Of Elves and Hobbits
Stories and Poems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's works
Stories: serials and one-time inklings
Stories written by myself:
Aldamir, Elf of Lorien - the tale of a Lorien Elf and his adventures during the War of the Ring. ~completed~
Journey over the Sea - a little story about Frodo's voyage on the Elven ship.
The Awakening   - my image of Frodo's awakening after the Quest and his reunion with Gandalf. Written before the movie was released.
Samwise Muses in Rivendell - a short piece written for Samwise day.
Stories written by some very talented friends:
So It Begins - An excellent piece of writing on the silent, tense moments before the Battle of Helm's Deep.
by Elvellon Ringsbane
An Old Friend's Visit - a beautiful, moving story set long after Frodo departed over the Sea...
by Avondster
Poems written by myself
Poems written by Elvellon Ringsbane
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