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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°2

Date: Not Stated
Author: Jewlz
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Hello again! It's me... Jewlz the Jazzster... bringing you new information about your favorite show 'The A-Team' and it's actors.

VCR Alert
Website of the Month
A-Team Quote of the Week
1. Well, Cahoots is finally in production. Filming is being done in the L.A. area, with Dirk directing this independant film. So check out his website at www.cahootsproductions.com

Taken from a letter from Dirk to the actors::
CAHOOTS is a paradox:

1. Highly stylized dialogue that sounds "natural".
2. Well-rehearsed performances that seem improvised.
3. Lots of camera movement that is invisible.
4. Theatrical lighting that never draws attention to itself.

If we achieve this Cahoots will appear as a "happening", a force of nature, effortless and completely undirected.

That is my dream. -Dirk
Woohoo!! I can't wait to find out more about this film.. you go Dirk!

If anyone has more info they can give up about this new project, please e-mail me! :)
VCR Alert: all of these are in EST time zone, or check your local listings......
Dirk Benedict~~~
1. Battlestar Galactica: Fire In Space
Sun April 9th 9:00am Sci-Fi channel

2. Battlestar Galactica: War of the Gods Part 1
Sun April 16th 9:00am Sci-Fi channel

3. Battlestar Galactica: War of the Gods Part 2
Sun April 23rd 9:00am Sci-Fi channel

4. Battlestar Galactica: The Man with Nine Lives
Sun April 30th 9:00am Sci-fi-channel

5. Underground Aces
Wed April 12th 11:00 am Flix movie channel
Wed April 19th 1:30 am Flix movie channel
Sat April 29th 6:00 am Flix movie channel
Sat April 29th 4:30 pm Flix movie channel

Dwight Schultz~~~
1. Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Realm of Fear
Sat April 8th 5:00 pm PIX- New York

2. The Temp
Sat April 8th 1:30 am USA Network

3. Fat Man and Little Boy
Wed April 12th 4:30 am Cinemax #2

4. Chips
Tue April 18th 8:00 am TNT channel

4. Perry Mason Movie
Sat April 15th 9:00 pm Court TV

5. Touched By An Angel: A Joyful Noise Fri April 28th 9:00 pm PAX TV

6. Child of Rage
Fri April 28th 9:00 pm Lifetime channel

7. The Long Walk Home
Sun April 30th 3:40 pm PLEX- Encore's movie plex
Sun April 30th 10:45 pm PLEX- Encore's movie plex

George Peppard~~~
1. Night of the Fox Parts 1 and 2
Mon April 10th 8:40 am ACT: Encore's action channel
Tue April 18th 8:40 am ACT: Encore's action channel
Tue April 18th 4:40 pm ACT: Encore's action channel
Sun April 23rd 3:30 am ACT: Encore's action channel
Sun April 23rd 2:45 pm ACT: encore's action channel

2. Matlock: PI
Wed April 12th 12:00pm TBS: Turner Broadcasting System
Website of the Month:

This page is a cool green color and even has a quizlet! Congrats to Mitya Kobak for this page! ;)
A-Team Quote of the Month

Last month our quote was::

BA: You crashed this plane with me in it!!

Murdock: Don't be so cocky.....I could have crashed this plane with or without you aboard.

Since no one answered, I will let it be added on to this month's list.
This Month::
Can anyone guess this quote? The first person who send me an e-mail with the right answer will be put into the Winner's Circle.

Amy: Murdock, what's with all the rhyming?

Murdock: Yeah, I noticed it, too.
Don't know what I'm gonna do.
I've got my words,
my brain's workin' fine,
but when the words come out,
they wanna...rhyme.

What episode is this from? And the other ep?
Stay tuned to new and exciting new next month on the next On the Jazz Newsletter!!!

e-mail me anytime:::
[email protected]


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Bye for now...


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