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BBMHA Coaches & Managers

PRE-SEASON EXHIBITION GAMES: All rosters must be completed and approved by the Regional Registrar BEFORE any exhibition or league games can be played.

INSURANCE: Insurance fees for team coaches and managers will be included in the player registration fees and therefore paid by BBMHA. Only coaches , managers and players listed on the roster can be behind the bench or on the ice. If you need a substitute coach, you may borrow from another team. Uninsured coaches, managers or players NULLIFY everyone's insurance. We ask that the coaches and managers remind parents of this fact.

GAME SHEETS: Must be filled in with the correct codes, dates, team names, and category before the game begins. Check with your league representative for the correct procedures on calling in scores after league games.

ZERO TOLERANCE: No FOUL LANGUAGE from the bench will be tolerated. Only one warning , then eviction from the game. Same for fans. Managers are to caution parents of this.


TEAM FUNDRAISING: All teams collecting any money from players and parents are responsible to provide a financial statement to the parents. You have every right to know where your money is going. MANDATORY -ONCE A MONTH.


All BBMHA teams have the ablitiy to AP players from a team in a catagory below them. The coaching staff of each team is responsible for the selection of the appropriate number of APís. As affiliated player(s) are needed the coaching staff of the higher category team will check the appropriate game schedule of the lower category team. If the scheduled game dates or practices do not conflict, then the coaching staff of the higher category will make the choice of which player(s) will be asked for that specific game. The coach of the lower catagory team will be contacted by the coaching staff of the team making the AP request. After permission is given, the AP's parents will be advised of the game date or practice.

TOURNAMENTS - BBMHA Tournaments are major fund-raisers for the Association and are not optional. All tournaments whether hosting or attending, must be sanctioned by Hockey Manitoba.

TEAM MEETINGS -Coaches and managers should meet at the start of the season with parents and players. Some topics that could be discussed are goals, objectives, coaching technique, discipline, ice time and how many tournaments and exhibition games the team should participate in.
-Respect between "players -Coaches/Managers" and "Parents - Coaches/Managers" is a must. Parents should realize that the Coaches and Managers are volunteers. Conflicts between parents and coaches should :
--NEVER be discussed in front of any children
--Ask the manager to set up a meeting with the parent/coach
--Discuss the problem rationally to resolution
If problem cannot be resolved, then the Executive will be asked to intervene. We ask that coaches not be bothered prior to or during games. It is the coaches right to ask parents and siblings to vacate the dressing room at any time.

Players must be supervised in dressing rooms at all times, including practices.

Coaches should be in the dressing rooms with the players prior to the game, during breaks and after the game. The manager should visit the dressing room before the game, during the break and after the game to be on hand to assist the coaches. Dressing rooms must be left in the same state as when you arrive. Damage anywhere within the Arena will not be tolerated. Refer to Code of Conduct.

PARENT REPRESENTATIVE- Each team is required to have a parent representative attend BBMHA general meetings.

EQUIPMENT (goalie) - BBMHA will provide goalie equipment for players in the Novice category for a rental/user fee of $50.00 (excluding goalie stick). For teams that have no set goalie, the fee can be shared by all the players. For established goalies (players that play as a goalie on a regular basis) are responsible for the $50 rental fee.

CANTEEN DUTY - A canteen bond of $40.00 will be collected at registration. These cheques will be handed to the manager of each team, who return the bond to the respective parents once their canteen shifts have been completed. Canteen schedules will be given to managers to distribute amongst their parents. If a parent does not or cannot work an allotted shift then it is up to the manager to hire an alternate worker. The manager should approach the parent to pay cash for the canteen bond and return the cheque to be destroyed. Alternate workers are to be paid immediately following their shift. (Usual payment is $6.50/hour). Tournament canteen is separate and is not covered by the bond.

MINOR HOCKEY MEETINGS - General meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at 7:00pm at Sun Gro Centre unless otherwise posted. It is important that each team is represented at these meetings.

ARENA POLICY- No players or coaches are allowed on the ice surface until the tractor gate is down (closed)!

QUESTIONS REGARDING OFFICIALS- Coaches and/or Managers who have questions regarding an official are NEVER to approach an official during a game. They are to contact the Referee-In-Chief with their concern. In the event the Referee-In-Chief has no representation then the President of Minor Hockey should be contacted. He/She in turn will followup with the official and the coach/manager concerned. Under no circumstances is a Fan/Parent to approach an official.

PROBLEMS ON TEAMS - If problems arise within a team and cannot be dealt with at the team level. The manager or team representative may bring their concerns to the executive.

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