Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated 05 January 2008

I have been compiling hundreds of the questions I have received since 2000.  If you have any questions to add to the FAQ, please contact me, Diane N. Tran.

The Sacred Writings FAQ

Basic Sherlock: For the Basilian Beginners

The Titus Canon FAQ

  • Who is Eve Titus?
  • Who is Paul Galdone?
  • Why do you call it the "Titus Canon"?
  • How many books are in the Titus Canon?
  • Does the Titus Canon have a version of the Christ and Co. Codes?
  • Did Eve Titus plan to write any further books?
  • Where does the Titus Canon rank on the Shaw 100?
  • What is "Holmestead"?

  • The Basil of Baker Street Comics FAQ

    Guide to the Basil of Baker Street Comics and Other Strips

    The Great Mouse Detective Film FAQ

  • What is the Great Mouse Detective?
  • When did the idea of the film first come to Disney?
  • Why is the film considered important?
  • Who are the voice talents?
  • Who were the supervising animators to which characters?
  • How was the Big Ben sequence accomplished? Who were the supervising animators of the sequence?
  • How many times was the film theatrically released? What was the gross total?
  • Is another theatrical re-release planned?
  • Which awards and nominations did it receive?
  • What are the other foreign titles for the Great Mouse Detective?
  • Did Jeremy Brett's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes influence the film?
  • Where does Basil of Baker Street lives?
  • What is the name of the waterfront barroom?

  • Basiliana FAQ: Book Merchandise

    Basiliana FAQ: Disney Merchandise

    Complete Guide to Basilian Pin Collection

    Basiliana FAQ: VHS, DVD, Games, and Kingdom Hearts

  • Is there a GMD board game?
  • Is there a GMD video game?
  • What is Kingdom Hearts? Will the Great Mouse Detective included in third game?

  • Pastiches, Crossovers, and Other Fiction FAQ

  • What is canon?
  • What are pastiches? How are pastiches different from typical fan-fictions?
  • Why do you lean more towards Conan Doyle than Titus with your characters?
  • Why do your characters have such a variety of cultures, languages, and religions?
  • Why do you utilise astrological signs for your characters?
  • What is a crossover?

  • The Life and Times of Sherringford Basil FAQ

  • What is the Life and Times of Sherringford Basil?
  • How does Life and Times relate to the Sacred Writings and the Titus Canon?
  • How does Star Trek: Titus and Metropolis interrelate to each other and to Life and Times?
  • Where and when was Basil of Baker Street born?
  • Why "Sherringford"?
  • Who is Myerricroft?
  • What is the Diogenes Club?
  • Who is Brynna? What happened to her?
  • Who is Oscar Milde?
  • Who is Irene Relda?
  • Who is (Doctor) Prometheus Verner?

  • Oxford University Chronicles

  • Which school(s) did Sherringford attend before Oxford?
  • Which college did Sherringford attend at Oxford? What was his major?
  • Who were his friends at the time?
  • Who is Doctor Joseph Bell?
  • What is Æstheticism? What does "art for art's sake" mean?

  • The Case-Book of the Great Mouse Detective

    The Return of the Great Mouse Detective

  • When does Return take place?
  • Does Ratigan resurrect in Return? Does Fidget survive?
  • What are the Underworld Wars?
  • Where is "Hell, London"?
  • Who is Jack the Ripper? What is the Giant Rat of Sumatra?

  • His Last Bow

  • When, where, and why does Basil retire?
  • Who is Fudge?

  • The Rivals of the Great Mouse Detective

    The Golden Age of Detective Fiction: Introduction to the Rivals of the Great Mouse Detective

  • Does Rivals have any connection with Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series?
  • Where is Dr. Dawson?
  • Why is Miles Archer, Spade's old partner, still alive?
  • What is the International Criminal Police Commission?