The Red Ensign - flown on Australian Merchant Shipping Craft

SS River Murray - 1947

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Also memories of an oveseas trip.

The Australian Shipbuilding Board was formed in 1941 and part of its program was to build some freighters to be known as the "River Class", using the names of various Australian Rivers.

As Australia was heavily involved in the war and time was short, a proven design - "Scottish Monarch" type vessel was chosen. It was a single screw shelter deck steamer with five holds, the main bulkheads being carried up to the shelter deck for additional safety under war conditions.
Deadweight tonnage was 9,000 tons approximately - total carrying capacity including Cargo, Fuel, Fresh Water, Crew, Baggage and Food.
Length O/A - 447 feet.
Between perpendiculars - 425 feet.
Breadth - 56 feet 6 inches.
Depth moulded to upper deck - 27 feet 6 inches.
Depth to shelter deck - 36 feet 6 inches

The aim of this page is to record as much information as can be obtained about the building, service and final disposal of the 13 vessels built.

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Information, giving basic details about the 13 ships has now been recorded. I am now keen to fill in the gaps of the lives of each ship. Any information regarding individual voyages and mishaps etc will make this page very interesting.

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