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Welcome to the CSB Kemps Website! Whether you are a public visitor or part of the CSB community, we welcome you to this site! This website is split up into four different sections: The Game of Kemps, Kemps at CSB, Entertainment, and Random Stuff. Click on a link in the green header bar below to get started! Enjoy!

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Welcome to the CSB Kemps Website! I hope this website can give helpful information to public visitors and CSB members alike! If you have any questions, comments, complaints or concerns, contact me! Also, please try the Visitor Satisfaction Survey.

Hello Again (9/30/05)

I made an update to the site today: an updated score to beat in this month's featured game. Try to overcome the raised bar!

Contrary to Popular Belief... (1/5/05)

This site is still updated on a somewhat regular basis (about once in a blue moon.) I'd like to wish everybody who makes it to this website a happy new year if you follow the Gregorian calander. Whether that new year is 2005 in the Decimal World, 11111010101 in the Binary World, 2202021 in the Trinary World, 133111 in the Base-Four World, 31010 in the Base-Five World, 13141 in the Base-Six World, 5563 in the Base-Seven World, 3725 in the Base-Eight World, 2667 in the Base-Nine World, 1563 in the Base-Eleven World, 11B1 in the Base-Twelve world, BB3 in the Base-Thirteen World, A33 in the Base-Fourteen World, 8DA in tha Base-Fifteen World, or 7D5 in the Hexadecimal World, I hope it is a happy and eventful one for you. Perhaps your new year's resolution should be to play Kemps all year!

It's Official! (11/4/04)

It was recently declared that this site has been updated! It has been a tough five months, with Kerry losing the election, school starting, et cetera, but there is good news. CSB Kemps turned one year old on Halloween! Yes, everybody's favorite source for Kemps info is now a full year of age! It seems only yesterday that the HTML code for the homepage was entered... *clears a teardrop from eye*. (There you go, Glick!)

Super Double Whammy Bonus Round: More Info on Double Counter-Kempsing (6/12/04)

Yes, I know it has been twenty days since my last update, and I apoligize. In this article, I wanted to speak of the double counter-kempses that I've witnessed. For those of you that can remember that far back, the first one ever on the campus was Will calling it against Danny and Wells, and then parading around the roof until he had to go back downstairs. The event happened on Halloween day, which was, coincidentally, the very day that the site was launched. Well, recently, during Outdoor Ed, another one was called, but this time it was called by Danny and Wells. This is the only team that has both double counter-kempsed and been double counter-kempsed. You could say that they've seen the most in the game.

1,000 Unique Hits! (5/22/04)


The Scoop from Outdoor Ed (5/7/04)

This previous week was a good opportunity to play some intense Kemps matches. Many partners stayed with eachother, while others searched for teammates anew. However, it mattered little what the teams were, it mattered if they were having fun or not. They did. Although I was not informed of many Kemps matches at all, I can say that a correct double counter-kemps was called. More details on that later. Also, in the game that I played in, we were pitched up against Aymen and Anthony. Astoundingly, they pulled ahead of us with an approximate score of 7 to 2. We tried to make a comeback, but came up short. Our opponents were declared the victors. There was a small tussle following the match, however. Aymen and Anthony were accused of cheating on a few hands, and admitted that they had done so! Although the match was completed under protest, much fun was still had by all.

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