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Winter 2005 Site Updates

February 1, 2005 ~ minor udates and site maintenance:

  • The Tips & Tricks page has been updated with one tip regarding the compatabilty of ASR-X Editor running in Classic under OS X Panther.
  • Inactive URLs on the Links page have been removed.
  • The 'Search' dialog has been updated to comply with the transition from the MySearch site search service to siteLevel
  • No updated information or news regarding the availability of ASR-X parts or accessories has been made available to ASRXCITE since the previous site update. No further updates will be forthcoming - maintenance updates will occur only as necessary.
  • When in need of help, direct your ASR-X question(s) to the ASR-X mailing list at Yahoo! Groups.

Autumn 2003 Site Updates and News

October 18, 2003 ~ I didn't anticipate further updates to ASRXCITE but there appears to be a need for just_one_more:

  • If you hadn't already known, the E-mu web site recently underwent an overhaul and now more closely approximates the Creative Labs homepage. As a result of the E-mu site redesign, much of the archived materials for the Ensoniq product line (and many E-mu legacy products) has been made unavailable. As of this writing some of these legacy resources are again available for download: ASR-X Pro OS 3.04 OS updates, the ASR-X/X Pro Getting Started PDF, and ASR-X Pro User's Guide PDF for example

    With assistance from some helpful ASR-X and FIZMO users, the ASR-X Reference Manual PDFs have been recovered - much of which was found using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Note: Various ASR-10 sites have related materials too - see for an ASR-10 Reference Manual and more...

    Many of the Ensoniq User's Guides for the ASR-X/FIZMO/PARIS/ZR can be also be found at American Musical Supply (no affiliation with ASRXCITE.) Use the Manuals link on the left hand side of the AMS home page - then link to Product Manuals and select the manufacturer.

    FYI, print copies of Ensoniq User's Guides and Reference Manuals can be purchased from Syntaur.
  • Emagic has released a new SoundDiver subrelease for Mac OS 9 and Windows.

    This update contains new support for:
    Ensoniq ASR-X and ASR-X Pro
    Korg KARMA V2.0
    Korg microKORG
    Roland VG-88
    Roland XV series: "Complete Orchestra", "Ultimate Keys", "PlatinumTrax" and "World Collection" boards.

    The Ensoniq ASR-X/X Pro module was developed by Ingo Debus who has also been responsible for the SoundDiver Ensoniq FIZMO and MR/ZR modules. Great work, Ingo! And many thanks.
  • A helpful tip from Dean Collet: Electric Factory Australia has the Ensoniq ASR-X SCSI Kit on markdown in their Bargain Bin web page. Shipping costs might be prohibitive but...a source for parts is a source for parts!
  • Synthony has a selection of Ensoniq TS/ESS/AS and CDR Disks listed on the Garage Sale web page.

Significant updates have been made to the Downloads page - I've made available all the ASR-X and MR Series resources at my disposal: PDFs, Demo Disks, etc. To make room for these items most of the 1-SOUNDS have been removed.

The Tips & Tricks page has been updated with the eight articles previously posted at the discontinued Tutorial & Tech Tips page at the old E-mu<>Ensoniq web site. Thanks again to the wild and wonderful Wayback Machine!

As always: when in need of help, direct your ASR-X question(s) to the ASR-X mailing list at Yahoo! Groups.

State of the X Address- Spring 2003

April 20, 2003 ~ Here's the more recent word on parts and services for the Ensoniq ASR-X:

  • The Ensoniq X-8 Audio Output Expander, SP-5 ASR-X SCSI Kit, EXP-1 Real World, and EXP-3 Urban Dance boards are no longer available from E-mu or Syntaur Productions. No source of new old stock has been brought to the attention of ASRXCITE. The best chance to score any of these accessories is eBay.
  • The Ensoniq X-Audio Sampling Series CDs are getting scarce - Volume 1 is no longer available. X-Audio Series Volume 2 and Volume 3 can still be had for sale from E-mu (you might also check E-mu's for availability.)
  • Ensoniq ASR-X OS v2.67 EPROMs for the original 'black box' are still available from Syntaur Productions.
  • Chicken Systems is again offering the Internal ZipDrive Kit for the ASR-X (and also the EPS/ASR.)
  • Help Wanted Productions has posted a photographic guide to replacing the Rotary Encoders on an ASR-X sampler using the Mouser Electronics Part Number 318-ENC160-24P.
  • EPR Electronics is again offering replacement kits for ASR-X Rotary Encoders consisting of an Encoder pot and new black knob. New location and contact information:

    EPR Electronics
    1242 E. Hillsborough Avenue
    Tampa, Florida 33604
    [email protected]

  • Of note to ASR-10 users: EPR Electronics, has reproduced the SP-3 SMALL COMPUTER SYSTEM INTERFACE for the Ensoniq ASR-10 Sampler (not the ASR-X/X Pro.) For more information or to purchase the SP-3 SCSI Interface, call 845-343-1237 or e-mail [email protected]

Site updates and revisions are in place to the Downloads, Links, and Tips & Tricks pages.

ASR-XChange, previously hosted by Scott Hansen, shutdown for good in late 2002. I've recovered the 'How To' articles previously hosted at ASR-X Change and posted them here on the Tips & Tricks page.

At this late date, ASR-X users should consider this web site to be "static", i.e., no further updates will be forthcoming - unless news regarding parts and availability should find its way to ASRXCITE, in which case an update will be posted.

When in need of help, direct your ASR-X question(s) to the ASR-X mailing list at Yahoo! Groups.

Summer 2002 Site Updates and News

August 12, 2002 ~ It has taken longer than I anticipated but I've finally completed long overdue updates to ASRXCITE (about six week late but who's counting...)

  • Significant updates have been made to the Links page.
  • There are many additions, and revisions, to the Tips & Tricks page (my sincere thanks to those who contributed.) Many of the new pages contain updates regarding service info and replacement parts.
  • A 1-SOUND of Xbase-09 drum samples has been added to the Downloads page.

I'm planning one more site update - no later than this Autumn - and that may likely wrap things up. I've a few idea's left to purus and a number of early items posted on the Tips & Tricks page still require revision.

If you have information regarding a source of new old stock (NOS) for the EXP-1 Real World or EXP-3 Urban Dance Expansion boards for the MR/ASR-X don't hesitate to email and we'll pass along the information. Neither E-mu nor Syntaur has any remaining inventory of EXP-1 or EXP-3 boards. The EXP-4 Perfect Piano board is still available from E-mu and Syntaur. The EXP-2 Drum Expander board (MR series only) is still available from E-mu. Second hand prices for the EXP-1 and EXP-3 appear to be averaging $249-300. If you cut a better deal than that - good for you!

If your late model Ensoniq instrument has recently been serviced please don't hesitate to email a summary of your experience (the good & the bad) and we'll pass along the information here.

Parts and Service for Ensoniq instruments (PARIS, ZR76, ASR-X Pro, FIZMO, Avista) have been transferred from E-mu's facility to TheSoniq in Santa Clara, CA. Replacement parts and service for 'classic' Ensoniq instruments can still be had from EPR Electronics in Middletown, New York and Audio Electronics in Dallas, Texas.

The E-mu web site has undergone some reorganization with updated information being provided. The results are a much improved navigation with access to Service and Support Information. Good work E-mu. Check out the following links:

E-mu / Ensoniq have released the HALO Keyboard. Based on the Proteus synthesis engine - with an 'Ensoniq' badge - the HALO contains the 'Sounds of the ZR' sound set which also includes samples from the EXP-4 Perfect Piano expansion board. In addition, E-mu has released the 'Ensoniq Project ROM' consisting of samples from the most excellent (and sadly discontinued) EXP-1 Real World and EXP-3 Urban Dance expansion boards. While HALO may contain choice Ensoniq samples the tone generator (EGs, Filters, LFOs, and FX) is a Proteus - not an MR/ASR-X series synth engine. Check out these links:

FWIW, E-mu has been offering heavily discounted prices on their recent offerings (Mo' Phatt, MP/XL Grooveboxes, PK/HALO keyboards, etc.) I can only speculate nobody is immune to the current state of the economy.

Syntaur now offers the OS v2.67 upgrade for the original ASR-X along with a large selection of Ensoniq Reference Manuals. Syntaur has also released Sample Set 30: "Mellotron" for the ASR/EPS Samplers.

The much anticipated Translator Mac is now available from Chicken Systems. The current version (as of this writing) offers translation from many popular formats (Akai, Emu, Roland) to EXS24 format. According to Chicken Systems, EXS format was the overwhelming favorite of potential users as indicated in their market research so it became their priority. I suspect it won't be too long before Translator Mac becomes the functional equivalent of Translator for Windows. An OS X compatible version has been announced.

For ASR-10 and TS-series users, Chicken Systems is now offering for sale ASR-10 and TS-Series Video Courses by Covert Videos.

SoUnDEnGiNe continues to release compelling Sample CDs (in ISO-9660 WAV format.) Their latest offerings are:

  • Metathesis Over 1.8GB of Ambiences - Post Doctorate Research into the mystery and art of the Yamaha FS1R synthesizer.
  • Detritus Audio "found objects" twisted and manipulated into stunning ambiences.
  • TimeBomb Break Beats and Kits from an expert of the great siderial movement!

And the one I personally would like to add to my collection:

  • WAVstation Vector synthesis at its best - thick, swirling, evocative, and wild textures!

Many thanks for visiting ASRXCITE. I hope you found it useful.

Autumn 2001 Site Updates and News

November 20, 2001 ~ It is time for site updates and gossip:

  • Three additional items, and one significant revision, have been posted to the Tips & Tricks page. My usual thanks to those who contributed.
  • E-mu has outsourced the replacement part business to EPR Electronics in New York. I've posted the second of two user's experience installing replacement encoders on their ASR-X. Contact info and part numbers are included - see the Tips & Tricks page for more.
  • has a number of compelling interviews with many programmers responsible for some well known synths, samplers and software available from the SonikMatter web site. Of interest to ASR-X users is an interview with Scott Peer, formerly of Ensoniq ( responsible for the MR/ASR-X/FIZMO design) and Peavey (PC1600x.)
  • Additional PDFs for the original ASR-X, X-8 output Expander, ASR-88, and DP2 have been made available for download from the E-mu<>Ensoniq archives.
  • E-mu has listed the Ensoniq EXP boards on their Web Specials page for $189 (Real World & Urban Dance) and $129 (Perfect Piano).

Summer 2001 Site Updates

July 8, 2001 ~ Hello fellow ASR-Xer's. There are recently completed site updates in place that I hope you find useful:

  • The Downloads page has finally received an overhaul. There are a number of additional items available for download - including two banks of 1-SOUNDs for the ASR-X. A BIG thanks goes out to MR Web for contributing the MR/ASR-X files!
  • An additional page of Links has been added. These links were previously available on the old site and have been pressed back into service (with a few minor tweaks.)
  • There are some additional items on the Tips & Tricks page this month. Some reorganization has taken place between the Links vs. Tips & Tricks pages with the intention of making related items more easily located.

In so far as ASR-X news goes, well, there really hasn't been any. Eagle eye observers may have noted the addition of a 'Getting Started' guide for the ASR-X/X-Pro on the E<>E 'site. I've mirrored a copy on the downloads page here. Having read it over once or twice I'd say it's just the ticket for new ASR-X users.

A word regarding email to ASRXCITE

July 7, 2001 ~ I'd like to thank everybody who has written ASRXCITE with your questions and comments over the past few months (and previously, Thank you!

I feel obliged to point out the ASRXCITE mailbox is monitored less frequently then in months past. Therefore, a *prompt* reply to email inquiries is unlikely to occur.

When in need of help ASAP, direct your question(s) to the ASR-X mailing list at Yahoo! Groups. There's an active and always helpful community of ASR-X users willing to assist.

Site Updates & News: ASRXCITE

March 31, 2001 ~ Welcome to the 'new' ASRXCITE - previously hosted at Regular visitors will notice few changes - aside from the obvious - and new visitors should feel free to make use of the resources available both through this site and the ASR-X list at Yahoo! Groups.

E-mu/Ensoniq issued the following press release announcing EOS v4.6 for the Ultra series of samplers. Of particular note to Ensoniq users, ASR-X included, is the following line item:

"Import of Ensoniq ASR-10, ASR-X and EPS samples and banks from HD and CD-ROM and floppies"

Assuming the file translation capability lives up to expectations it would appear E-mu has offered a viable upgrade path for Ensoniq users who don't want to forfeit their existing library. Good news for us & them!

On a related note, Chicken Systems continues to promote Translator "The Ultimate Sample Convertor!" Currently available for Windows only - Chicken Systems continues to state "A Mac version is planned and under development, but does not have a release date."

Here's a news item finding its way around the mailing list:

Nomad Jukebox maker to cut 550 workers
By CNET Staff
March 20, 2001, 12:20 p.m. PT

Creative Technology, a top maker of sound cards for PCs, will trim its worldwide head count by 10 percent. The Singapore-based company will lay off about 550 workers. It currently employs about 5,500 people worldwide, a Creative spokesman said.

In addition to sounds cards, Creative makes products such as the Nomad Jukebox digital audio player. Other cost-cutting measures include closing Creative's plant in Malvern, Pa., moving its operations to Singapore, and "sharp cutbacks in selected nonrevenue generating Internet initiatives," according to a statement.

Recent site updates include additions to the Tips & Tricks page and Links page.

Site Updates: Tips & Tricks

November 8, 2000 ~ Out with the old, in with the new. No, I'm not talking about the Election 2000 results! I'm pleased to introduce a number of additions to the ASR-X Tips & Tricks page through the generosity of John Dougherty of Outside Systems.

John has decided to refocus the emphasis of the Outside Systems web site and was gracious enough to offer up his ASR-X related content for posting here at Check the Tips & Tricks page to read all about it.

E-mu<>Ensoniq News, Updates, & Gossip / Site Updates

October 16, 2000 ~ Here's the latest news, updates, & gossip for the ASR-X and related E<>E items.

Regarding the rumored ASR-X Keyboard, reported here amongst other sources, E-mu<>Ensoniq had this to say:

"There was no EMU-ENSONIQ official discussion of an ASR-X Keyboard. That is a rumor. As a general rule, EMU does not talk about any unreleased products. If there is word of a new product, and it is 'in the works' it is not true."

The latest word on ASR-X Pro software, version 4:

"While EMU-ENSONIQ would like to release ASR-X Pro 4.0 software, we do not have the resources to complete the software at this time. Once we are able to complete the software, it will become available on our website for download. There is no date set for release in the near future."

E-mu issued a press release during the 109th AES Convention regarding the PARIS Pro Digital Audio Workstation. PARIS Pro version 3.0 software was created by Intelligent Devices, Inc. - creators of the original Ensoniq PARIS software. A new, PARIS specific web site has been launched by E-mu. The long standing PARIS Users web site appears to still be active.

For those who missed it, the MSRP on the Ensoniq ZR-76 and Ensoniq ASR-X Pro, respectively, were reduced. A new, base model ASR-X Pro can be had for $999! Check zZounds for more prices.

E-mu<>Ensoniq Japan have a new, revised web site in place. Check it out.

E<>E now offer "The Sounds of the ZR Expansion ROM" for the Proteus 2000, Xtreme Lead 1, and B-3 Modules. Perhaps the EXP-1 World and EXP-3 Urban Dance sound sets will be integrated into future E-mu products as well?! has announced Eric Montgomery's "Nothin' But Da Drums" Sample CD-ROM for the Ensoniq ASR-X/X-Pro:

"'Nothin' but Da Drums', which is shipping now, is a fantastic collection of new material for ASR-X owners. 23 kits of entirely new ASR-X material layed out by Eric, from home grown kits and drum emulations of famous workstations. There are over 150 kicks and 150 snares alone!"

For more information about this and other native ASR-X sound banks available from go here. Nice to see ongoing 3rd party support for the ASR-X!

For some excellent reading, check out Jeff McLeods interview with Scott Peer of at the FIZMO User Group. They discuss the history of the Ensoniq Fizmo, SoundEngine, E-mu<>Ensoniq and more. Can't say enough how much I enjoyed this article - good stuff all the way around.

Site updates are in place for the ASR-X Downloads (corrected corrupted files), Links, and Tips & Tricks sections. As always, my thanks to *all* who contributed (directly or indirectly) for your time and insightful know-how!

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