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Risk Management in Hockey Manitoba refers to Insurance, Safety, and Abuse Issues.

Insurance Issues. Insurance is purchased by BBMHA through Hockey Manitoba for the protection of coaches, assistant coaches, managers, and players on a team.

Only coaches, managers, and players registered or affiliated to that team are protected. Under no circumstances are players not registered or affiliated with the team allowed to practice or play with that team. Under no circumstances is anyone, other than those insured, allowed on the ice or players bench.

Violation of this policy puts the coach, parents, and players of the team and the Association at a high level of personal financial risk.


The Canadian Hockey Association has adopted a no tolerance policy on abuse. BBMHA supports this policy.

The CHA defines child abuse as any form of physical, emotional and/or sexual mistreatment or lack of care which causes physical injury or emotional damage to a child. The CHA publishes the following information booklets; Safety For All and Safety Requires Teamwork and the brochures Speak Out, and Hockey should be fun, right which further discusses this issue. This information is available on Hockey Canada''s web site;

Advise BBMHA immediately if such incidents occur.

It is the policy of the CHA that any member who has reasonable grounds reports the abuse immediately to the local child protection agency and/or the local police detachment. BBMHA and its members will follow this policy. Advise BBMHA if such reports occur.

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