Aldamir, Elf of Lórien
Adventures of a Lórien Elf during the War of the Ring
Aldamir is of Earendil's lineage, and so carries his emblem. He may one day have his own emblem, but that, unfortunately, depends on when I get time to design it. :)
Aldamir is an Elf of my own creation; his story takes place during the year of the War of the Ring. A Lórien Elf, he dwelt long in Rivendell, but years before the war returned to the Golden Wood to marry his beloved, the Elf-maiden Uruviel. Now, however, the horizon darkens with the clouds of war, and the lives of all are threatened...
Chapter XXVI: Bitter Grief
Chapter XXVII: Dreams
Chapter I: Strange Tracks
Chapter XXVIII: The Rangers of the North
Chapter II: Orc Attack
Chapter XXIX: Riding North
Chapter III: Dawn in the Golden Wood
Chapter XXX: Kindred
Chapter IV: Strangers in Lórien
Chapter XXXI: Rohan
Chapter V: The Fellowship of the Ring
Chapter XXXII: The Paths of the Dead
Chapter VI: Musings of an Elf
Chapter XXXIII: The Stone of Erech
Chapter VII: A Great Sorrow
Chapter XXXIV: Pelargir
Chapter VIII: Lindir
Chapter XXXV: Night on the Anduin
Chapter IX: Stars Above the Golden Wood
Chapter XXXVI: The Pelennor Fields
Chapter X: Frodo
Chapter XXXVII: A Red Sunset
Chapter XI: The Fellowship Departs
Chapter XXXVIII: Lindir's Tale
Chapter XII: Sorrow Turned to Joy
Chapter XIII: A Tapestry of Song
Chapter XXXIX: Ride of Doom
Chapter XIV: Sírmentë
Chapter XL: The Black Gate
Chapter XV: Shadows on the Horizon
Chapter XLI: A New Dawn
Chapter XVI: The Shadows Deepen
Chapter XLII: Reunions
Chapter XVII: Galadriel Speaks
Chapter XLIII: The Return of the King
Chapter XVIII: Farewells
Chapter XLIV: Return of an Elf
Chapter XIX: Leaving Lothlórien
Chapter XLV: The Grey Havens
Chapter XX: Journey in the Night
Chapter XXI: In Fangorn's Depths
Chapter XXII: Dark Moments
Chapter XXIII: A Grey Dawn
Chapter XXIV: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter XXV: The Battle of Helm's Deep
Aldamir, Elf of Lorien
written by Leah D.H.;
property of author, please respect
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