Cry out for metal!

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Nota: Estos son los títulos de GAMA que se han podido localizar, pueden existir más.

Note: These are the GAMA titles tracked so far, there might exist some others.




    Fifth Overture Survive in the streets

Lonely nights In the Name of Blood Evil is there Deathsquad

dead ballerinas`Michael Pozz

Defenders of justice Conclusion & revival Dead Ballerinas Victim of chains

Back to attack Creating a monster Warrior Under Tension

Masters of madness 4 Young blood Maniac


Look out Maxine Midnight Darknesss Necronomicon

Apocaliptic Nightmare Escalation Time to fight Spell of noise


No trouble Watch out! Bad boys from East Renegade


Lost Angels Heartattack Rock the nation On the Altar of Rock



Satans Defloration Inc Sign of the wicked Mistreated Streetwise


Wild' n evil Fast Desicion Six point six Here we are

Thru´ to you Walpurgis night Tales of terror Stronger than Heaven

The Beauty & the Beast Eye of the storm The Bell Pretty angels

Sudden darkness

Fear of reality


Ain´t Misbehavin'

No remorse

Princess of the night


Eye to eye

Mean machine

Fight for your life

Running hot

Ruling the world

Cry out for Metal

Speed revolution

Rules of mystery



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