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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°3

Date: Not Available
Author: Jewlz
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Welcome!! It's me again, Jewlz the Jazzster! We have an exciting Newsletter for you this month!!

FanFiction Of the Month
VCR Alert
Website of the Month
Poll Time!!
Quote of the Month

1. From: Hill
Dwight is still acting.. doing Star Trek and TV movies, & has made quite a few feature films (Long Walk Home, The Temp, Fat Man & Little Boy). Mr T is doing commercials and guest appearances, Dirk has done some guest shots, written two books, and is curently directing his own screenplay, "Cahoots," in LA as we speak. He will be in Austin for a Con. appearance May 6&7th.

2. Check out Steven Cannell's Website to get a juicy look at the future The A-Team movie!! Here's the link::


3. Mr. T is rumored to be San Francisco sometime this month. As soon as I get the low-down, I will post an emergency message to let everyone know when, where, etc.
Fanfiction of the Month

These are some cool Top-Ten lists from ([email protected])

Hannibal's Top Ten Favorite Plans

10) Crashing B.A.'s van through a wall

9) Getting the crap beat out of him

8) Staking out strip joints

7) Making Frankie run along behind the van

6) Taking the Twins to Barbados

5) Silly disguise, fake accent, one really stupid criminal.

4) Aggravate your opponent into trying to kill you.

3) Have Face seduce the girl (Oh, no. That's Face's favorite plan.)

2) Get captured and locked in a tool shed or warehouse.

And Hannibal's number one favorite plan:

1) Improvise
Top Ten Signs Frankie Santana is an Idiot

10) Hair tied back so tight it must be cutting off blood circulation to the brain

9) Thinks he's better looking than Face

8) Doesn't know the "no body; not dead" rule

7) Uses hanging out with the A-Team as a pick-up-line

6) Manages to lose his super-spy walkie-talkie once a week

5) Doesn't know reason Dad's checks stopped: Been dead for years

4) Takes off his shirt at the slightest excuse (oops, sorry. Wrong list. That's Top Ten Good Things About Frankie)

3) Stumped by TV Guide Crossword puzzles

2) Keeps stepping on B.A.'s Lines

And the number one sign Frankie Santana is an Idiot:

1) He joined the PCPD*
B.A.'s Top Ten Pet Peeves

10) Plans that involve crashing his van through walls

9) Wimpy bad guys that give up before he gets to punch anybody

8) People seeing things in their head that ain't there

7) Portions in restaurants too small

6) Anybody but Mom calling him "Scooter"

5) Hulk Hogan constantly calling to discuss the Hulkster's waning career

4) Two words: Barry Manilow

3) Being conked on the head, tossed in a flying vehicle, finding it's crashed miles away from civilization, people are shooting at them and he's got no health insurance.

2) Face never takes him on any double dates

And B.A.'s Number One Pet Peeve

1) Will Smith begging to play him in the movie

If you want to check out some other cool lists, go here::

VCR Alert::::::

~~~Dirk Benedict
1. Battlestar Galactica
Sun May 7 9am Sci-fi channel
Sun May 14 9am Sci-fi channel
Sun May 21 9am Sci-fi channel

2. Official DenialSat May 20 5pm Sci-fi channel
Sun May 21 3am Sci-fi channel

3. Underground Aces
Fri May 5 4:05 pm TMCE
Wed May 17 12:05 pm TMCE
Mon May 22 11:30 am TMCE

~~~Dwight Schultz
1. Fat Man and Little Boy
Wed May 3 8:30 am HBOE3 -HBO Signature
Tue May 9 10:45 pm "
Sat May 13 6:45 pm "
Mon May 15 6:15 am "
Sun May 21 6:00 am "
Thu May 25 12:00 pm "

3. Last Wish
Tue May 9 9:45 am LOVE-Encore's The Love Stories channel
Tue May 9 6:25 pm "

4. Star Trek Voyager: Life Line
Wed May 10 9 pm UPN- United Paramount Network
Wed May 10 9 pm WOR- New York
Sun May 14 7 pm WOR- New York

~~~George Peppard
1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
Sat May 13 1 pm TCM -Turner Classic Movies

2. Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case Sun May 14 2:00 pm A&E- Arts and Entertainment

3. Night of the Fox
Sun May 7 11:30 pm MYST- Encore's The Mystery Channel
Sat May 20 11:25 am "
Sat May 20 9:35 pm "
Thu May 25 1:15 pm "
Wed May 31 12:55 pm "
Website of the Month

This month's website of the month is:::


Nikki has done a great job finding candidates for replacements if there is to be an A-Team movie made. If you have suggestions for an actor, you can e-mail her at this page. :)
Poll Time!!

Here is an A-Team poll. The results will be posted in the next Newsletter!

1. What is your favorite A-Team episode?
2. What is your favorite item from an episode?
3. Who is your favorite guest actor in an episode?
4. If you could meet either Dirk, Dwight, or Mr. T, which one would you pick?
5. Which one do you prefer? Amy, Tanya, or Frankie
A-Team Quote of the Month

March Quote of the month was::

BA: You crashed this plane with me in it!!
Murdock: Don't be so cocky.....I could have crashed this plane with or without you aboard.

Answer is "Moving Targets"

April's quote was::

Amy: Murdock, what's with all the rhyming?
Murdock: Yeah, I noticed it, too. Don't know what I'm gonna do. I've got my words, my brain's workin' fine, but when the words come out, they wanna... rhyme.

Answer is "Bad Day at Black Rock"

....and the winner is...... Sarah! ([email protected])

Winner's Circle
1. Sarah

A-Team Quote of the Month for May:::
(this will be a bit harder..)

"We're not crazy, just bad-tempered."

Who said it and what ep was this from?

First one to e-mail me witht he correct answer will get to be the next one on the Winner's Circle!!

[email protected] or [email protected]

Jewlz! On the Jazzzzzzzz :)

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