Descendants of Issac Rose


A Bit of Family History

The family name of Rose is from Ros, a local name in Normandy, France. Historical records consulted indicate there are many Rose families in England. One of the members of this family was Alderman and Sheriff of London in 1548. A Rose was a Colonel in the Royal London Militia. One Richard Rose, Esq. of Abington was killed at the seige of Attoor in India in 1768. Another Rose was Knight of the Swedish Military Order of the Sword in 1814.

Among the Rose families in England, two came to Canada. The American historical records indicate a Rose family settled in West Suffield, Connecticut and another in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The earliest date located is for Rev. Robert Rose, of Richmond, Virginia, 1725 and his son, Colonel Huge Rose, b 1743. It is stated that a Rose fought in the American Revolution. Descendants of this distinguished family can be found thoughout our country, prominent in political, social and economic affairs. Reference: Burke's - General Armory.

Coat of Arms

Armst: Or, a boar's head couped gules armed and langued azure, between three water bougets sabel, on a chief of the second three maple leaves of the first
Crest: A harp or, stringed azure.
Motto: "Audio" and "Constant and True"


Isaac Rose

ISAAC ROSE was born ca 1753 in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania and died 17 Feb 1829 in Birch River, Nicholas County, West Virginia. He married on 1 Jan 1784 in Mercer, Pennsylvania to Margaret Forsythe, born on 8 Nov 1757 and died on 30 Nov 1843 in Braxton County, West Virginia. He lived in Botetourt County, Virginia, Nicholas County, West Virginia, and Cowen County, West Virginia (which is now Webster County, created in 1860 from Braxton County and Nicholas County). He enlisted in 1777 from Momongalia County, Virginia for 3 years, serving as a private in Captain David Scott's 13th Virginia Regiment (Rev. War, National Archives W 5713) Continental Establishment under Col. John Gibson and Gen. Hand (VA No. 16402 No.W. 5713). He was discharged in 1780 in Monongahela County and his pension was granted 7 Sept 1819 in Nicholas County, Virginia. A momument was erected at his grave on the Birch river and the DAR marked it.

References: "The Descendents of Isaac Rose" compiled by Elizabeth (Wiggins) Sanders, "Will Book I" Nicholas County, West Virginia, "Journal of the Braxton Historical Society", Vol 18 No 2 June 1990, and Jornal of the Braxton Historical Society", Vol 19 No 2 June 1991.

Children of Isaac Rose and Margaret Forsythe
1. William Rose, b 1786 d 06 Jan 1874
2. Hannah Rose, b 1790-1803
3. Charles Rose, b 1792-1798 d 1868/9
4. James Rose, b 1794-96
5. EZEKIAL ROSE, b 1795/6 d 1871
6. Amelia (Millie) Rose, b ca 1798

Ezekial Rose

EZEKIAL ROSE was born ca 1795/6 in Monroe, Virginia and died on 3 Apr 1871 Braxton County, West Virginia of plurisy. He married on 25 May 1821 in either in Pennsylvania or Botetourt County, Virginia (now Greenbriar County, West Virginia) to (1) Susanna Harmon, daughter of Jacob Harmon and Christena Mock and to (2) Agnes J. McPherson. Susanna Harmon was born ca 1805 Botetourt County, Virginia and died ca 1846-50 of typhoid fever. Ezekial was famous for his integrity. An interesting note: Alexander Rose married Susan Ann Murphy and his brother, George W. Rose, married her sister, Elizabeth Ann Murphy, thus making their children double first cousins.

References: "The Descendents of Isaac Rose" compiled by Elizabeth (Wiggins) Sanders, "1850 Census of Braxton County, West Virginia" by Wes Crochran, and "Journal of the Braxton Historical Society, Vol 18 No 2 June 1990.

Children of Ezekial Rose and Susanna Harmon are:
1. Sophronia Rose d 12 yrs old
2. Eliza Jane (Liza) Rose
3. Amanda Rose, b. 1822 d 1895
4. Elizabeth Ruth (Betsy-Betty) Rose, b 1825/27 d 1895
5. ALEXANDER ROSE, b 1828 d 1914
6. George W. Rose, b 1830
7. Isaac Rose, b abt 1831
8. Marion Rose, b 1833 d 1863
9. Agnes Rose (a Twin), b abt 1835
10. Robert M. Rose (a Twin), b abt 1835 d 1917
11. Virginia Rose, b 1838 d 1866
12. James M. Rose, b 1840 d 1895
13. Mortimer H. Rose, b 1842 d 1919
14. Fielding Rose, b 1844 d 1933
15. John F. Rose, b 1845 (question of whether he is a son)

Alexander Rose

ALEXANDER ROSE was born on 1 Apr 1828 in Braxton County, West Virginia and died on 7 Dec 1914 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas of valvular insufficency. He married (1) on 13 Dec 1847 to Susan A. Murphy, dau of John Jarrett Murphy and Louisa Wilson, and (2) on 23 Feb 1876 to Eunice Ann Ayre. Susan A. Murphy was born 30 Jun 1833 in Virginia and died on 13 Dec 1873 of a fever in Lawrence, Douglas County. In 1854, Alexander and Susan moved to Illinois, but in 1858, traveling by flat-boat they relocated in Missouri.

Family history records that during the Civil War, General Price (Conferdate Army) confiscated all their livestock (hogs) and feed (corn). Because of Order No. 11, they were forced to vacate their land in 1862. They traveled in a covered wagon, driving a cow and horse hitched together. They settled on Lecompton River Rd., north west Lakewiew and Lawrence.

Alexander joined the Lecompton Company E, 11th KS Cavalry on 22 Mar 1864 as a private. His description at the time of enlistment was: brown eyes, black hair, dark complexion and 5' 8" tall. He was transferred to Company M and was mustered out with the company on 26 Sep 1865. Alexander's only injury during his service was when he accidentally shot off his big toe while cleaning his revolver.

References: "The Pioneer", by the Douglas County Geonealogy Society, Vol IX No 2, Winter 1986, Vol XIII No 3 Spring 1990, Vol XIV No 1 Fall 1990, Vol XIV No 3 Spring 1991, Vol XVI No 3, Spring 1993, and Vol XVII No 1 Fall 1993, "1875 Douglas County Kansas Census", published by The Douglas County Genealogical Society, Copy of "Volunteer Englistement" Lawrence, Kansas, "Complete Tombstone Census of Douglas County, Kansas", for The Douglas County Kansas Genealogical Society, Inc, "1860 Federal Census for Vernon County, Missouri" Published by Juliet Lesley Smith, "1860 Vernon County, Missouri Census", and "The Descendents of Isaac Rose" compiled by Elizabeth (Wiggins) Sanders.

Children of Alexander Rose and Susan Ann Murphy
1. John Wesley Rose, b 1849 d 1849
2. Lavica Susan Rose, b 1850 d 1850/51
3. Nancy Jane Rose, b 1852 d 1938
4. Alan Abbott Rose, b 1853 d 1853/53
5. Sophronia Ann Rose, b 1855 d 1944
6. Fanny Rose, b 1857 d 1945
7. SARAH ELLEN ROSE, b 1859 d 1933
8. Siegel Albert Rose, b 1862 d 1939
9. Hattie Bell Rose, b 1867 d 1890
10. Owen Rose, b 1868 d 1868
11. Robert Murphy Rose, b 1869 d 1946
12. Arthur Rose, b 1871 d 1960
13. Jasper Melvin Rose, b 1873 d 1950
Child of Alexander Rose and Eunice Ann Ayre:
1. Albert Ayer Rose, b d 1953

Sarah Ellen Rose

SARAH ELLEN ROSE was born on 26 Sep 1859 in Vernon County, Missouri, died on 6 Jul 1933 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma and is buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Stillwater, OK. She was married by Rev. J.H. Bonebrake from Lecomption, Kansas, on 27 November 1878 in Lawrence to George Henry Hale, son of Almarine Hale and Elizabeth Neill. George was born 01 September 1851 in Kentucky, died on 11 March 1920 in Burkburnette, Wichita County, Texas and is buried in Wichita Falls, Texas. In 1890, they moved to Payne County, Oklahoma and in 1911 to Stillwater.

References: "Douglas County, Kansas Marriages", 1854-1884, Vol 1.

Children of George Hale and Sarah Rose
1. ETTA MAE HALE, b 17 Jul 1880, Lawrence, KS d 12 Sep 1963 Oklahoma City, OK
2. Hattie Bell Hale, b 17 Jul 1880, Quenemo, KS d 29 Jul 1969, El Dorado, KS
3. Susie Lizzie Hale, b 26 Sep 1881, Lawrence, KS, d 18 Aug 1936 m Edwin B. Herrin
4. Almarine Hale, b 14 Jun 1884, Quinamo, KS d 21 Aug 1930 Oklahoma City, OK
5. Myrtie E. Hale, b 22 Apr 1890, Quenemo, KS d 20 Nov 1890
6. Fannie Grace Hale, b 07 Dec 1891, Stillwater, OK d 11 Feb 1972, Oklahoma City, OK
7. Alexander Hernest Hale, b 27 Mar 1893, Stillwater, OK d 20 Sep 1975, Branson, MO m Ollie Bush
8. George Henry Hale, b 11 Jan 1895, Stillwater, OK d 17 Jul 1923, Oklahoma City, OK. Served as a medic during WWI, died as a result of being gassed on the battlefield

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