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Colditz Castle



Our staff can arrange Castle tours here in Colditz. They can offer escorted and self guided tours, and will endeavour to provide something different for the returning guests.

Access is limited at Colditz Castle as there is on going renovation work for the next year or so. Tours will always be available but the extent of the tour will depend on the available areas.

The Castle is undergoing restoration to bring it back to a similar condition as in the 16th Century.

Admission times, prices and further information are available using the telephone number or e-mail address below.

Manager Ralf Gorny

Tel. 0049 (0) 34381 53363

e-mail mailto:[email protected]


Schloss Colditz or Oflag IVc - probably the best known of the POW camps of WW2. It is situated on the edge of town on a hill of rock, and was said to be the most secure of the prisons with high walls and long drops.

Your tour will include stories of daring and outmost cheek, you will see items such as a wooden type writer, a hidden radio and many other incredible inventions that enabled allied communication and escape bids to succeed.

You will see the parade ground and go inside buildings to see evidence of tunnels and artifacts left behind.

There are also many momentos and donated items on display in different areas.

Gift shop situated at entrance.




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