A Short Pictorial History:
Cultural Attitudes Towards Female Breasts


Home Page: Cultural Attitudes Towards Women's Breasts

From Corsets to Toplessness

Egyptian Worship of the Sun God

Early Greek Dress Bares Breasts

Later Greek Dress

Roman Times

Medieval Dress

European Art and American Sensibilties

Breasts and Religious Art

Renaissance Era Emphasizes the Breasts

Victorian Attitudes

Edwardian Fashion is an S-curve

The First Modern Brassiere

The Flapper Era Flattens the Bustline

Breasts and Womanhood

Breasts are Sexualized

The Corset, Yesterday and Today

Islamic Attitudes Towards Women's Bodies and Dress

Uplift Gets Banned by the Censors

The Myth of the Bra-burners

Hollywood, Bikinis, and Breasts

Attitudes Towards Breasts and Breastfeeding

Bras and Bikinis

Braless in Public

Swimsuits Today

Pornography and "Freedom"

Topless Sunbathing

The "Normal" Breast

Extraordinary Breasts

Toplessness Back in Fashion?

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