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A dog house heater that is very economical to operate and weather proof. The dog house heater can be positioned under the kennel to warm the interior of a small section of the kennel through a suitable floor. The dog house heater can also be positioned within the dogs home.

The kennel heaters dimensions are approx 90 mm round ( 3.75 inch ) and 20 mm high ( .8 inch ) The kennel heater will warm the interior of the dogs selected floor area to a comfortable and safe level.

The heater operates from a low voltage transformer or battery* and will warm the pet safely for long periods of time and at a very low cost.
A pets sleeping rug or ground cover can be placed over the selected heated area within the kennel.


Free kennel plans

All measurements for the free kennel plans will be for a medium size dog. They may be adjusted by adding on or subtracting the difference size of your dog to the measurements shown in the doghouse plans. The materials chosen for the kennel plan will be described as each panel for the kennal is built. All measurements for the dogs home are to the Metric system and the identical measurements for the Imperial system are enclosed in the following brackets.

   Building for the kennel plan

will be started by measuring and cutting out the dogs kennel base, then the roof will be cut out, followed by the sides, front panel, and the rear panel of the kennel plan. The order that the cutting of the doghouse panels has been selected is to reduce the amount of wastage from the plywood panels or other forms of panels chosen to build the dog house plans.

   Assembly of the kennel

will start from the kennels base and then both sides of the kennel, followed by the internal framing, front and back of the kennel, and finally the kennals roof. All the joints of the kennel will be glued and nailed or screwed, which will result in a dog house that is strong and able to be relocated without the kennel falling apart.

Heated beds for a dogs kennel

Your pet will enjoy a soft and warm resting and sleeping area on cold days. The pets bed pictured is weather proof and can be left outside in all weather conditions.

kennel heated bed Safety is a top priority for pets when left unsupervised around an electrical appliance. The dogs bed operates from a low voltage transformer or battery (not supplied) to provide warmth for your pet at a very low operating cost.

The pets bed is padded with reticulated foam padding that contours to your pets body but still gives firm support.

Heat beneath the resting bed is transferred to the surface of the dogs bed by countless micro holes impregnated into the support foam.

The dogs bed heat output is regulated by an automatic resetting thermostat that will keep the pet beds temperature at a comfortable level.

An automatic switch controls the heaters operation. When your pet rests upon its bed the heater will activate. The heated bed will turn of automatically when the dog moves from the bed.

Sizes available for heated dog beds for a kennel area as followed.
Small heated dogs bed: 450 mm long (18 inches) 300 mm wide (12 inches)

Medium heated dogs bed: 600 mm long (24 inches) 450 mm wide (18 inches)

Large heated dogs bed: 900 mm long (36 inches) 450 mm wide (18 inches)

The price of a small heated dogs bed is only $39

The price of a medium sized heated dogs bed is only $74

The price of a large heated dogs bed is only $109

   Finish of the kennel plan

will be the dressing up of the raw edges, counter sinking all nail and screw holes, topping and filling any holes and cracks on the dog house structure. Sanding and painting of the free kennel plan will complete the building of the kennal.

The tools that will be required to build the kennel plan are a measuring tape, a claw hammer or hammer and pliers. Claw hammers are normal hammers but with a slotted opening on one end. They are used to remove nails that bend accidentally when being driven into the kennels plywood or framing.

To cut the wood a hand saw can be used but if a power jig saw or rip saw is available either one will speed up the building of the kennel. If any power tools are used to build the free kennel plan, ensure that all safety precautions are taken, and the correct operation of the power tool is used to build the dogs kennel.

Marking the outlines of the dogs home panels can be done by using a carpenters pencil or a pencil that has a hard lead center.

Some form of square is needed to mark lines that are required at right angles ( 90 degrees ). If using a small square the lines will have to be extended by using a straight edge. After extending the right angel line check the corresponding end where the line meets for the correct right angle. The extended line needs only to be out of alignment by ( 1 millimeter ) at the start of the extension and this will result in an error that will be many times that of the start error in alignment.

A nail punch is required to recess the nail heads below the surface of the dog kennel panel. The nail punch is used to drive the nail heads below the surface of the kennels timber. When sanding the wood in preparation of painting the nail head will not tear the sand paper or be exposed in the finished kennal.

The type of screw head that is selected for the kennel will decide what form of screw driver is needed. If a hard wood is to be used for the internal framing of the dog home plan a star head screw driver and star head screws that are zinc plated or galvanized would be a better choice. This types of screw head allow for more pressure to be applied when using the screws.
If the free kennal plans are for a humid area, then all fittings should be galvanized to protect against higher moisture in the air.

Wood rasps can be used to bring the dogs home panels to a flush fit and a sanding block to produce a good finish. A power sander would be suitable for the dressing up of the dogs home panels. Start the sanding of the dogs home with a course grade sand paper and finish of with a medium or fine grade sandpaper.

To paint the kennel to a good quality finish a paint brush and paint roller plus tray will be required. The paint for the kennel should be an exterior grade of paint that is lead free.

Building a kennel

The base of the kennel plans will be built to house a medium sized dog with a length of 750 millimeters ( 29.5 inches ), a height of 450 millimeters ( 17.7 inches ) and a width of 250 millimeters ( 9.8 inches ) (my kelpie cross, lovable but dumb). The dog does not suffer from any disabilities so the dog house will be raised from the ground to allow for ventilation and also prevent the damp from penetrating the kennels walls and floor. Raising the kennal will also help to keep the dogs house cooler in the hot weather.

   Building the kennel

will start with the kennels base and then the sides, back, front and finally the roof.

    Kennel base

The length of the free kennels plan base will be 850 millimeters ( 33.4 inches ).
The width of the kennal plan base will be 400 millimeters ( 15.7 inches ).
Internal framing is placed upon the top of the kennel base and flush with the edges. Screw, glue and nail the internal framing of the kennel from the underside of the kennels base and into the dogs house framing. The internal framing of the kennal is fixed from the bottom of the free kennels plan base and into the timber framing to eliminate the possibility of splitting the plywood lamination's. The sides of the kennel are positioned flush with the bottom of the kennels base.

    Kennels sides

The height of the free kennel plans side will be 540 millimeters ( 21.2 inches ) at the base and 650 millimeters ( 25.5 inches ) at the front.
The length of the kennel plans base side will be 850 millimeters ( 33.4 inches ).
The sides of the dogs kennel plan are placed with the narrow end of the kennal sides positioned towards the back of the kennel. This will allow the water to run off the roof towards the back of the dogs house when it is raining. All fasteners should be driven into the kennel framing from the outside of the panels and forced below the surface of the plywood side.

The second side panel of the kennel plan will be the same dimensions as the first kennel side panel. If the sides of the dog house panels have a textured surface ensure that the same surfaces on the kennel sides are facing either outwards or into the interior of the kennal plan.

    Kennel back

The height of the kennel back will be 540 millimeters ( 21.2 inches )
The width of the kennal back will be 400 millimeters ( 15.7 inches ) plus twice the thickness of a side panel. Stability to the dogs house plan will become apparent once the back of the kennal is fixed to the kennel base and sides. Keep all the edges of the dogs house back flush with all the edges of the kennels sides and dog kennel base. Check that the dog house plan structure is square to all panels before fixing the kennel back onto the other kennel plans panels.

    kennels plan front

The height of the free kennel plans front will be 650 millimeters ( 25.5 inches ).
The width of the kennel plans front will be 400 millimeters ( 15.7 inches ) plus twice the thickness of a side panel. Cut the doorway opening into the front of the dogs house before fixing the front panel to the kennel plan structure. Framing for the front panel should already be fixed to the kennels base and a section of the front framing cut out the same size as the kennels front panel opening.

    Kennel roof

The length of the kennels roof will be 1020 millimeters ( 40 inches ).
The width of the kennel roof will be 520 millimeters ( 20.4 inches ). An overlapping edge is allowed for in the dog kennel plans design to help in preventing any water or snow from hitting the dogs kennel and also in directing the rain water and snow away from the dogs house structures side. The overlapping roof will also provide the dogs house structure shade in the summer period.

The door opening of the kennel plan will be flush with the bottom of the dog house floor and have a height of 550 millimeters ( 21.6 inches ) and a width of 350 millimeters ( 13.7 inches ). This door entrance will have a framing of 50 millimeters ( 2 inches ) on each side and 100 millimeters ( 4 inches ) at the top of the free kennels plans door entrance. kennel If a flap or another form of door is to be fitted to the kennel then extra internal kennal framing may be required for the surrounds of the kennels doorway opening. This will strengthen the opening of the kennel plan structure.


To build a kennel or dog house the materials you use will be the deciding factor on the useful life of the pets home.
The use of any material that has been coated or treated with any chemicals that may be toxic to your pet should be avoided.
Animals cannot be constantly supervised and it is not unusual for them to chew on their kennel or dog house.

Any dogs home that you build should not have the enclosures floor resting on the ground. This can create mildew and make the kennal cold and damp. Rodent control will also be difficult.

Face the opening of the dogshouse away from any prevailing winds.

When using any tools be sure that the proper safety equipment and safety procedures are used at all times.

Read and understand all instruction books that are supplied with any tools and always maintain a clean and safe working area.

Never work around children or unrestrained pets or let them in the work area unsupervised.

The free kennel plans and free dog house plans supplied are for personal use only and have all been built and tested for strength and operation and to my knowledge they are correct and accurate.

Please contact me at [email protected] if a problem in building the project occurs.

The plans are supplied without warranties and guarantee and you acknowledge that you use them and operate all tools and equipment at your sole risk.

The choice of kennel plan, dog house plan and any other building plan placed on this web site and the suitability for the chosen project is entirely your responsibility.
You agree to indemnify dog house plan from any claims, damages, personal injuries and expenses in regards to any building projects from the kennel or dog house plans that you may commence.
All the free dog house plans are for personal use only.

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