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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 2 Issue N°18

Date: June 2, 1996
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE:   June 2, 1996
ISSUE:  18
Howdy everyone!

This'll probably be a reasonably brief newsletter as I'm still pretty swamped with work and such, but I still have some things to report.
CORRECTION: As Chris pointed out to me, I made a boo-boo in announcing T's age as 46 in the last newsletter. It's 44 as of his last birthday (based on his birth year being '52). My math skills just ain't what they used to be...

In recent movie news, it's been confirmed that Mr. T does in fact appear in the new "Spy Hard" movie, although very briefly in the opening section. So, unless you're really into seeing the movie, perhaps sneaking in for the first 5 minutes of the show is all you'll need to do to see T. :-)

Also, it's been reported that Dwight Schultz does definitely have at least a "walk-on" appearance in the upcoming Star Trek movie, along with Robert Picardo and several other Trek actors not part of the main crew. Reg Barclay fans may also want to note that a limited run (3000 figures only) of Barclay figures from the Voyager episode "Projections" are due to be released soon for the Playmates collection.

Also for those of you interested in collectibles, I recently came across an ad for ERTL model (1/64th scale, I believe) A-Team vans from 1983. The advertiser had them for sale in wholesale, in lots of 6 or 12 at reduced prices from the individual costs. Now, I'd be willing to order a lot of them if people here are interested, so that we can all enjoy the discounted prices. So if you are interested (we're talking about $3.00 each + shipping), please drop me a note ASAP. Once I get an idea how many to order I'll put it through. But PLEASE - only tell me you want 1 (or 2 or 3 or...) if you SERIOUSLY are going to buy it.
Last issue's question was:
>Which two team members shared the same blood type, and what type was it? Many people got that it was BA and Murdock, however, few remembered that the blood type was AB NEGATIVE.

Congrats to Sarah([email protected]), and Evan([email protected]) who both got it right!

This issue's question is (I hope I haven't asked this one before...):
>Who was Mike, and why didn't BA want him in his van?
I recently was in contact with Donna Foster, one of the original members of England's A-Team Appreciation Society and publisher of their newsletters and fanzines. Most fortunately, she was able to report to me that a number of their 'zines are still in print and available for sale. Quantities are limited, though, so be warned that if you want anything, it would be wise to probably order from her soon. Here is the info on her A-Team 'zines, off the flyer she sent me:
Currently available from Domino Press:

TALES FROM TAT 1 - A collection of 'A-Team' fiction, poetry and art. Approx
60 pages. Price: $8.25 (�5.50 US, Can), �3.75 UK, �4.50(Europe/Surface),

TALES FROM TAT 2 - More 'A-Team' fiction, poetry and art. Approx 68 pages.
Price: $9.00 (�6 US, Can), �4.25 UK, �5(Europe/Surface),

TALES FROM TAT 3 - Another helping of 'A-Team' fiction, poetry and art. Approx
65 pages. $9.00 (�6 US, Can), �4.25 UK, �5(Europe/Surface),

PRIVATE DEBRIEFING - A collection of ADULT 'A-Team' fiction, poetry and art.
AGE STATEMENT REQUIRED. Approx 85 pages. Price: $12 (�8 US, Can), �6 UK,
�6.50(Europe/Surface), �9(Australia/Japan-Air)

MASTERS OF THE JAZZ - An 'A-Team' novella by Lynda Craney, containing four
linked stories. Approx 90 pages. Price: $11.25 (�7.50 US, Can), �5.50 UK,
�6(Europe/Surface), �8.50(Australia/Japan-Air)

SIDEWINDER - An 'A-Team' novella by Owen Pentecost, containing four linked
stories. Approx 60 pages. Price: $8.25 (�5.50 US, Can), �3.75 UK,
�4.50(Europe/Surface), �6.00(Australia/Japan-Air)

Methods of payment accepted are US CASH, checks/postal orders in Sterling only
payable to Donna Foster, address: Domino Press c/o 30 Longwick, Langdon Hills,
Essex, SS16 5UG, England.

There are still a few issues left of The A-Team Appreciation Society Newsletters, which we can offer for the prices listed below. These are available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that Issues 1-7 were produced on a band copier and the print quality may not be as good as the later photocopied issues.
Issue     Page Count    Price
-----     ----------    -----
1         22            90p
4         55            �1.10
5         40            �1.00
6         22            90p
7         38            �1.00
8         50            �1.50
9         60            �1.60
10        50            �1.50
12        74            �1.75
13        70            �1.60
14/15     76            �1.75 (double issue)
16        66            �1.60
17        78            �1.75
19       100            �2.00
20        66            �1.60
(UK only-write for info on other delivery costs)
I've ordered all of the above 'zine titles myself, except for Tales from TAT 2 which I already had a copy of. I will review each here in OTJ when I receive my copies and get a chance to read through them. However, since I *do* have TfTAT2 right now, here's a mini-review:

"TALES FROM TAT 2" - 65 pages. Original publication date unknown.
As the editorial states, this 'zine is a mixture of competition entries and general submissions from members of the Appreciation Society. The stories run a gamut of styles, being mainly action and humor-oriented, however, with one or two more serious stories. There are 3 pieces by Lynda Craney, including the longest, "Shipwreck." This approx. 25 page-long novella deals with the Team being captured by Decker while on a job in the pacific, and then getting shipwrecked along with the MP crew after a storm. Murdock, with some help from Amy, has to work first to try to find them and then to get them away from the military. It's a good story, as are most of the contents of this zine, if a little rough around the edges. There is also a good piece by Jan Harley, who wrote 2 stories I enjoyed greatly in the zine "The Agony Column" which I reviewed here a while back. This story, "Father Figure," presents an interesting idea for Face's family background. Also interesting and a bit different is "Teacher's Pet" by Diane Buckley, which tells the story of how Murdock earned his nickname "Howlin' Mad" as a young child.

Overall, I would recommend this 'zine if you are looking for a good mix of short Team stories, most heavy on Face-content, Murdock probably second. The art work is a mix of photographs and a couple very nice drawings. If you're looking for romance and hurt/comfort primarily, you won't find it here, though. The feeling is definitely tounge-in-cheek and light, with occaisional moments of tenderness... just like the original show, actually.
Well, I didn't get the chance to transcribe any news articles or anything for this issue, but I thought it was time to stir up a little 'audience participation' in these normally quiet summer months, so I'm presenting...
We've done the standard Favorite characters/episodes/etc polls here before, but let's have a little fun with this one. I've put these questions together from things that have come up in discussions on the reflector or just struck me as interesting. I'll take responses to these questions (through prvivate email, please) for the next two weeks, and then post the results here in the newsletter.

Please only give one answer per question, and feel free to elaborate with comments on your answers to make things more interesting.
Survey questions:
1. Which character on the A-Team do you identify with the most?

2. Would you be want to see a Hollywood-style A-Team movie produced? If yes, who would you cast in the main roles (if you couldn't get T, Dirk, and Dwight, etc)?

3. Do you think there is anyone out there (real, cartoon, or TV/movie character(s)) that could take on the A-Team?

4. Who would you have loved to see the A-Team "team up" with (as in other TV characters like Knight Rider, Airwolf, Blossom, whatever)?

5. Who would you have loved to see the A-Team take on and beat the crap out of (real or media characters)?

6. What was the coolest thing the A-Team ever built?

7. Do you think TV programs today are, in general, better today than they were in the 80s, or worse?

8. What current TV show would you love to see each of the guys appear in today?
Dirk Benedict -
George Peppard (if he was alive :-( ) -
Dwight Schultz -
Mr. T -

9. Do you think Stockwell ever would have gotten the Team their pardon?

10. What do you think really happnened to Colonel Morrison? If he was murdered, who did it?
Well, that's it. Looking forward to seeing some survey responses coming in. And yes, I am still working on the A-Team FAQ... hopefully I'll have a reliminary version together sometime in the next month or so...

until later, stay on the jazz!
Quote of the Week:
"It's been fun."
"More importantly, it's been educational!"
                   (Hannibal and Murdock in "Cup A Joe")

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