Descendants of Patrick Murphy


Patrick Murphy

PATRICK MURPHY was born 1751 in Dublin, Cork, Ireland, died 1821 in Braxton (Nicholas) County, Virginia, and was buried on Gobbler's Knob, Murphy Cemetery near Glendon, West Virginia. He sailed from Ireland at age 12 and at age 14 is probably the Patrick Murphy listed in Capt. Doble's passenger list, L 783, arriving from Newfoundland in December at Boston Harbor. He served in the French and Indian Wars, enlisted 16 Aug 1776 in the 1st Company in the Virginia-Maryland Regiment and enlisted 7 Jan 1777 for the duration of the Revolutionary War or 7 yrs service. He was wounded in Georgia, served at Point Pleasant 10 Oct 1774 and was said to have been with George Washington at Valley Forge. He married (1) in 1772 to ---- Kerney, (2) 14 Jul 1779 in Geenbriar County, West Virginia to Elizabeth Spenser (died before 20 Mar 1790), and (3) ca 1791 in Greenbriar County, to Ann (Nancy) Miller James, dau of David James and Jane ----. Ann James' 1st husband was Cornelius Miller. Patrick moved in 1808 to Braxton County, perhaps following a brother or his son, Thomas, who had located there in 1805.

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Children of Patrick Murphy and ---- Kerney
1. David Murphy, b 1773 d 1869
Children of Patrick Murphy and Elizabeth Spenser
1. Mary (Polly) Murphy, b 1775 d 1870
2. Thomas Murphy, b 1780 d 1846-58
3. JOHN JARRETT MURPHY, b 1790 d 1853

John Jarrett Murphy

JOHN JARRETT MURPHY was born on 5 Jan 1790 in Greenbriar/ Braxton County, West Virginia, died 29 Apr 1853 Strange Creek, Braxton County, was buried in the Murphy Cemetery near Glendon, West Virginia. He enlisted in the War of 1812 but saw no actual service. He was a Whig. An accident led to his death on his farm. His tomestone has - died 63 yrs 3 mos 24 dys. He married on 13/28 Oct 1813 in Strange Creek, Braxton County, to Louisa Wilson, daughter of Robert Wilson and Susan ----. Louisa was born ca 1789-90 in either Greenbriar County or Augusta County and died on 14 May 1854.

References: "Descendents of Patrick Murphy" by Don Norman, "The Descendents of Isaac Rose" Compiled by Elizabeth (Wiggins) Sanders, "Journal of the Braxton Historical Society", Vol. 2, No. 2, 25 June 1974, "Will Book I, 1836-1854, Braxton County, WV.

Children of John Murphy and Louisa Wilson are:
1. Owen J. Murphy, b 1814 d 1892
2. Andrew Wilson Murphy, b 1816 d 1908
3. Felicity Murphy, b 1817 d 1839
4. George W. Murphy, b 1819
5. Robert W. Murphy, b 1821
6. Jane H. Murphy, b 1823 d 1890
7. Nancy J. Murphy, b 1826 d 1846
8. Fannie Murphy, b 1828 d 1829
9. Melvina Murphy, b 1830
10. SUSAN ANN MURPHY, b 1833 d 1873 m Alexander Rose
11. Elizabeth Ann Murphy, b 1835 d 1871

Susan Ann Murphy

SUSAN ANN MURPHY was born 30 May 1833 in Braxton County, West Virginia, and died 13 Dec 1873 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas. She married on 13 Dec 1847 in Braxton County to Alexander Rose, son of Ezekial Rose and Susanna Harmon.. Susan died of a fever. Her body was later moved to Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Kansas. Her tomestone reads: Susan Murphy, died Dec. 13, 1873, aged 40 yrs.5 mos. & 13 dys. Alexander Rose was born on 1 Apr 1828 in Braxton County and died on 7 Dec 1914 in Lawrence, Douglas County of valvular insufficency. In 1854, Alexander and Susan moved to Illinois, but in 1858, traveling by flat-boat they relocated in Missouri. Family history records that during the Civil War, Gen. Price (Conferdate Army) confiscated all their livestock (hogs) and feed (corn). Because of Order No. 11, they were forced to vacate their land in 1862. They traveled in a covered wagon, driving a cow and horse hitched together. They settled on Lecompton River Road, north west of Lakewiew and Lawrence, Douglas County.

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Children of Susan Ann Murphy and Alexander Rose
1. John Wesley Rose, b 1849 d 1849
2. Lavica Susan Rose, b 1850 d 1850/51
3. Nancy Jane Rose, b 1852 d 1938
4. Alan Abbott Rose, b 1853 d 1853/53
5. Sophronia Ann Rose, b 1855 d 1944
6. Fanny Rose, b 1857 d 1945
7. SARAH ELLEN ROSE, b 1859 d 1933
8. Siegel Albert Rose, b 1862 d 1939
9. Hattie Bell Rose, b 1867 d 1890
10. Owen Rose, b 1868 d 1868
11. Robert Murphy Rose, b 1869 d 1946
12. Arthur Rose, b 1871 d 1960
13. Jasper Melvin Rose, b 1873 d 1950

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