Host of the God/desses
  • Husband of Ran
  • Mighty Sea Giant


  • Son of Bor and Bestla
  • Brother of Odhinn
  • Giver of wit and emotion to wo/mankind
  • Giver of active will


  • Son of Bor and Bestla
  • Brother of Odhinn
  • Giver of sight and sound to wo/mankind
  • Mighty knower of the Sacred


  • Son of Odhinn and Grid
  • Silent God
  • Slayer of Fenris
  • Resides in Vidi


  • Son of Odin
  • Balder's Avenger
  • Mighty Warrior


  • Granter of fertility
  • Watcher of the children who have passed on
  • Spinner


  • Snow bringer
  • Fog Mother
  • Foe of the lazy
  • Housekeeper
  • Witch


  • Brilliant Sun Goddess
  • Daughter of Munifauri
  • Sister of Mani
  • Wife of Glen
  • Rider of the chariot drawn by
    Alsvid and Arvak
  • Carrier of the shield Svalin (cool)


  • most consider her the same as Sunna
  • possibly daughter of Sol (UPG)
    taking her mother's place once
    Sol is consumed by the wolf Skoll?


  • Wonderous Moon God
  • God of time/calendar
  • Brother of Sol
  • Knower of Earth's long history


  • Goddess of the dawn/east
  • Bringer of Spring

    Frigg's Maidens

  • Syn - Guarder of Doorways
  • Snotra - Goddess of Wisdom
  • Fulla - Frigg's sister/Goddess of Plenty
  • Hlin - Giver of Refuge/Protectress
  • Lofn - Granter of Permission (esp. in love)
  • Eir - Goddess of Healing
  • Sjofn - Goddess of Affection
  • Var - Overseer of Vows
  • Gna - Frigg's swift messenger
  • Vor - All-Knowing Goddess
  • Saga - Goddess of History and Storytelling
  • Gefion - see above
    taken mostly from "Beloved-Frigga and Her Maidens" article by
    Diana L. Paxson in the Spring 2000 issue of Idunna

    Holy Beasts

  • Hugin (Thought), Munin (Memory) - Odin's ravens
    fly through the worlds returning each evening
  • Geri, Freki - Odin's wolves
  • Audumhla (Hornless) - licked Buri from a salt block,
    fed Ymir with her milk
  • Freyja's Cats - draw Her chariot
  • Tanngnjost (Tooth-gnasher), Tanngrisnir (Tooth-gritter) - draw Thor's chariot
    can be slain and eaten and rise again by Thor and Mjollnir
  • Gullinbursti (Golden-bristled) - Given to Frey by the dwarf Brokk
    faster than a horse and bright enough to illuminate any darkness
  • Hildisvini (Battle-swine) - Freya's boar
  • Sleipnir (Slippy) - Odin's eight-legged grey horse, offspring of
    Loki and Svaldifari, can ride through the worlds
  • Rimefax (Ice-mane) - draws the Moon
  • Shinefax (Shining-mane) - draws the Sun
  • Arvak (Early-riser), Alsvid (All-swift) - also draw the Sun
  • Gulltop (Gold-topped) - Heimdall's horse
  • Bloody-hooved - Frey's horse

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