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Welcome to the CSB Kemps Website! Whether you are a public visitor or part of the CSB community, we welcome you to this site! This website is split up into four different sections: The Game of Kemps, Kemps at CSB, Entertainment, and Random Stuff. Click on a link in the green header bar below to get started! Enjoy!

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Basic Background

The CSB Kemps website has changed hugely. Yes, it's true, the updates did used to talk about Kemps at CSB, until the "fad died" and the updates were only about the site's changes. You can still get a good glimse of CSB Kemps' past, though!

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NOTE: Although the CSB Kemps website was officially launched on the 31st of October 2003, the updates from that day to the end of November were overwritten by mistake. It truly is a pity because by the time the pages were kept, the fad had already been dying. For the records, the first article wrote about how Will called a correct double counter-kemps against Wells and Danny. The following updates were minor site changes, and the remainder of the November pages talked about the Kemps teams in detail and the matches that they played.

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