Boxer Info: What you need to know

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If you know of a website we should have listed please let us know. To be added please send your kennel name, state and/or country along with your URL or email address to [email protected].
Please Note: Puppymillers, BYB's, Brokers, and Pet Shops WILL NOT be added.
Breeders / Kennels United States (in alphabetical order)
Aboxa Boxers NY
All Boxed Inn (ABI) Boxers MA
Alpine Boxers AL
Amity Hall Boxers MD
Andelz Boxers TX
Apak Boxers SC
Aplaws Boxers CA
Arriba Talisman Boxers VA
Artistry Boxers CA
ASureBet Boxers CT
Atlantis Boxers TX
Ay Da Boxers MN

Backwoods Boxers AL
Baldwin Boxers CA
Banquos Boxers NC
Barbary Lane Boxers CA
Barbiloc Boxers IL
Barreras Boxers WA
Bavaria Boxers IL
Bayview Boxers CA
Beacon Boxers TX
Bear Creek Boxers TX
BeeMike Boxers PA
Belco Boxers MA
Bentbrook Boxers WI
Birchwood Boxers MI
Bitwyn Boxers MA
BixL Boxers CA
Blackburn Boxers MO
Black Diamond Boxers MN
Blarney Boxers PA
Blue Collar Boxers TX
Blue Monday Boxers TN
Blue Rock Boxers OH
Boca Boxers MI
Bolduc Boxers WA
Bordeaux Boxers SC
B.O.S.S. Boxers CA
BoxEra Boxers WA
Boxwood Boxers AL
Braveheart Boxers MI
BraveHeart Boxers of Texas TX
Bravo Boxers KY
Breho Boxers LA
Brentwood Boxers FL
Brock Boxers MN
Bród Boxers OK
Brush Hill Boxers MA
Bullock Boxers MS
Burlwood Boxers NE
Burning River Boxers OH
Butler Boxers OR

C-R Boxers MI
Cabernet Boxers CA
Cachet Boxers NY
Cadance Boxers AK
Caldora Boxers IL
Cameliard Boxers MI
Candy Kisses Boxers WA
Cameliard Boxers MI
Carbara Boxers LA
Carillon Boxers AL
Catera Boxers PA
Cavalry Kennel IL
Cayman Boxers CA
Celina Boxers TX
Celsior Boxers HI
CFL Boxers FL
Chapel Boxers NJ
Chappell Boxers TX
Chessel Boxers WI
CheyLynn Kennels AL
Cinema Boxers IL
Cinnamon Boxers FL
Connemara Boxers OH
Conquest Boxers CA
Copper Hill Boxers AK
Crysto Boxers NC

Dajen Boxers FL
Damas Boxers NC/TX
Dark of Shadow Boxers CA
Darvick Boxers LA
DayStar Boxers IL
De La Corazon Boxers UT
Dekal Boxers IA
Delta Boxers LA
Delta Vu Boxers CA
Denbar Boxers CO/UT
DeNevi Boxers CA
Destiny Boxers MI
Deutschland Boxers MO
Di Bella Boxers PA
Dixie Boxers AR
Donray Boxers GA
Draymia Boxers WA
Dreamcatcher Boxers
DreamTeam Boxers MI
Dreamweaver Boxers TX
Duba-Dae Boxers UT
Dusty Road Boxers CO

E-Leet Boxers TX
Elytes Boxers CT
Emerald Boxers WA
Emerson Boxers MO
Encore Boxers CA
Ensign Boxers UT
Enyart Boxers AZ
Epic Boxers UT
Erhaben Boxers FL
Espirit Boxers CA
EWO Boxers VA
Extreme Boxers MA

Fairview Boxers PA
FantaC Boxers FL
Far More Boxers CA
Ferrari Boxers NJ
Fire Boxers TX
Flashfire Boxers NJ
Flashpoint Boxers IN
Fleisher Boxers MI
Flemingo Boxers KY
Flying Apache Boxers CT
Frenchy Boxers CA
Fulco Boxers OH

Gamet Boxers CA
Garnsey Boxers CT
Gates Mills Boxers CA
Geaux Boxers NC
Gemini Boxers CA
Gemstones Boxers WA
Global Boxers CA
Glory Boxers IN
G-Man Boxers TX
Gold Medal Boxers IN
Golden Silk Boxers NC
Greenfield Boxers MI

Halcyon Boxers CT
Halliwell Boxers MN
Hallmark Boxers CA
Happy Tails Boxers IL
Harmony Boxers AL
HarVel Boxers OK
Hatley Hollar Boxers NC
Haven Boxers TX
Havenrun Boxers AL
Heart Acres Boxers OH
Heleva Boxers CA
Hi Desert Boxers CA
Hi Master Boxers CA
Hi-Stand Boxers KS
Highlander Boxers SC
Hilltop Boxers TX
Hillyard Boxers WA
High Ridge Boxers TX
Hurricahen Boxers CA

Icon Boxers WA
Illusion Boxers CA
Illyrian Boxers WA
InCrowds Boxers CA
Incognito Boxers TX
Indigo Boxers MN
Interlude Boxers IN
Intrigue Boxers CA
Ivylane Boxers CT

J. Dara Boxers DE
Jacquet Boxers NJ
JayLyn Boxers CA
JayRbar Boxers KS
Jems Boxers WA
Jerico Boxers AL
JeSaJay Boxers MO
Jocarta Boxers MO
Jordan Boxers ME
Jordane Boxers CO
Jovilea Boxers FL
JTM Boxers WI
JuBar Boxers VA
Jubri Boxers MI
Just-A-Wyn Boxers OH
Justice Boxers AK

K and D Boxers MI
K-Jen Boxers OH
KRoyals Boxers AR
Kaja Boxers MI
KamiKo N' Kini Boxers AL/CA
Kanabec Boxers NJ
Kandiyohi Boxers MN
Karjean Boxers OH
Karosel Boxers CT
KayCee Boxers OH
KeepSake Boxers LA
Keilann Boxers MA
KellyMar Boxers PA
Kenon Boxers NV
KimKar Boxers IL
Knobby Hill Boxers OH
Korbel Boxers CA
Korvette Boxers CO
Kriser Boxers AZ

La Volpe Boxers IL
Ladyhawk Boxers OH
Landmark Boxers WI
Lar-Ana Boxers NC
Lar-San Boxers TN
LattaLane Boxers MO
LDL Boxers OK
Legendary Boxers UT
Li-Po Boxers CA
Liberty Boxers OK
Lil' Bear Boxers TX
Limelight Boxers NM
LinMar Boxers NC
LionArcher Boxers NJ
Logan Elm Boxers OH
LRM Boxers WA
Lucky 7 Boxers CA
Lustig Boxern FL
LuXor Boxers CA
Lykmyn Boxers WA

M & M Boxers SC
Majestic Boxers OR
Mannix Boxers NY
Marjack Boxers VA
MarPal Boxers AL
MarTrav Boxers ME
Maximus Boxers NE
Maxl Boxers OK
Maya Boxers WA
McKarge Boxers FL
MCVE Boxers SC
Meja Boxers MD
MeloD Boxers IL
Melrose Boxers SC
Merry Boxers FL
Midnight Kennels FL
Minstrel Boxers VA
Mircoa Boxers CA
MiRo Boxers TN
Misty Meadows Boxers MI
Mi-T Boxers OR
Moon Valley Boxers AZ
Moonlight Boxers TN
Moonstruck Boxers IN
Moosewood Farm Boxers AK
Mueller Boxers PA
Mulbrae Boxers
Murbe Boxers MI
Myde Boxers IA
Mystic Kennels PA
Mystic Star Boxers AL
Mystique Boxers MO

Naja Boxers WA
Nastinan Boxers NY
Newcastle Boxers MI
Nivek Boxers SC
Noble Boxers IN
Nola Boxers LA
Normandy Boxers NC
Northern Pine Boxers MI

Oak Knoll Boxers IN
OakRidge Boxers MI
Ochoco Boxers OR
Orrkid Boxers NE

Pearlisle Boxers CT
Pacifica Boxers CA
Palazzo Boxers WA
Panzam Boxers CA
Paramount Boxers NE
PawPrint Boxers CA
Pawz IV Boxers CA
Pax Boxers TX
Pentastar Boxers IL
Pentastar Boxers WA
Pentastar K9s WA
PhilBar Boxers WV
Pineflats Boxers IN
PRO Boxers SC
ProC Boxers VA
Pryde Boxers SC
Puckett Boxers IL

R and G Boxers AZ
RaAnn Boxers NC
RAD Boxers OK
Raineylane Boxers AL
Raja Boxers AL
Ravenwood Boxers CT
R-Dan Boxers CA
RedDawn Boxers MD
Reflection Boxers CA
Regal Boxers TX
RegalRun Boxers TN
Remember Me Boxers WA
Renee Boxers OR
Renno Boxers CA
ReyDon Boxers MO
Ridge Run Boxers PA
Rigpa Boxers TX
Rion Boxers SC
River Ridge Boxers WA
RNL Boxers CA
Robinson Boxers OH
Rochil Boxers TX
RockyTop Boxers TX
Rodeo Boxers TX
Rolyn Boxers CA
Ronard Boxers TX
RoSa Boxers CA
Rosend Boxers CA
Rosewood Boxers CA
Rosewood Boxers FL
Royale Kennels KY
Rugby Boxers MI
Ryannah Boxers IN
Rynwards Boxers OH

SaBo Boxers TX
SaLynn Boxers TN
SandCastle Boxers FL
SanJo Boxers AL
Sanridge Boxers OR
Sarkel Boxers OK
Sarmeda Boxers ME
Sassy Boxers CA
ScenicVu Boxers TN
Schroll Boxers LA
Selbor Boxers CT
Semper Fi Boxers GA
Serendipity Boxers NJ
Serenity Boxers CA
Shadigee Boxers KY
Shadoefax Boxers IL
Shadowbox Boxers WA
Shadow River Boxers AL
Shamai Boxers AK
Shamrock Boxers NC
Sharledar Boxers IN
ShaZa Boxers NC
Shelton Boxers NC
Shera n Dynamic Boxers CA
Sherwood Boxers LA
Shufdog Boxers NC
Sierra Boxers MI
Silver Sage Boxers ID
Simon Sez Boxers OK
Sirio Boxers CA
SirRia Boxers MO
Sirrocco Boxers NC
Skidoo Boxers CA
Skyline Boxers VA
Solrac Boxers CA
Somerset Boxers GA
Sonoran Boxers AZ
SouthBay Boxers AZ
Southgate Boxers AR
Southpaw Boxers VA
Spellbound Boxers TN
Spontaneous Boxers MI
Springbrook Boxers IL
Steph J Boxers TX
Stephlyn Boxers MD
Storybook Boxers MN
Strawberry Boxers AZ
Sudy Boxers LA
Sugar Creek Boxers FL
SugarCreek Boxers TX
Sun Kissed Boxers TX
Sunchase Boxers OK
Sundarby Boxers FL
Sunset Boxers WA
Suro Boxers GA
Sweet Tea Boxers NY
Synergy Boxers TX
Syrr Run Boxers SC

Tabreking Boxers ID
Tadd Boxers WI
Tamaron Boxers FL
Taylor'd Boxers KY
Tazmanian Boxers NC
TealCrest Boxers TN
Tekoneva Boxers NJ
Tenebo Boxers OR/NH
TG Boxers PA
Thanque Boxers MO
Thistledown Boxers IN
Thorn Crest Boxers PA
Tiger-Bod Boxers TX
TKO Boxers MO
TL Cadence Boxers CA
TKO Boxers MO
Tokalon Boxers GA
Tomlyn Boxers PA
Top Hat Boxers FL
Topline Boxers NJ
Trails End Boxers OR
Treceder Boxers TX
Trefoil Boxers CT
Trifecta Boxers OR
True Boxers WV
Trusty Boxers NE
TuRo Boxers TX
Ty Guys Boxers OH

Unique Boxers AL
Upstream Boxers OK

Vagabond Boxers CA
Valhalla Boxers MA
Valkyrie Boxers KS
Van Riper Boxers NJ
Ventura Boxers TX
Victoria Boxers CO
Victory Boxers AR
Victory Boxers CA
ViLaDa Boxers LA
Virgo Boxers TX
Von Bachbett Boxers WI
Von Schmidt Boxers TX
Von Shon Boxer NC
Von Woerpel Boxers WI
Vondenberg Boxers CA

Walkabout Boxers MI
Warzone Boxers MI
WenAll Boxers NC
Westpaw Boxers NC
Whimsical Boxers NM
Whirlwind Boxers GA
Wicca Boxers PA
Wildhart Boxers LA
Wildwind Boxers OH
Wildwood Boxers LA
Willowwood Boxers IO
Wiltwyck Boxers NY
Windkist Boxers MA
Windwood Boxers LA
Winland Boxers OH
Winmere Boxers OK
Wishpaw Boxers LA
WoodsCove Boxers CA
Woodview Boxers IN

Xeralane Boxers HI

Zanzibar Boxers TX
Zephyr Boxers MA

Breeders / Kennels International (in alphabetical order)
Abilon Boxers Germany
Abythorn Boxers United Kingdom
Agapornis Boxers Italy
Airaf Boxers Brazil
Aireston Boxers Estonia
Aivengo Boxers Russia
Alkaios Boxers Netherlands
Allevamento di Teate Italy
Allsturns Boxers United Kingdom
Alros Boxers Czechoslovakia
Amatoriale Boxers Italy
Andilla Boxers Sweden
Andreashohe Boxers Switzerland
Andsum Boxers United Kingdom
Annarva's Boxers British Columbia
Apex Boxers New Zealand
Appelhoff Boxers Germany
Aprilmist Boxers Finland
Aracrest Boxers Ontario
Aska Boxers Denmark
Astor Boxers Italy
Attomic Boxers United Kingdom
Asuncion Boxers Canada

BarknbWild Boxers Ontario
Bartolini Boxers Italy
Barwater Boxers United Kingdom
BayRidge Boxers Saskatchewan
Belire Boxers United Kingdom
Bellcrest Boxers Ontario
BellParc Boxers Spain
Belvern Boxers United Kingdon
Benicadell Boxers Spain
Bergen Boxers Norway
Berlane Boxers Alberta
Bernhard Boxers Germany
Biere Boxers Switzerland
Bispus Boxers Portugal
Blarny Boxers Australia
Blije Wereld Boxers Netherlands
Bluesfreund Boxers Finland
Bluewatch Boxers United Kingdom
Bocanegra Boxers Mexico
Bockreiter Boxers Germany
Bocsavil Boxers Australia
Boksdoorn Boxers Belgium
Bokseri Boxers Finland
Bokstaff Boxers Finland
Bollington Boxers United Kingdom
Bolerame Boxers Canada
Bomark Boxers Australia
Bonjavio Boxers United Kingdom
Boomsma Boxers Netherlands
Borneo Boxers Mexico
Bournwell Boxers United Kingdom
Bowmak Boxers Alberta
Boxberry Boxers Australia
Boxerdalen Boxers Norway
Boxer Degli Scrovegni Italy
BoxerHaven Boxers Norway
Boxerhund Italy
Boxers D'ara Portugal
Boxer Del Trivium Italy
Boxers in Russia Russia
Boxertricks Boxers Australia
Boxerworld Kennels Estonia
Boxjoy Boxers British Columbia
Boxken Boxers United Kingdom
Boxmann Boxers Finland
Boxrmor Boxers Ontario
Boyarka Boxers Alberta
Bravo Boxers Alberta
Britnick Boxers Ontario
Bteez Boxers Australia
Bucksteps Boxers United Kingdom
Buffet Boxers Sweden
Busch Boxers Germany

Cadnite Boxers Australia
Cala Moresca Boxers Italy
Call T Boxers Thailand
Camano Boxers British Columbia
Camino Boxers New Zealand
Camsail Boxers Scotland
CanHar Reg'd Boxers Alberta
Can Pere Boxers Spain
Capecod Boxers Ontario
Caraeras Boxers Ireland
Carmondene Boxers United Kingdom
Carribean Boxers Dominican Republic
Castle Boxers Thailand
Cavalieri del Monferrato Boxers Italy
Cedar Ridge Boxers Alberta
Celticrose Boxers Ontario
Cherryside Boxers United Kingdom
Chieftain Boxers Ontario
Chizack Boxers Australia
Chugiarnay Boxers United Kingdom
CinnRhee Boxers Ontario
City of Kings Boxers Peru
Cochise Boxers Finland
Cocoon Boxers Finland
Colle dell'Infinito Boxers Italy
Collserola Boxers Spain
Comfort Kennels Brazil
Contrari Boxers Italy
Coudecoeur Boxers United Kingdom
Criadero Tierradentro Colombia
Crufts Boxers Brazil
Curilla de Chainza Boxers Spain
CuttySark Boxers Germany
CynTech Boxers Alberta

Dahlinas Boxers Norway
Dauntae Boxers British Columbia
Davnette Boxers United Kingdom
Dawkendale Boxers South Africa
Dderwen Boxers United Kingdom
Debria Boxers Quebec
Degusan Boxers Germany
Demen Boxers New Zealand
Dennis Boxers Prince Edward Island
Di Noi Vincere Boxers Netherlands
D'Jandilla Boxers Spain
D'Mirus Cane Boxers Spain
Doghouse Boxers Australia
Dogwin Boxers Greece
D'Olxa Boxers Spain
Dorado Boxers British Columbia
Drosselberg Boxers Germany
Dunbridge Boxers United Kingdom
Dunsailin Boxers United Kingdom
Dynevor Boxers United Kingdom
Dysart Boxers Ireland

E.T. Powers Boxers Japan
ECOT Boxers Mexico
Edda Boxers Slovakia
Eduardo Boxers Spain
Eischied Boxers New Zealand
Elevage du Puits Calin France
Elformiq Boxers Australia
Elharlen Boxers Nova Scotia
Elkasu Boxers Norway
Emani Boxers Australia
Emberstouch Boxers Alberta
Erlenweide Boxers Germany
Estribera Boxers Spain
Eurozone Boxers Ontario

Falconhurst Boxers Alberta
Falkor Boxers Alberta
Fausto Boxers Germany
Flachswiese Boxers Germany
Flamberg Boxers Switzerland
Fortress Boxers New Zealand
Frankenland Boxers Germany
Frisia State Boxers Netherlands

Georgengarten Boxers Germany
Glenauld Boxers Scotland
Glenmorne Boxers New Zealand
Gloria Boxers Romania
Gold Meadow Boxers Philippines
Graciosa Boxers Germany
Grande Canafistula Boxers Brazil
GrangesPort Royal Boxers France
Grossen Traumen Boxers Japan
Grubigstein Boxers Germany
Guntop Boxers Australia

Handler Boxers Sweden
Hawkleigh Boxers Australia
Hazenberg Boxers Belgium
Heidezoom Boxers Netherlands
Hellevoetsluis Boxers Netherlands
Herzlich Boxers Germany
Hi Times Boxers Alberta
HocusPocus Boxers Sweden
Hoevensehof Boxers Netherlands
Hoeverbos Boxers Netherlands
Honey Dew Boxers Argentina
House Kennels Argentina

Iggy Boxers Bulgaria
Imoen Boxers Australia
Impressive Boxers Sweden
Incirias Boxers Sweden
Indonesian Boxers Indonesia
Intrends Boxers Australia
Ium Vicort Boxers Spain

Jaegerhouse Boxers Ontario
Jafeica Boxers United Kingdom
Jamieson Boxers Mexico
JayKays Boxers Australia
J C Boxers Mexico
Jeropia Boxers Germany
Jinnybrux Boxers United Kingdom
Jipotima Boxers Sweden
JirSi Boxers Czechoslovakia
JL Wonderland Boxers Japan
JoMax Boxers Alberta
Jordannas Boxers Ontario
Juncosa Boxers Spain

K G Boxers Ontario
KYo's Boxers Mexico
Karban Boxers Czechoslovakia
Kasanova Boxers Ontario
Kinbra Boxers New Zealand
Kirkgate Boxers Australia
Kitwe Boxers United Kingdom
Klappeheide Boxers Netherlands
Kloosterpoort Boxers Netherlands
Koddebeier Boxers Netherlands
Kraven Boxers Australia
Krikkit Boxers Australia
Kruger Boxers Mexico
Kyenah Boxers United Kingdom

L'Aire d'Alsace Boxers France
Land of Freedom Boxers Netherlands
Lando Boxers Ontario
Lapema Boxers United Kingdom
Le Chien Boxers France
Le Chien Duque Boxers Netherlands
L'Enfer Vert Boxers France
Loewenburg Boxers Germany
Longsdake Boxers United Kingdom
Longshots Boxers United Kingdon
Loujay Boxers Australia
Luckyjade Boxers Canada
Lucrezia Boxers Italy
Lucky Jade Boxers Canada

Ma Baker Boxers Finland
Maailm Boxers Estonia
Mae West Boxers New Zealand
Maifeld Boxers Germany
Makeneys Boxers United Kingdom
Manjero Boxers Netherlands
Mantle Boxers Alberta
Marbelton Boxers United Kingdom
Marikarlos Boxers Sweden
Marimat Boxers Australia
Marveldog Boxers Greece
Matenhof Boxers Netherlands
Matisar Boxers France
Medousa Boxers Manitoba
Menricus Boxers Germany
Mentianna Boxers Greece
Meopham Boxers Kent
Mephisto Boxers British Columbia
Merribox Boxers United Kingdom
Mesi Boxers Hungary
Metod Boxers Norway
MGM Boxers Alberta
Molosserworld's Boxers Norway
Monte Christo Boxers Germany
Morritos Boxers Spain
Mulder Boxers France
Myohmy Boxers Alberta
Mysslingen Boxers Sweden
Mythos Boxers Peru

Nerroli Boxers United Kingdom
NG Boxer Costa Rica
Nettuno Boxers Italy
Nichanta Boxers Netherlands
Niu Blau Boxers Spain
Nopper Boxers Newfoundland
Northberry Boxers British Columbia
NuBYU Boxers Alberta
Nugget Boxers Sweden
Numado Boxers Netherlands
Numero Uno Yu Yugoslavia

Ortonian Boxers United Kingdom
Ottentotti Boxers Italy

Packapunch Boxers Manitoba
Pandora Boxers British Columbia
Pairadice Boxers Canada
Pasha Boxers Turkey
Pantheon Boxers Canada
Pengalli Boxers British Columbia
Pervaneh Boxers United Kingdom
Phoenix Boxers Australia
Playmate Boxers Norway
Polenta Boxers Italy
Portuguese Boxers Portugal
Praestebro Boxers Denmark
Pretzel Boxers Sweden
Punapippurin Boxers Finland

Quiggin Boxers Croatia

Raevon Boxers New Zealand
Ranch Chez Boxy France
Rasilon Boxers Manitoba
Redlake Boxers Australia
Regal X Boxers Mexico
Reino Perdido Boxers Spain
Rexob Boxers Norway
Riccibet Boxers United Kingdom
Rich Borough Boxers Brazil
Riddle Boxers Sweden
Riesen Stern Boxers Japan
Ringreven Boxers Norway
Ringside Boxers Sweden
Rio Sanguinario Boxers Italy
River Green Boxers Thailand
Roamaro Boxers United Kingdom
Rodlin Boxers Ontario
Ronin Boxers New Zealand
Rosa de Los Vientos Boxers Spain
Rupik Boxers United Kingdom

Sandokan Boxers Argentina
Santana Boxers Argentina
Sapho Hoeve Boxers Belgium
Sassoscritto Boxers Italy
Segadors Boxers Spain
Sembacher Flur Boxers Germany
Senda Boxers Spain
Shadowdale Boxers Ontario
Shakatan Boxers United Kingdom
Sharhaven Boxers Australia
Silberhill Boxers Philippines
Sivad Boxers New Zealand
Skybridge Boxers Finland
Smug Face Boxers Greece
Sous le Lac Boxers France
Sparring Boxers Sweden
Stella Styria Boxers Slovenia
Steynmere Boxers United Kingdom
Street Boxers Norway
Strutlix Boxers United Kingdom
Sul Boxers Portugal
Sullieu Boxers France
Summer Boxers Alberta
Sun Boxers Thailand
Sundance Boxers Alberta
Sunvalley Boxers United Kingdom
Supreme Boxers Philippines

Takeuchi Boxers Japan
Tand'Oori Boxers Portugal
Tatnger Boxers Australia
Teamwork Boxers Sweden
Teate Boxers Italy
Teverica Boxers Norway
Thasrite Boxers Australia
Tybrushe Reg'd Boxers Canada
Tickitbou Boxers Ontario
Tierra de Naranjos Boxers Spain
Tommenmolen Boxers Belgium
Toprank Boxers Canada
Toryjo Boxers United Kingdom
Tovarisch Boxers Brazil
Traxx Boxers Australia
Tricker Boxers Alberta
Trimanor Boxers Ontario
Troica Boxers Denmark
Tropical Boxers Australia
Trumist Boxers United Kingdom
Tyeandbo Boxers Australia

Ukat Boxers Australia
ukboxerdogs United Kingdom
Upper Cut Boxers Italy
Urkabustaiz Boxers Spain

Vadso Boxers France
Vagalume Boxers Spain
Val d'Europe Boxers France
Vale Do Cris Boxers Portugal
VanillaIce Boxers Australia
Vantage Boxers Ontario
Vantage Boxers Argentina
Vaya's Box Boxers Belgium
Veruschka Boxers Netherlands
Vezben Boxers Ontario
Vidal Boxers Mexico
Villa Astur Boxers Spain
Villalba Boxers Spain
Violeta's Boxers Greece
Virreyna Boxers Spain
ViSiChy Boxers Alberta
Vivyd Boxers United Kingdom
VogelGryff Boxers Switzerland

Walkon Boxers Scotland
Wildax Kennels United Kingdom
Wildhof Boxers Belgium
Willsam Boxers Argentina
WilKing Kennels Alberta
Winuwuk Boxers United Kingdom

Xcellence Boxers Philippines

Yellow N Stripes Boxers Sweden
Young Husband Boxers Japan

Zaracon Boxers Saskatchewan

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