Where we used to draw the line

Question :

I hear that you have welcomed Mensans, Pagans and other undesirables into your home. In fact, you've gone so far as to allow some of them to perform rituals there.

Is this true? If so, what on earth went on? What dark secrets lie hidden in the recesses of your one bedroom apartment?

Answer : Yes, it is true, and I fear it shall remain so indefinitely. I blame my father for having all of those books in our home and having us consort with so many people with triple digit IQs. It infected us with the curse of openmindedness and college only made matters worse.

I won't tell you what occured at the rituals, aside from noting that none of it was illegal or shameful. But, until people start being as accepting as they like to pretend that they are, those who belong to minority religions will tend to be hesitant about sharing the details of their rituals with outsiders. Having given my word of honor to respect their privacy, I will not divulge any details that all have not agreed to release.

One result of having people in the house who were imaginative enough to push the boundaries, was that I had to define them. Especially when some heard that some of my visitors worshipped Aphrodite and decided to try a few rituals of their own. Most of the comments made then are still of general applicability.

Naturally, there was a need to set certain ground rules that met both my needs and theirs' and these seemed to work, as the moderator of the group agreed, once I suggested them, as he adoped these rules as general practice. As they will be in my home, the next time I have a ceremonial virgin present. Or a Mensan, for that matter.

We shall begin with an an understanding. Some, when sex is being discussed in any sense, have trouble taking what is said at face value. But in this case, you, as a guest, will be expected to. Some choose to make the rules stricter than they wish and let themselves be haggled down from the position they take by guests who breach the stated rules "just by a little". This is expected by those who take part, but it leaves the real rules in doubt, and unfortunate misunderstandings can follow.

Our own approach is to set the ground rules as loosely as possible. This having been done, however, we expect our guests to respect the willingness that we've shown to give them as much freedom as is comfortably possible, and to not haggle over this non-negotiable position, as if we hadn't. There is no give, not even a little on these.

On the other hand, it's not like most have sought to test these boundaries. Clothing optional, for example, doesn't mean nudity assured, so please leave any lurid expectations at home.

At present, the rules on acceptable conduct, in a sexual sense, in the Shrine are as follows (other rules are discussed elsewhere):

Ground Rules, Shrine of Ultimate Love

  1. This is a very permissive environment, but let's keep this event in good taste, people ...

  2. One must honor one's commitments, and existing relationships while here, and do nothing to hasten their demise. However, this should not be taken as an endorsement of stalking.

  3. We do not welcome anyone who would keep or be part of a harem, or take part in a menage a trois, or the promiscuous. Would you like to know the reasons why?

  4. This is exclusively a heterosexual circle. This, however, is one rule that we are not to attempt to spread the adoption of, as it is a matter of personal preference, not morality.

  5. That's about all we can think of, but the moderator reserves the right to add to these rules if he feels necessary.

You might note that a great deal that would get you arrested in most places, is still OK, here. That's part of what we're going for. But let's just understand that not all restrictions, are arbitrary ones. Some are needed for truly peaceful coexistence.

Now, let us return, either to the Lupercalia discussion, or to the "Discussing Sex" page, unless you'd like to look at the afterword that originally came with this page. (Note : this is copyrighted material, as mentioned in this notice).