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Welcome Jihad Watch readers! The link in Beagle's comment  brought many new visitors Nov. 29, '08.  I am under a lifetime ban, so I can't comment there.  

    I apologize for any service interruptions. This site has a bandwidth limit. Downloading files from the older library may trigger a shut down.  The New Expanded Library is stored at and will not crash this site.

    There are two libraries here, The first, older library contains monolithic chm files without functional search & index tabs.  You can search the entire text with one entry.  

    The Expanded Library near the bottom of the page contains the same texts but they are not monolithic. You'll need to search each internal Surah or 'book' separately. The newer files have functional search tabs, and all but Reliance have functional index tabs. The Qur'an, Hadith & Tafsir in the Expanded Library interoperate, Reliance and the older  files are strictly stand alone.

    The text of Reliance was downloaded from an academic site as one monolithic file and broken up into 'Books' A-V, then compiled into .chm format. I was unable to compile an index for it.  There are typos in the text, and it probably contains errors. The important parts of O9.8-9  match the version at Muhadith.  They also match the version at Scribid.  [Reliance sources follow.]

   One academic site hosts a huge text file which may or may not be complete and accurate. It takes a long time to load, and you need to use the Windows Search [Ctrl F] to find anything. [The source for the .chm file.]

    Scribid displays a scanned image of the book. Somehow they arranged a means of searching it, which works much faster than I expected. Of course you can't cut and paste from it, but it should be useful for verifying content found in other sources. displays a text file, so you can copy & paste. That will facilitate using quotes in blog posts. Unfortunately, they renamed and rearranged the books, and added a half dozen.  Two columns are displayed, on the left, a list of the books and a code for deciphering  the original names. Book O is transmuted to Book 9. Links to the entry points are in the right hand column.

Truth is our best weapon!!  The most effective ideological attacks make use of  Islam's own canonical books.
We will always be accused of mis-translating, misinterpreting, twisting, perverting or tearing ayats out of context.  Our
best defense aginst such spurious charges is to hyperlink our quotes to an authentic Islamic source.  Fortunately, the Muslim Student Association at U.S.C. has posted paralell translations by Yusuf Ali, Pickthall & Shakir. Each of those ayats is a named anchor.  

Old Library

    Until now, finding the right quote required tedious searching of each Surah and tedious hand compilation of the URL. I have concatenated The Noble Qur'an (Hilali & Kahn) into a Windows help file, Noble Qur'an.chm.  If you use Windows, you can save it to your desktop and double click it. Clicking the text & hitting Ctrl F will open the search dialog. You can copy & paste the text and enter the Surah & ayat numbers into URLGenerator,[Outdated!!] (Original version) a freeware utility which will give you the URL to the appropriate anchor at U.S.C. The words will vary slightly, their meanings won't.  New 4/13/07:  Urls generated for Hilali & Kahn,  Yusuf Ali with Commentary,  Mohammed Asad with Commentary; Tafsirs Ibn Abbas, Jalalain and Ibn Kathir. (Unzip the archive and double click the .msi file to install the program.)

New features 01/29/08:
  1. Supports, select any combination of translations or all ten displayed in a table.
  2. Help file includes documentation of  form resize function. 
  3. Context menu for Help invoked by right clicking.
  4. Download [1.758MB] from a acct. won't crash the Armory! [Outdated!] The latest version, described in the New Expanded Library matches new URLs for USC and supports Maududi's Tafsir..

    While the Qur'an tells us what Allah commanded and Muhammad preached, the Hadith tell us what Muhammad did. By showing them side by side, we can demonstrate the congruent pattern formed by Islamic doctrine & practice.  

    U.S.C. provides four major Hadith collections featuring named anchors; the same text is contained in these Windows help files:  Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawud and Malik's Muwatta.  Note that their numbering system does not match that of the printed books. Unlike the online Hadith collections, these downloads are monolithic so you can search an entire collection to find what you seek. (There may be multiple matches due to redundancy.)
New! 07/29/07 Resources for bloggers:
  1. Myth vs Fact: 34  daily installments. [26KB Zipped]  More to come. See sample below. 
  2. Myth vs Fact 35-73. [37KB Zipped]
  3. Myth vs Fact 74-102 [30KB Zipped]
  4. Myth vs Fact 103-166 [54KB Zipped]
  5. Myth vs Fact 167-218 [47KB Zipped]
  6. Myth vsFact 219-285 [70.9KB Zipped]
  7. Myth vs Fact 286-407 [141KB Zipped]
  8. Myth vs Fact 408-490 [992KBZipped]
  9. Know Thine Enemy: [59KB Zipped] a 14 part series using ayat & ahadith to tell the truth about Islam. Issues covered include:
Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. 2:190-195...And fight in the Way of Allâh those who fight you...And kill them wherever you find them...And fight them until there is no more Fitnah and worship is for Allâh...And spend in the Cause of Allâh (i.e. Jihâd of all kinds, etc.) and do not throw yourselves into destruction (by not spending your wealth in the Cause of Allâh)...
Tafsir: 1 2 3 4 5 6  7 8 9 10 11 12    

Note the hyper link to the Qur'an for easy verification & context checking.  Links are also provided to related topics in Ibn Kathir's Tafsir.  Myth vs. Fact is free for the taking. Download it today and begin posting a verse every day.
[Earlier issues are under revision to standardize linking to parallel translations ay YAQB.  Tafsir links are being edited; replacing numbers with topic titles. Revised versions are being published at Moe's Murder Cult on a daily basis {11/08}.]
New! 01/29/07 : A list of the most egregious ayat & ahadith with the numbers tagged so that they will turn up in search engines. If you are writing in a venue that does not permit linking, tell your curious readers to search for the ayat or ahadith number. 8:12  & B4.52.220, for example. Thanks to Yoel Natan's list of 154 Jihad Ayat which helped to make my list more nearly complete.  If things work out, I'll compile the list as a .chm and make it available for download so you can search it and mark your favorites.

New! 10/10/07: 

    Expanded Library:  EgregiousAyat & Ibn Kathir's Tafsir added; Noble Qur'an & Hadith collections re-compiled with existing content.  Off site storage should prevent crashing this site.
Each of these e-books is Zipped, they will be slightly larger when extracted.  Egregious Ayat & Ibn Kathir are new to the collection; the others have the same content as the other versions on Crusader's Armory, with these differences:
  1. Each has fully functional table of contents, index, search & favorites tabs.  Look up verses by Surah:Ayeh [9:29].
  2. The original file structure has been preserved; search tabs display a list of chapters containing matching text. Monolithic search is not possible.  Use the Location & Title buttons to sort search results. 
  3. Each e-book was compiled to merge with the others at run time. If they reside in the same folder, searching any of them will return results from all of them. 
  4. These e-books are stored at; downloading them should not crash Crusader's Armory. 

New 03/11/08 Barack Hussein Obama & the Ummah  If you haven't read my Obamination & Obamanation blog posts, most of the info. you really need to know is here.  

Online Searching
If you use Mac or Linux, the downloads linked above prpbably won't work for you.  You can still visit the U.S.C. Reference Library on the web.  The University of Michigan provides a good Qur'an search engine.  Islaamnet has a good Hadith search engine.  Their numbering systems match that of U.S.C.  

    Qtafsir offers a unique service:  quick & easy search of Ibn Kathir's Tafsir. lets you search up to 10 Qur'an translations at once. It is quick, easy, and gives you context and URLs for linking.  [The new version of the URLGenerator supports!]

Fliers to print & distribute.

The Roots of Islamic Terrorism  The online version contains quotations from Islamic sources hyperlinked to source for verification and study. New 03/20/06. [Also available as a printable brochure in Flyers To print & distribute.]

Powerpoint Presentation: ISLAM

    This Powerpoint file displays some of the most critical evidence against Islam:  Ayat & Hadith which prove that:
The presentation shows the information in the form of easy to read slides, in serial order. The Ayat & Hadith are hyperlinked to source for easy verification and further study.  The final slide has a link to this web site.  It is stored as a 35KB Zip file which expands to 135KB when unzipped. Suggested use: attach it to an email and broadcast it, urging the recipients to pass it on.  New 08/06/06.

Powerpoint Presentation: Islamic Fascism

This Powerpoint file displays some of the most critical evidence against Islam:  Ayat & Hadith which prove that:
Sure, it is redundant. Its focus is on President Bush's new nomenclature for the enemy: Islamic Fascism.  This presentation shows that the name is bogus: the enemy is Islam, plain and simple!  The last slide has links to several petitions to sign and flyers to print.  The zip is 42k, it expands to 153k.  New 08/16/06.

Powerpoint Presentation: Just Plain Islam
    Another redundant file; this one was designed to support Amil Imani's It is Islam, dummy .
This 43K file [zipped to 11k], provides the evidence to prove that standard, off the shelf Islam is the enemy; that its intrinsic doctrines are evil at the core.
   The Prophet Of Doom is 1000 fact packed pages.  Its Topical Quotes section can serve as a handy index into the Qur'an & Hadith!  
    Jihad: The Doctrine of Permanent War  is short & concentrated; it deals with the 'Lesser' Jihad. Silas Majumdar's book is the way to go if you do not have time to read Craig Winn's!

Online Libraries's library is one of the best!  POD and Ishaq are on its shelf with many other great titles.
    Young Muslims of Maryland have some eyepopping books on their shelves!!  Sunni Path has a more nearly complete version of Sahih Bukhari.  Unfortunately, their numbering system is different, and the ahadith are not anchored.  Here are two gems not available at USC or the help files:
It is mentioned from Ibn 'Umar from the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, "My provision has been placed under the shadow of my spear, and abasement and humility have been placed on the one who disobeys my command."
...Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has commanded us to fight you until you worship Allah alone or pay the jizya. Out Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has informed us from the message of our Lord: whoever of us is killed will go to the Garden in bliss whose like he has never seen. Whoever of us remains will be your masters.' ...
Malik's Muwatta with cross reference Bewley's edition  very interesting Hadith, cross referenced  to the others; a research aid. AdabMufrad Bukhari Bewley's ver.  Muhammad as Miss Manners; includes such mischief as shoving Dhimmis to the narrowest part of the road. History tashfincontents Bewley reveals the history of Islamic conquest.

Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong - By Ibn Taimia this work reveals Islamic triumphalism in all its glory. – The Tafsirs - التفاسير  features two interesting Tafsirs not easily found elsewhere. - Translations - الت㳡اجم  several Qur'an translations including Yusuf Ali with translator's notes; the only  on line source I have found for his commentry.

New discovery 08/07 Reliance Of the Traveller:  Widely accepted manual of Islamic Law. Caution: contains explicit sexual references in fatwa. Use ^F search to find what you are looking for. The important rulings on Jihad are included.

Chatrooms 's Social Issues section has a variety of pro & anti-Islam chatrooms.  I recommend the free service.  You will meet many Crusaders, with a surprising number of Apostates from Islam among them. There are some real experts in the chatrooms, including several fluent in Arabic.   Before you go, make sure your anti-virus & firewall are up-to date. After returning, run Spybot.

Immagine the effects of a full length feature film documenting the Qur'an & Hadith! The Expose Islam On Film Petition asks Mel Gibson to make & distribute it.  

    Instead of waiting for the next bomb to drop, we should be erecting a deterrent, such as declaring that if they attack again, there won't be a Hajj next year!  The Target: Mecca Petition calls on President Bush to designate Mecca as default target for retaliation.  Deterrence must be pro-active. Please sign and publicize this petition before it is too late!!!
    The Congress Debate Qur'an Petition calls for televised hearings into the doctrines of Islam & the bestial violence engendered thereby.  It calls for the withdrawl of Islam's charter as a "religion". There is a similar petition to the British House of Commons.  The U.N. Petition is based on the Congressional Petition, but it compares Islamic doctrine to the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.  As of January 15, 2006, the Congressional petition has 248 signatures.  Forty of those signatures came in the previous two days!  

    The Defund HAMAS petition calls for immediate & permanent termination of all U.S. taxpayer funding of HAMAS & the P.A. New feature: it includes links to three other petitions. Sign now and help get the ball rolling!

    Our British cousins are planning a Rally for Free Expression at Trafalgar Sq. Mar. 25 '06. It is a pro-freedom, not anti-Islamic rally.  They have also posted an online petition for continued Freedom Of Expression. Please join me in endorsing it!!

    New!   No Lebanon Aid Petition  
disrespectfully demanding that no taxpayer funds be sent to Hezbollah neither directly, indirectly, nor to support troop deployments (human shields for Hezbollah). This petition references an important article by Debbie Schlussel:  Ka-Ching!: U.S. Aid to Lebanon Will Go Straight to Hezbollah .  Please don't let that happen. Sign the petition now; send its url to President Bush, your Congressman & Senators.  Send it to everyone in your address book, asking them to follow suit!

New!  12/22/06 A Call to the UN to Provide Reparations for the Hezbollah War  Idid not write this one; I endorse it. I am not completely comfortable with allocating reparations to Lebanon, but Israel is deserving for certain. I learned of this petition through mention in a comment by a signer of the Parliament Investigate Koran Petition.  


Save Nazanin from execution for defending herself against a rapist!!

Censure Jimmy Carter for his outrageous conduct!!

Rebuild the Twin Towers!! I view this petition's goal as the best way to give Islam "the bird".

Destroy Iran's Reactors!! This petition  from  calls on President Bush to do the right thing.  Lets get this done while it is still possible.

New 01/18/07 Preserve Free Speech! Petition.  Senate Bill 1, Sec. 220 imposes impoverishing costs on "grass roots" advocacy groups and individuals who operate blogs. The intent is to stifle free speech. Likewise, they are trying to resurrect the "fairness doctrine". We must rise up and scream HELL NO!!!! Once those nevarious schemes become law, it will be too late. Please act immediately: sign the petition and spread the word!!!

    These petitions are dependent on you for promotion.  Since they are politically incorrect, the MSM will not report them, even the web based media won't do it.  It is up to us!  Please do your part by sending petition links to your Congressman, Senators & your entire address book!! 

New 12/07...01/08:
  1. Quit the U.N.  Get the U.S.A. out of the U.N. and vice versa!!!
  2. Outlaw Islam!   Amend the U. S. Constitution to exclude Islam from the definition of religion. Copy the blog post with the petition text, signature link, and links to the evidence presented. Paste it into an email and broadcast it widely!!
  3. Ban Islam , written & posted by a Canadian Crusader, this petition asks the World Court to ban Islam. In two weeks, this petition has garnered 108 signatures, many from Europeans. Please sign this petition, copy it, paste it into an email & send it to everyone in your address book. Ask the recipients to pass it on. 
  4. Ban Islam (from Canada) Our companion from the north has a great petition to P.M. Harper!
  5. Muhammad, A Symbol Of Terrorism   Please forgive me for forgetting to post this when I discovered it.  SYED JAMALUDDIN  obviously put a great deal of time and effort into creating this excellent petition which lays out the critical evidence against Moe's damnable murder cult.  It should have 80 million signatures, not just 80!!!  In adition to the ayat & ahadith I use, Syed quotes Ishak & Tabari, laying bare the evil which is the core of Islam.  
  6. Ban The Qur'an as Hate Speech petition 1283 signatures as of 04/06/08. Why not give this short, simple petition one more signature? 
  7. In Defense of Geert Wilders petition 7925 signatures as of 04/06/08. 
  8. Wafa Sultan's petition to ban domestic application of Sharia. [08/08]
  9. No More Muslim Immigration New 01/08/09
  10. Petition in Support of Geert Wilders, who is being persecuted. New Jan. 09
  11. Citizens' Declaration of Threat & Plea for Relief
  12. Act! For America: This petition is directly related to our cause because the same principle of free expression is involved. Re-imposition of the Fairness Doctrine will bolster Islam's demands for blasphemy laws. Please sign it and exhort your friends, family & associates to join us.

New 12/22/06: Open Letter to Congressman Keith Ellison, detailing the most egregious conflicts between his Congressional Oath of Office and the accursed book he intents to swear by. The letter includes quotations from the Qur'an & Hadith which expose every Muslim's evil obligations to Allah and attitudes toward human dignity & equality; obligations & attitudes diametrically opposed to America's founding principles & Constitution. 

Ahmedinejad's threatening  letter follows the pattern of Muhammad's extortion letters except for the inclusion of extra detail. President Bush should have rejected it with a terrible execration.  I have done what Bush lacks the courage to do; click the link to read it. [Caution: explicit profane execrations.]

Ahmedinejad's threatening letter to the American People : exceprts from his latest missive, with 39 comments pointing out his deceptions.

Merry Christmas from the Learned Scholars of Islam

     December 27, 2007  From the same Ulema who brought you  "A Common Word Between Us and You",  comes felicitations for a Merry Christmas and new year, in open violation of Moe's orders. At Go Burn With Muhammad, I quote the greeting, then I take it apart.

Ahmadinejad: Merry Christmas, Kuffar!

     From the Madhi's devoted disciple, in violation of  his direct order not to greet Kuffar! This one gets the same treatment as the Ulema's greeting, at Freedom Ain't Free.

Press Release: Moderate Muslim Majority Rejects Terrorism
     Now with 168 signatures,  take a look at the wonderful comments signers leave behind!

Press Release: Target Mecca Petition

Press Release:  Shrubbery: A Critical Response to Presidential Dissembling About Islam    My comments on selected excerpts from Shrub's address to the American Legion Convention.

Press Release: Shrub's Discusses the Global War On Terror and I take it apart, calling out his abominable lies.

Press Release: Shrub Lies Again September 11, 2006:
a critical response to Shrub's address to the nation on the anniversary of the Abomination.

Press Release: Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group Report full of Damned Lies!!! New Jan 21 '07.
The pack of lies was released Nov. 12, but I did not discover it until yesterday. I have excerpted the most egregious lies and appended my comments to superscripts in the text. The UN wants to censor our media and the internet. Take action now!!! Disrespectfully demand preservation of free expression!!!

Press Release: United Nations Human Rights Council Demands Censorship of Islam's critics!  New: April 3, '07.

New April 9 '07.  Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity & Mark Levin. It is time for them to quit propagating the myth that Islam has been hijacked!!!

New April 21 '07. Pedestrian Infidel Proposes Amendment 28 to exclude Islam from first amendment protection.  It is not perfect, but its the only game in town. Lets climb on the band wagon.

New 12/31/ 7  
United Nations Ban Criticism of Islam   Few are aware of this most execrable U.N. Resolution passed by the General Assembly 12/24/07. When I learned of it, I analyzed it and refuted the multitude of damnable deceptions it contains. The resolution was the impetus for the Quit the U.N. petition.

New 09/08

U.N. Bans Criticism of Islam: Pretext & Context

Discusse & links to various documents which influenced the resolutions.

New 09/08   Islamophobia: Exposing Malicious Malarkey
New blog to exploit two speeches referenced in the post above. Masood Khan & Hemayet Uddin are deliared as examplars of al-taqeyya. Their lies were influential in writing the resolutions.
New Jan. '08:  Specifically Senator an open letter to Barack Obama propounding critical questions about his professed Christian faith and challenging him to abjure these damnable doctrines of Islamic Imperialism  
The blog post quotes the relevant ayat & ahadith, with links to source. The challenge to renounce those damnable doctrines should be put to every aspirant to high office.  Feel free to copy & paste the challenge into your own blogs, web sites & emails.

Posted to Freedom Ain't Free 01/04/08:


So Islam is “a great religion of peace” ? Explain these topic titles from Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir. Click them and read their contents.  Why did Allah  command and order Muslims to commit aggression?

So terrorism is haram? Explain these tafsir which explain 8:60 and 8:12!!

     Those are actual titles of topics in Ibn Kathir's Tafsir!  Each is linked to  Click, read & curse Islam. For the love of liberty, copy them right now, paste them into an email and send it to everyone you know; whose freedom you want to preserve. Exhort the recipients to pass it on to their downstreams. Flood the web with the fatal facts of islam!  Do it now; don't procrastinate, don't forget. Don't depend on someone else to do it!  If not now, when? If not us, who?
I did the research, the hard part. Your part is easy, and won't require much time or effert. For Chrissake, do it immediately!!!

New Oct. 08

 Two blog posts which explicitly expose Islam and its stealth candidate:

What’s Wrong With Islam/Muslims?

 In which Sharia, Qur'an & Hadith are used to prove that "Islam is aggressively violent, by design; irreparably. " Common objections are listed & refuted.

Obama: Muslim or Christian; What’s the Difference?

If Barack Hussein Obama truly abandoned Islam and converted to Christianity, let him curse and condemn the damnable doctrines of Islam which sanctify & mandate aggressive conquest against Pagans & ‘people of the book’, genocide & terrorism.

If he is a closet Muslim, he won’t abjure those doctrines because he believes them.  In that case, we don’t want him.  If he is a Christian, but unwilling to offend Muslims by telling the truth about their curse worthy doctrines & practices, then he has no salt or savor, and is unworthy of high office.

In either case, Barack Hussein Obama must be rejected because he can not be trusted with the high office he seeks.

This post quotes the Qur'an to show you exactly what you are getting if you elect a closet Muslim stealth candidate.
    These extremely important posts deserve more widespread attention. Please do your part by cross posting and linking to them. Thank you!

Allied Sites
The owners of the 2Faces of Islam chatroom have set up several linked web sites.  Terror-Watch is the most active and includes a lively forum.  Follow Terror-Watch's links to the other sites.  The 2Faces of  Islam forum has a vast archive of information, among which I am particularly proud of this post which proves that Islam is martial & mercenary. It makes good use of Qur'an & Hadith quotes!

Danish Cartoons  & Euro forum  has a good presentation of the cartoons and a forum just getting started. The forum is intended for Europeans. It offers an opportunity to exchange ideas with our European cousins.

United British Allliance  is small, but intense; lets hope that they grow rapidly after next month's Free Expression Rally!

Other Reccomended Sites:  New, more secure server, same excellent content. Join to share news, opinion, resources and strategy.
Sons of Apes and Pigs  New Dec. '07. Filled with fervency and zeal, this site aims to take down Islam and emancipate Allah's slaves by exposing the truth about Moe & his murder cult. Now is the time to sign up for their updates and spread the word; lets get this Crusade off to a victorious start!
The 910 Group is part of a new global libertarian movement to resist Islam. Well  organized and gaining membership with fresh publicity,  it deserves our support.
New Media Journal :  an excellent source of news and opinion, not filtered through left wing prejudice. Sign up for their newsleter.
Islam Watch  Many excellent articles!!!
The Disbelievers' Guide to Kafr, Fitnah, and Spreading Mischief in the Land    for provocative cartoons & flyers
Anti-Jihad International
InfidelNation  has lots of good information !!  Note: Kafirnation redesigned & renamed.  Where else can you download Ibn Kathir's Tafsir?
The Sick Perversions of  The Prophet Muhammad  New forum. Get involved on the ground floor!
Society Of Americans For National Existence  Great  information source!!
Take Our Country Back, a Town Hall patriotic blog has asked me to contribute articles.
Freedom Ain't Free & Take Our Country Back  A WordpressBlog, successor to Take Our Country Back, this is where I guest post most frequently. It is relatively free of clutter so it loads reasonably rapidly.
Take Our Country Back  A relatively new and widget rich  Blogger blog which carries many of my posts and much much more.
Miss Beth's Victory Dance  Another relatively new & widget rich Blogger blog which carries most of my posts including Myth vs. Fact.
Muslims Against Sharia  Sure, I know its an Oxymoron, but I believe them to be sincere. Read their Manifesto, check out their blog and make your own decision. Three of them have signed the No2Jihad Petition.  Lets give them all the support we can!
Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree By Sharon Lapkin | December 27, 2005
Infidel's Bunker

In March of '09, Judge Right led me to a new venu: Bloggers Base. You can join us there.
Join BloggersBase
: resources on this site!

 Spread the word!!!
     Now is the time to start your own blog. You can create a free website like this one at geocities, or post a free blog at Blogspot  or Wordpress and have a web presence in less than an hour.  Post a few favorite Qur'an quotes, add links to Crusader's Armory & the online petitions,  and you'll be helping others to learn the real truth about the predatory institution which threatens our lives and liberties.  If not us, who?  If not now, when?  

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