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WARNING: These stories contain sexual situations between two men, mature situations and adult language. Please leave now if you are under age or offended by such things.
Obsession by Jess-chan   Sanosuke obsesses over Kenshin in this beatifully written fic. It's poignant and captivating descriptions add to the suspense and emotion of the story. You will want to read it more than once.
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Scar by foxyboy   Yahiko goes through an identity crisis and reassess his relationship with Kenshin. It's more than a little disturbing, but an interesting and rare perspective.
Yoake Mae by rikki hibiki   This is a Shishiox Kamatari PWP which is surprisingly able to give a lot of insight into character even in the midst of one of the steamiest sex scenes I've ever read.
Night Breezes by Shadowdancer   This is a sweet SanoxKenshin fic that mixes breath-taking imagery and beautiful descriptions with a romantic get-together story.
All I Have by samuraiheart   Kenshin dwells on his feelings for Sanosuke. (my fic)
Meditations by samuraiheart   Kenshin tries to teach Sanosuke how to meditate, but gets more than he bargained for.. (my fic)
Always Here by tir-synni   There are some things that Kenshin keeps hidden from the world, but maybe Sanosuke can unlock the secrets behind Kenshin's smile. Shounen-ai.
The Beauty Within by Sana Sagarake   Someone else takes an interest in Sano. ChouxSano Shounen-ai.
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