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Welcome to the Waughters....

One night in 1796, after drinking too many bottles of laudanum, and eating too many platefuls of Welsh rabbit, Lord Weÿrdgliffe retired to sleep beneath the canopy over his satin-sheeted bed....

The result: his most gruesome and grotesque nightmare....

Dan Clore....

A horror the centuries have failed to erase....

The Unspeakable and Others

All of the fiction that I deem worth keeping (and then some!) has been collected in a 100,000+ word volume entitled The Unspeakable and Others. About half of the volume consists of Lord Weÿrdgliffe stories. In addition to the stories, it includes a pair of Fortean essays and a few odd pieces. The introduction is by S.T. Joshi. The Unspeakable and Others may be purchased from

unconstructed sign unconstructed sign We won't have demolished everything
until we've demolished the ruins themselves!
Now, I don't see any way to do that
except to erect beautiful, orderly buildings."
-- le Père Ubu.

What's Here:

"Antecessor at the Gate." A short story by Dan Clore

"Ole Skin-'n'-Bones." A short story by Dan Clore.

"The Emperor Ausso." A short-short by Dan Clore.

"Twilight of the Elder Gods" A Cthulhu Mythos Tale.

"(Un)Dead Genres: A Broadsheet." Radical Humor by Dan Clore.

Une Petite Page Ubu. Three songs from Alfred Jarry's Ubu-cycle, translated by Dan Clore.

A Little Lautréamont. A bit of Maldoror translated by Dan Clore.

The Reality Mythos. 1st edition AD&D statistics for real-life political figures.

Bibliography of Dan Clore. Find Dan Clore's work -- before It finds you....

Lots o' Links. Weirdness on the Web....

The Clore Caverns. No Miners Allowed!

Contortions at First Hand: On James Donald vs Noam Chomsky.

Rings & Things.

And Featuring:

The Dan Clore Necronomicon Page. Because the true mysteries cannot be profaned....

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