Islinne Weyr: Weyrling Training Guide

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Free Day to get used to dragon, feast, sleep. Visit.
Month One: Sevenday One
M 1 D 01
Have each new weyrling meet each other in a relaxed way during the sevenday.
Feeding: How, what, and when to feed Dragonets. Dealing with a dragon who's overeaten. (A bucket of meat a day, the weyrlings must cut it up for their dragons.)
Explain Daily Exercises: Both Dragon and Rider to build up and maintain good conditioning and health. ((5 am)).
Hide Care: Spotting imperfect hide and how to fix it. Oiling and preventing skin imperfections. Bathing. Weyrlake limitations and rules (Wading Area, Weyrling Area, Graduated Area.)
Bonding: How to bond better with the dragon. Exercising control through your bond. (Following each other's orders. Communication. Doing puzzles and games)
M 1 D 02
Rider Health: Rider First Aid and building personal first aid kit. Screaming for help.
Weyrling Master
Goldriders Additional: Communicating and working with other dragons and their riders. Dragon and rider welfare.
M 1 D 03
First Aid: Caring for a sick or injured dragonet.
Weyrling Master
Goldriders Additional: Communicating and working with other dragons and their riders. Dragon and rider welfare.
M1 D 04
Weyrhealer & WeyrDragonhealer
Review First Aid classes.
These skills will be used for the rest of the Dragon/ Rider partnership.
M 1 D 05
Dragon Bonding (again)
Weyr Tour & Rules: Where a weyrling may or may not go and why.
Weyrling Games: describe the events and the ideals behind it. Encourage weyrlings to try for events.
M 1 D 06
Human sexuality and how it affects and is effected by dragons.
M 1 D 07
Rest Day: (one of few) Weyrling Picnic for youngest class.
Month One: Sevendays Two thru Three
M 1 D 08
Hunting for the dragon: Bringing down the animal and carving it. Your dragon will go from a bucket a day to an entire beast every day.
M 1 D 08
Cleaning Latrines, Ash Pits, Middens.
General Record Keeping, Care, Maintanence, Filing, Updating
M 1 D 09
Lower Caverns Work
Supply Records
M 1 D 10
Kitchen and dining Room Duties
Tithing Records
M 1 D 11
Casting Cookware, Making & Washing Clothes, Cleaning Barracks
General Weyr Inventories
M 1 D 12
Helping in Nurseries, Tending Flocks and Herds
Beastmaster Inventories
M 1 D 13
Help in Dragon Infirmary & Infirmary
Healercraft Inventories
M 1 D 14
Helping Elderlies, Help Crafters
Crafter General Inventories
M 1 D 15
Weyrling Messengers (or other duties)
Historical Records (Messenger Duty is a privelege)
Weyrling Chore Schedule set up.
M 1 D 16 - 20
Rotating Chore Schedule
Advanced Weyr Records Upkeep
M 1 D 21
Dragon Wash: All Weyr invited
These are the common, everyday jobs a rider performs during his/ her life at the Weyr.
Month One: Sevenday Four: Day One
M 1 D 22 Morning
Firestone: Proper appearance and size.
Bagging Firestone.
M 1 D 22 Afternoon
Standard issues for the Fighting Dragon and consumption rates for different tasks or altitudes.
Month One: Sevenday Four: Day Two
M 1 D 23 Morning
Bagging Firestone
M 1 D 23 Afternoon
Flame Throwers: Proper use and practice
Month One: Sevenday Four: Day Three
M 1 D 24 Morning
Bagging firestone
M 1 D 24 Afternoon
Cleaning, filling, and repairing the Flame Throwers.
Month One: Sevenday Four: Day Four
M 1 D 25 Morning
Bagging Firestone
M 1 D 25 Afternoon
HNO3 Sprayers: Proper use and practice
Month One: Sevenday Four: Day Five
M 1 D 26 Morning
Bagging Firestone
M 1 D 26 Afternoon
Cleaning, filling, and repairing the HNO3 Sprayers.
Month One: Sevenday Four: Days Six thru Seven
M 1 D 27 - 28 Morning
Bagging Firestone
M 1 D 27 - 28 Morning: Gold Riders
Learning to help control dragon pain.
M 1 D 27 - 28 Afternoon
Relief Work: providing food, drink, blankets, medicines, etc to those who've returned from Threadfall.
Relief Work will be a task every Threadfall, unless you are in a Wing or Injured. This will last until Threadfall ceases.
Riders of Fighting Dragons: Firestone bagging will be an everyday task until graduation.
Goldriders: Flame Thrower/ HNO3 Sprayer upkeep will be an everyday task for entire partnership.
Month Two: Sevenday One: Day One
Dragons will now start eating a full beast apiece per day. Weyrling must still kill the animal and bring it to their dragon.
Month Two: Sevenday One thru Two: Mornings
M 2 D 01
Firestone Drills: Proper distancing and formation of the "Weyrling Chain".
M2 D 02 - 07/ 08 - 14 Mornings
"Dragon Toss": Passing Firestone sacks from on to another by tossing and catching sacks along the chain, a full dragon-length apart.
Should be able to "Dragon Toss" full Firestone bags the entire dragon-length, repeatedly, by end of Month Two.
The Dragon Toss should run for two hours, then chores for two hours.
Every once in awhile a unique class should be taught to alleviate boredom. Be creative within reason. Some suggestions are: Clipping Toenails, Brushing Teeth, and Making Sure Tail Is Clear
All Riders will perform these tasks, as it promotes good coordination and upper body strength.
Riders of Fighting Dragons: Firestone Drills will continue every day, even Fighting Wings practice it from time to time.
Month Two: Sevendays One thru Two: Afternoons
Ground Drill: Marching precisely in tight formation along patterns, requiring intricate maneuvers and team formations. This is very fatiguing.
Extra Training: Those who need extra help during Ground Drill are noted. They are given private lessons by the Weyrlingmaster Second in close drill.
Additional Training: Those showing great potential are given private lessons by Weyrlingmaster in leadership and Weyr specialities (ie: Flame Thrower Maintenance, Leadership Positions, Search Dragons, etc.)
M 2 D 02 Afternoon
Division into groups of six or more, as many as possible.
Group Drill (marching in a sort of box formation)
M 2 D 03 Afternoon
Line Drill (Divide Wing into three lines, two outer lines facing one direction, middle line facing other direction.
M 2 D 04 Afternoon
Big V (Everyone forms into a large V formation, marching towards the point)
M 2 D 05 Afternoon
Reverse Big V (Everyone marches facing base of triangle)
M 2 D 06 Afternoon
Triple V (Everyone forms into three V's, facing points, one in front and two behind)
M 2 D 07 Afternoon
Reverse Triple V (Form three V's, facing wide base, one in back and two in front)
M 2 D 08 Afternoon
Pyramid (Three line, in triangle shape, facing point.)
M 2 D 09 Afternoon
Reverse Pyramid (Triangle shape, facing base line)
M 2 D 10 Afternoon
Mixed Triple V (Three V's side by side, end ones going one direction, middle going other direction)
M 2 D 11 - 13 Afternoons
Drills: Continue practice in all patterns, sticking to cadence and formation
M 2 D 14 Afternoon
Advanced Bonding: Seeing through each other's eyes: Dragon Dodgeball
All Riders: Ground Drills will continue every day until performing Aerial Drills adequately.
All Dragons: Exercises to prepare for carrying riders. Jumping exercises to strengthen hindquarters for take-offs. Wing exercises to prepare for flight.
By end of Month Two & Throughout rest of Weyrling training, those who show great precision and skill in certain areas will be given Evening Classes in preparation for the Weyrling Games, held at the Turn's End Gather.
Month Two: Sevenday Three
M 2 D 15 - 20
Blindman's Bagging: Learning the shape, feel, weight, smell, etc. of Firestone blindfolded. Using all senses, except sight. Learning speed by the end of the sevenday. This is in case they need to bag at night or in storms, etc. Building up muscles and continued drills.
M 2 D 21
Blindman's Bagging while looking through your dragon's eyes.
Month Two: Sevenday Four
Dragon Toss is incorporated into the ground drills. Go through different patterns separately.
No Talking for entire sevenday.
Mornings: Dragons are encouraged to perform exercise drills and bonding exercises while their human partners are performing firestone drills.
Afternoons: Dragons are encouraged to march next to their human partners in Ground Drills, enabling them to learn formations that they will be using later in Aerial Drills.
M 2 D 22 - 24
Division into groups of six or more, as many as possible.
Group Drill (marching in a sort of box formation)
M 2 D 25 - 28
Line Drill (Divide Wing into three lines, two outer lines facing one direction, middle line facing other direction.
Month Three: Sevendays One thru Four
Dragons now go to a full beast every two days. Riders must still do the hunting and carrying.
M 3 D 1 - 4
Big V (Everyone forms into a large V formation, marching towards the point)
M 3 D 5 - 8
Reverse Big V (Everyone marches facing base of triangle)
M 3 D 9 - 12
Triple V (Everyone forms into three V's, facing points, one in front and two behind)
M 3 D 13 - 16
Reverse Triple V (Form three V's, facing wide base, one in back and two in front)
M 3 D 17 - 20
Pyramid (Three line, in triangle shape, facing point.)
M 3 D 21 - 24
Reverse Pyramid (Triangle shape, facing base line)
M 3 D 25 - 27
Mixed Triple V (Three V's side by side, end ones going one direction, middle going other direction)
M 3 D 28
Advanced Bonding: Seeing through each other's eyes: Dragon Dodgeball. No talking.
Exercises and Drills are continually monitored to make sure the pairs are developing well. If they are over-extending themselves, or not working enough, they may be held back from the next lesson.
Month Four: Sevenday One
Dragons are now eating two beasts per two days. Riders are still doing the hunting and carrying.
M 4 D 01
Fighting Straps: Making, Checking, Caring For, and Repairing fighting straps and other equipment used for flying and fighting Thread.
M 4 D 02
Harnessing: Proper stance for dragons, as well as helpful tricks a dragon can perform to help harnessing and check straps.
M 4 D 03
Inspect Dragons
Multiple times harnessing, checking, and unharnessing Dragons.
Mounting and Riding Dragons for 10 minutes
M 4 D 04
Riding Dragons for 20 - 30 minutes
M 4 D 05
Riding Dragons for 30 minutes
Run a "surprise" inspection of harnesses and dragons.
M 4 D 06
Riding Dragons for 40 - 50 minutes
M 4 D 07
Riding Dragons up to an hour
Straps and Harness checks, and care, will be kept up for the rest of the partnership.
Month Four: Sevenday Two
M 4 D 08 - 09
Riding Dragons an hour to 1 ˝ Hours
Thermals, air currents, weather conditions, and other useful knowledge in preparation for flight.
M 4 D 10 - 11
Riding Dragons 1 ˝ hours
Reading Threadfall Charts.
M 4 D 12 - 13
Riding Dragons 2 hours
Weyr Sign Language used during Threadfall.
M 4 D 14
Riding Dragons 2 ˝ hours
Testing on the previous sevenday's information.
These skills will be used for the rest of your partnership.
Month Four: Sevenday Three
M 4 D 15 - 21
Conveying Passengers: inside the Weyr for 2 hours, or less
Alleviate the boredom with odd classes and games: Dragon Hygiene, Surprise Inspections, Dragon Dodgeball, Blindman's Bagging Practice, or No Talking At Odd Intervals. Be creative within reason.
Fighting Dragons and Riders: Conveyance duties will continue until graduation.
Gold Dragons and Riders: Conveyance Duties will continue until Month 13.
Month Four: Sevenday Four
M 4 D 22
Riding Dragons all morning
Mating: The first Mating Flight and maintaining mental contact during Mating Flights.
M 4 D 23
Riding Dragons all morning
Search: Search Dragons and their special place in the Weyr. The importance of Searching versus just putting anyone to the Egg.
M 4 D 24
No riding Dragons
Day off to relax: Picnic, sleep, haircuts, etc.
Greens and Golds Additional: How to respond when she rises. Controlling her before she rises. Coping with a moody dragon. Others may join if they wish.
M 4 D 25 - 27
Riding dragons all morning
Alleviate boredom (see choices given previously)
Gold Dragons and Riders: no chores, see below
Additional for Gold Dragons and Riders: Restrictions for the expectant dragon. Clutching and what to do to help. Care for the egg-tending gold. Reading and Maintaining Mating Flight Records and Clutch Charts.
M 4 D 28
Fear of Flying Class: have the weyrlings discuss their fears, beliefs, questions, etc. Ask what they've heard or believe, and have them discuss the up coming Dragon-Only flights.
It is important to maintain absolute control during a Mating Flight. Losing control may mean losing your dragon between.
Month Five: Sevenday One: Day One
Dragons are on two to three beasts every two to three days. Riders are still hunting and carrying. They must be strict that their dragon does not do this yet. This could strain the dragon's wings and wing joints.
M 5 D 01
Dragonets take initial flight without rider
Bagging Firestone (if you wish)
Month Five: Sevendays One thru Three
M 5 D 02 - 03
Elimination Dragon Toss (E.D.T.): practicing for the Weyrling Games. This is taught to improve the speed and accuracy of tossing firestone sacks to one another during Threadfall. For the VERY FEW who are extremely good at this, WLM can teach blindfolded E.D.T. or E.D.T. while looking through the dragon's eyes.
Dragonet Solo flights are increased by 10 minutes every day until they are flying on own for several hours.
Ground Drills have now been transferred to performing while on the Dragon.
M 5 D 04 - 05
Division into groups of six or more, as many as possible.
Group Drill (marching in a sort of box formation)
M 5 D 06 - 07
Line Drill (Divide Wing into three lines, two outer lines facing one direction, middle line facing other direction.
M 5 D 08 - 09
Big V (Everyone forms into a large V formation, marching towards the point)
M 5 D 10 - 11
Reverse Big V (Everyone marches facing base of triangle)
M 5 D 12 - 13
Triple V (Everyone forms into three V's, facing points, one in front and two behind)
M 5 D 14 - 15
Reverse Triple V (Form three V's, facing wide base, one in back and two in front)
M 5 D 16 - 17
Pyramid (Three line, in triangle shape, facing point.)
M 5 D 18 - 19
Reverse Pyramid (Triangle shape, facing base line)
M 5 D 20 - 21
Mixed Triple V (Three V's side by side, end ones going one direction, middle going other direction)
All: These Drills take place of Ground Drills, but are daily until replaced by Aerial Drills.
Month Five: Sevenday Four
M 5 D 22 - 27
Lectures: Wingleaders talk about the rudiments of flying, with one's dragon. Use volunteers from older weyrling classes and other full riders.
M 5 D 28
Fear of Flying, Part Two: Have the weyrlings discuss the results of their dragon's flights. Have them talk about their up coming rider flights. See what they feel and think, and correct any misconceptions.
All: If anyone misses more than two of these lectures, they'll be held back for a repeat week of lectures.
Month Six: Sevenday One: Day One
Dragons are now eating about two to three beasts per every three days. The dragons, though, are now allowed to hunt for themselves. Weyrlings must concentrate on limiting their dragons.
Flight Dates Announced: These will be in name order, not color or personal preference.
Month Six: Sevenday One
M 6 D 01 - 07
Flying: Weyrling Master and his Second will take each individual pair to Weyrling Training Mound. With the Weyrling Master on the ground and the Second in the air, the pair will be instructed to take off. FLYING! A few beats of the wings, and pair will glide shallowly in to a bumpy landing. After initial excitement (shout, faint, whatever) dies down, pair will repeat three more times, to prove to rider that it's no fluke.
No one is to try initial flight without the Weyrling Master present. No one is to fly the first week without the Weyrling Master or an Assistant present.
Month Six: Sevendays Two thru Four
M 6 D 08 - 14/ 15 - 21/ 22 - 28
A light pace is maintained in flying, slowly building from glides to short flight from ledges by end of Fourth week.
These days can be relieved by Boredom Eliminator classes: Dragon Hygiene, Surprise Inspections, Dragon Dodgeball, Bonding Exercises, No Talking, A random and rare free day for personal things, Ferrying Passengers, Practicing for the Weyrling Games, Harness Repairs and Checks, or Personal Flight Classes if you're up to it.
Tight control must be maintained of each other in pairs. Over compliant Dragons following partner's overzealous whims prove very dangerous and OFTEN FATAL.
On last day of Sixth Month: Finally move out of Weyrling Barracks into free Weyrs. Everyone will have their own Weyr.
Month Seven: Sevendays One thru Two
M 7 D 01 - 03 Golds Only
Reading and Maintaining personnel records. Dealing with Weyr Personnel.
M 7 D 01 - 07 D 08 - 14
Pace of flight intensifies. Stamina and endurance in air are built up.
Dragon Drills is described, but as they're doing a lot of marching and such, we will not center on it.
More Boredom Eliminator Classes. Involve other riders or older riders who have boring classes. Have these weyrlings help with younger classes.
By end of Third Week, should be able to stay in air for two to three hours.
Month Seven: Sevenday Three
M 7 D 15 - 21
Flight Drills: Learning to Climb left and right, Turn left and right, Dive, Glide, etc.
Mock Wings: Weyrlings will be divided up as evenly as possible into "Wings" of three pairs each. These Wings are strictly for Weyrling training, and are not considered Wings by graduated riders or dragons.
These are basic maneuvers needed for fighting Thread on any altitude in any Wing.
Month Seven: Sevenday Four
M 7 D 22 - 27
Firestone Drills: Now Weyrling Chain and Dragon Toss are being performed in the air.
M 7 D 28
Picnic & Free Day: telling stories through the dragon, either made up or real.
No one should be dropping bags by end of Week four.
Month Eight: Sevenday One
M 8 D 01 - 07
Formation Flying replaces Weyrling Chain.
Formation Aerial Dragon Toss will be performed on regular basis until graduation.
Month Eight: Sevendays Two thru Three
M 8 D 08 - 14/ 15 - 20
Firestone Drills and Flight Drills are combined.
Boredom Eliminators.
Aerial Dragon Drills are explained for the Weyrling Games. These are what they are already doing, so we will not emphasis training for this event.
M 8 D 21
Silly Day: Each weyrling is to do something silly with their clothing and their speech. Perhaps backwards, inside out, mixed and matched, etc. Fake accents or falsettos, singing every word, or rhyming everything, etc. This is a freeday, but they must do silly things, without interfering with anyone's duties or training.
By end of Week Four everyone should be able to fly four to six hours.
Boredom Relievers are a must starting ninth month. This is when most everyone, even dedicated RPG'ers, loose interest.
Month Eight: Sevenday Four
M 8 D 22 - 24
Combine Mock Wings into six pairs per wing. Repeat Drills.
M 8 D 25
Partner Day: Everything must be done with a partner. Everyone has ten minutes at the beginning of the day to choose a partner to work with. This is a rest day. All meals, all conversations, all activities must be done with the partner. They can even get really fun and finish each other's sentences, tie themselves together, etc.
Positions from Wingleader to Wingrider will be switched often, to give everyone experience: Green, Blue, Brown, Bronze, and Gold alike!
M 8 D 26 - 27
Combine Mock Wings into groups of nine. Repeat Drills.
M 8 D 28
Animal Day: Another rest day. Everyone must go around pretending to be a certain animal. They cannot tell anyone what they are, but their dragons can give hints. If two or more have the same animal, as soon as they figure this out, they must join each other like a clan, pride, herd, flock, whatever.
Weyrlings will be changed around into different combinations in Mock Wings, to give experience of flying with different riders.
Month Nine: Sevenday One
M 9 D 01 - 03
Combine Mock Wings into groups of twelve. Repeat Drills.
Conveyance Duties extended to surrounding area of Weyr. Try to interest the people in their conveyance duties, which can extend as far as fifty miles in any direction. They must rest an hour or two before returning, and may only do one round trip a day for the first sevenday.
Anyone caught going further than assigned area will be severely punished.
M 9 D 04 - 06 Morning
Remain in Mock Wings of twelve, or as close as possible. Repeat Drills.
M 9 D 04 - 06 Afternoon
Flying on different altitudes started.
M 9 D 07
Everyone must try to come up Patterns for their class for the Weyrling Games, and or graduation day. The class should work together, and everyone should be allowed to come up with something, no matter how silly or impossible. Let them know this. This is to get input from the Weyrlings and keep them interested.
Weyrlings will be changed around into different combinations in Mock Wings, to give experience of flying with different riders.
Month Nine: Sevendays Two thru Four
M 09 D 08 - 14/ 15 - 21/ 22 - 27
Visualization Training Starts: Terrain recognition. Destination visualization. Notebooks, maps, etc are used. Have them describe a place for the others, one weyrling per day, to see if the others can guess it.
Star charts are studied extensively in the late afternoons and early evenings. These studies should be kept up every night until they train in night jumping (Month Thirteen).
Wing Drills are discussed for the weyrling Games, but as these are done daily, aside from the visualization exercises, we will not stress practicing this.
Relievers of Boredom are very needed, since this month is extremely boring. Silly Day, Animal Day, Partner Day, etc. can be reused. Come up with fun days, only one per sevenday at most, to keep them anticipating them and not getting too much fun while they're supposed to train.
Month Nine: Sevenday Four: Day Twenty-Eight
M 09 D 28
Fear of Between: Have the weyrlings discuss their fears and beliefs. Take each weyrling between on your dragon in case they've never gone between before. Ask them questions about how they felt going between. Don't embarrass those who wet themselves or scream.
Weyrling Master and his dragon will be checking visualization and quizzing on Terrain Recognition.
Month Ten: Sevenday One
M 10 D 01 - 07
Between: Weyrling Master himself trains each pair. He rides in front of rider and visualizes for the pair. The dragon will take them between to destination. Weyrling Master repeats this ten times or more depending on skill of pair.
Emphasize that the Master is on the dragon with them.
Weyrling Master will not repeat this exercise less than ten times no matter how skilled the pair!
Month Ten: Sevenday Two
M 10 D 08 - 14
Weyrling Master will fly on own Dragon with pair next to them. Will take pair between, letting rider visualize for his/her own dragon. Will repeat this three more times.
Pick one of each color to do something special each day, of course, if you run out of one color to "honor" pick a second of the greens, or even a third. If you wish, you can pick extra greens each day so everyone is covered. Something easy, like betweening to above the weyrling Barracks, or something... just to relieve the tedium.
Those not Betweening will be kept busy with Aerial Drills and Visualization Recognition.
Month Ten: Sevenday Three
M 10 D 15 - 20
Weyrling Master now on ground and watching pairs transfer.
M 10 D 21
A free day: Color Day: Each person can only wear a certain color, they draw the color from a hat.... no one must wear the same color. They're permitted to borrow other people's stuff, with permission, and have an hour to get their outfit together. If they cannot find the color among the weyrlings, they must go to riders, lower cavern workers, etc. Maybe you can get older riders involved, but leave other weyrlings alone, except to borrow colors from.
No one is to Between without express instruction from the Weyrling Master or one of his Assistants.
Month Ten: Sevenday Four
M 10 D 22 - 27
Mock Wings start Betweening together, NOT in formation. They will be spread out across the sky to between. Each will have a certain point to between to that does not cross another pair's path.
M 10 D 28
Sound Day: Each weyrling mustn't make any noise (vocally) during the day unless they meet face to face with another weyrling of their class. Upon meeting this weyrling, no matter how many times they meet each weyrling that day, they must make a sound. This sound was drawn from a hat at the beginning of the day. (Like: Beep. Hooowyhoot. Sproinggg. Etc.) If anyone at all asks their name or says their name during that day, they must answer with their sound. Any person not in their own weyrling class can only be communicated with by dragons, like when they weren't allowed to talk. If someone asks for another weyrling of their class, they must answer with that other weyrling's noise, then their own!! Let's see how many people remember other people's sounds. If they can't recall the other weyrling's sound, or haven't heard it, they must simply give their own sound three times repeatedly, then they must fall silent and await the ensuing reaction. ((Dragons aren't allowed to be afraid of between... for problems send the controller to the BOD.))
Almost every Hatching Group looses at least one pair at this point. This usually happens in groups, with all of one Mock Wing coming in fine, then as many as half a dozen pairs from another Mock Wing never returning.
Month Eleven: Sevenday One
M 11 D 01 - 02 Mornings
Precision Jumping begins: Weyrlings will be split into groups of six pairs. These groups will be taught how to jump between in formation. They will be checked on coming out of between in formation.
Anyone with difficulties will be given extra lessons by the Weyrling Master.
M 11 D 01 - 02 Afternoons
Timing: How to jump between times is instructed.
The reasoning behind why you DON'T time it will also be taught.
Golds additional: Inhibiting timing in others is taught.
M 11 D 03 - 04
Groups will be expanded to nine pairs for Precision Jumping. Ask the weyrlings if they have certain groupings they'd like to do.
Anyone caught timing it outside of Weyrling Master instructions will be called into a meeting with the Weyrleaders and Weyrling Master. If the excuse is not acceptable to them, the pair will be severely punished.
M 11 D 05 - 06
Groups will from into twelve pairs and repeat Precision Jumping.
Timing It is no longer a part of lessons.
Conveyance Duties now include Betweening. Perhaps you can stress some of the places they go.
Only those who have Precision Jumping in groups of six will be permitted to Convey Between. Others will have extra instruction before assuming the extra duty.
M 11 D 07
Rest Day: Picnic and Dragon Dodgeball
Month Eleven: Sevenday Two
M 11 D 08 - 13
Precision Landing and Vertical Take-Offs taught. This is to perfect landing and taking of from weyrledges. Yes, let them practice hopping from each other's ledges, but stress that this is only for the training, and they must still be aware of the restriction on relationships and curfews.
M 11 D 14
Fear of Flames: Sit the weyrlings AND the dragons down. Discuss their fears concerning flaming and the second stomach. Have them watch your dragon chew and flame, but don't let them try it. Don't go in depth into describing how it's done, cause they'll have their private classes the next month. Let them tell you what they've heard, and "damage control" by correcting misconceptions.
Anyone still having difficulty with Precision Jumping will be held back from Firestone Chewing.
Month Eleven: Sevendays Three thru Four
M 11 D 15 - 21/ 22 - 28 Mornings
Fighting Dragons and Riders: Weyrling Master takes each pair, individually, to Weyrling Training Mound for Firestone Chewing and flaming Practice. Starting with soft stone (not Firestone), the dragonets will get used to chewing and thinking of their second stomach. As the day progresses, the pair will progress to low grade stone, producing small flames... until they are finally at real stone with full flaming. This takes half a day per pair.
M 11 D 15- 21/ 22 - 28 Evenings
After dark, the WLM will take one weyrling per night outside to do betweening by the stars. The weyrling is the same one who learned flaming that morning. This is to train them to make night jumps, as well as to prepare them for the fact that Thread does fall at night, too.
If there are more than 28 dragons, another WeyrlingMaster assists with this training.
A third keeps the others busy with drills.
After they chew, a 4th keeps those busy with chewing and flaming practice, too.
Also, do some of those fun days and Boredom relievers. Make sure that it's no more than every three days, and the fun days are no more than once a week at the most. Naturally, those who are practicing flaming will have to join the fun after two hours of practice. And the pair being taught to flame that day will not get to play that day. Maybe, if possible, the schedule could be set up so NPC's or a second/ third persona from one controller will be taught on the fun days.
Alternative for Gold Dragons and Riders: Training from Weyrwoman on Junior Gold Rider Duties: Assisting the Weyrling Master; Proper etiquette at social functions; Diplomatic Relations inside and outside the Weyr; Weyr Census Reports; Leadership Changes: cause and effect; Weyr Life: Births, deaths, Fostering, Nursery Assignments; Duty Rosters; Arbitration.
Gold Dragons and Riders: Still maintain Drills and duties in mornings, and will continue until graduated.
Fighting Dragons and Riders: Those not busy with Firestone and Flaming class will be kept busy with Aerial Drills and Betweening Drills.
Fighting Dragons and Riders: Flaming Class is an all day procedure for each pair, thus it can take up to the whole month to train the entire class.
Month Twelve: Sevenday One
Weyrlings are spending more time with Full Riders. Except for Drills and Meals, they're encouraged to get to know the Weyrfolk, Rider and Non-rider alike.
This sevenday, the weyrlings will start practicing one or two patterns which they'd come up with in an earlier month. This is for graduation, and he weyrling Games.
Weyrlings are not to consider themselves actual Full Riders.
M 12 D 01 - 02
Flaming: Sustaining and Holding Flame. Judging own consumption rates.
M 12 D 03
Funny Walk Day: each weyrling can come up with their own unique way to get from one place to another, by hopping, walking, crawling, rolling, etc. They can walk funny, or backwards, or anything except "normal". If two or more weyrlings come up with the same walk, they must move as a group and cannot leave each other's side except to visit the latrine... unless they choose to change heir walk.
Alternative for Gold Dragons and Riders: Weyrwoman takes over training in afternoons
Flying in the Gold's Wing. Mornings are still spent in the weyrling classes.
Fighting Dragons: Anyone having difficulties in sustaining flame will receive extra training.
M 12 D 04 - 05
Flaming while flying.
Extensive training in long distance recognition points. Please stress some of the areas in the North they are visiting. Perhaps get full riders or Northern NPC's involved.
Anyone caught threatening someone else with flaming will be severely punished.
M 12 D 06 - 07
Flaming while doing Aerial Drills.
They are encouraged to practice Elimination Dragon Toss while in the air. This is for the weyrling games, naturally, and will hone their high-speed catching and throwing skills for the Weyrling Wing.
Injuries from Flaming are at their high point. Many are FATAL.
Month Twelve: Sevenday Two thru Three
M 12 D 08 - 21
Flaming in Formations, as well as during Aerial Drills.
Weyrlings are encouraged to mingle with Full Riders, though they still eat at the Weyrling Tables.
Aerial Drills, Formation flying, and Betweening should be fully developed by the end of the fourth week.
Month Twelve: Sevenday Four
M 12 D 22 - 28
Weyrlings accompany Full Riders on recreational visits outside the Weyr.
Dueling Classes are held, mostly on how to avoid duels or getting killed in one, but only for this Sevenday.
Weyrlings are to act on their best behavior. Any Weyrling acting in a crude or unruly manner will be severely punished. Any Weyrling caught using his/her dueling lessons on others will be severely reprimanded.
Month Thirteen: Sevenday One
M 13 D 01 - 07
Mornings are full with Drills.
Afternoons: Crafters and other Weyr Personnel give lectures on their duties Try to get crafter and weyrfolk controllers involved. Stress which people or crafts or jobs are being covered when.
The Weyr Personnel are to be given full attention during the lectures. This is to enable smoother transition into the Full Rider status later on.
Month Thirteen: Sevenday Two
M 13 D 08 - 15
Weyrlings start training with Weyr Personnel to better assist Personnel: Harper, Healer, Cook, Guards, Herder, etc. Assign each weyrling someone per day to work with. Come up with a "schedule" or work list for the sevenday if necessary, so they can go from person to person to work.
These lessons aren't intended to give anyone any ranking in the skills taught. They are simply to make it easier to assist if needed.
Month Thirteen: Sevenday Three thru Four
M 13 D 15 - 21/ 22 - 28
Weyrlings are now practicing all Drills using colored ropes as Thread. Have older riders drop the ropes.
Feel free to use Boredom Relievers often, as well as a Fun Day no more than once a sevenday.
Weyrlings are assigned to Weyrling Wing: Transporting Firestone to Threadfall to replenish Fighting Dragons, called Blooding. Usually a pair is scored, burnt, or in some way injured during this Blooding.
Month Fourteen: Sevenday One thru Month Eighteen: Sevenday Four
Over next six months: Special classes continue, as well as all Drills and regular Duties. Also, sit the weyrlings and dragons down to discuss any fears they may have, especially concerning Threadfall... Before AND After a 'Fall. Let them know fear is okay, but they can control it. Tears and such are fine, as long as it doesn't interfere with fighting. Reassure them about the short-term memory of a dragon. Ask questions, let them ask questions. They are permitted Rest Days off on a rotating schedule (the entire Wing is not having the same rest day off unless on special occasions).
Weyrling Games and Graduation Ceremony displays are practiced for, including the Flaming Crossover, Flaming Ropes, and Mid-Air rescue & Jumping.
M 14 D 01 - 07/ 08 - 14/ 15 - 21/ 22 - 28
Weyrlings are now practicing all Drills using colored ropes as Thread. Have older riders drop the ropes.
M 15 D 01 - 07/ 08 - 14/ 15 - 21/ 22 - 28
Flaming Crossover. Do this without the ropes for a bit, then switch to doing this with ropes.
M 16 D 01 - 07/ 08 - 14/ 15 - 21/ 22 - 27
Mid-Air rescues are taught: spotting those in trouble, catching, easing the fear. Jumping, relaxing in the air, being caught the right way.
Using a Tether: Everyone will be equipped with a tether line of approximately 200 foot length or so, though at times a WLM may use different lengths for different jumps. he rider and the tether will both be fastened to the dragon harness at all times, unless the rider is jumping, then they unhook themselves from the harness but leave the tether hooked. All connections must be checked before mounting and afterwards, as well as before take off, once you are in the air, and before jumping or catching. It's a good idea to check how your harness and tether are holding after you catch, too.
Always verify who is jumping and who is catching. You will not have this luxury in Threadfall, but get in the practice of letting other know you are falling or catching, so they will not collide. Also, always check in with the WLM before you jump.
When you jump, relax and let the rider catch you. When you catch, spread your arms wide and envelope the jumped in a bear hug, pulling him or her towards you. Once you feel stable enough to release one arm, hook them to your own harness so they can release their tether. Do not release the tether until both riders are hooked up to the harness.
Relaxing helps lessen the injuries to jumper, catcher, and dragons. The bear hug utilizes your whole body for catching, so you don't wrench an arm or your back using only those muscles. Instead, you use all of your muscles and decrease injuries. The tether is there to catch you if you fall or the catcher misses. Do not test its effectiveness in the air, please. It has been known to snap in rare instances, and even if it doesn't snap, you can be seriously injured. Ask one with broken ribs and one with injured back and arm due to having to be caught by a tether.
Dragons should fly close together to prevent the jumper being pulled off the catcher's dragon before the tether is released, as well as to prevent any onlookers (in displays and games) from seeing the dangling tether and guessing weyr secrets. You should be about one hundred feet apart when you jump. If too close, you'll hit before the catcher's prepared. If too far apart, you risk being taken by a stray wind or hitting the end of the tether before being caught.
Most often the tether is only used in training and displays. Very few riders, a WLM among them, have a tether on regularly. Usually a WLM will carry one with his or her harness, but often they aren't using it. A tether can save a life, but normally a strong harness in good repair will be sufficient, and most riders find a tether rather "babyish" or "weyrlingish".
Keep practicing everything else.
Use Boredom Relievers often, and no more than one Fun Day a sevenday.
Gold Dragons and Riders: The Mid-Air Rescue includes more than simply jumping or catching a rider. This incorporates catching a dragon, as well. At times a large bronze will be asked to assist in these rescues, but often times they are not needed, so they are not officially taught. This class is taught by the Gold's Wing, not the WLM, though it is incorporated here for the sake of interest: The rider lies low on her (or his) dragon's neck, well out of the range of the injured dragon's landing. This usually requires a rider to hook themselves awkwardly around in their harness, and will require more frequent harness checks for stretching and wear. Two golds work together in catching a dragon. One as a landing platform, coming up under the injured beast and using herself as a platform for the injured dragon to rest on. The other gold hovers over the injured beast with talons extended, to catch him or her should the dragon start to slip. Often times a rider will still be on the injured dragon, instead of jumping off to another, uninjured dragon. The hovering gold and her rider always are prepared for this and take this in consideration if they have to grab the injured beast. The bronzes which are most often called to help (in the RARE instances that they are) are WingLeaders, WingSeconds, the WeyrLeader, or WeyrlingMasters... long experienced pairs in Threadfall and in the Air, as well as those with the largest beasts... ones who have either been taught Rescue by a goldrider or WLM, or have been around long enough to have seen so many they can do it in their sleep. If you wish to teach a non-gold, or are a non-gold and wish to learn this, ask the controllers of the senior golds, NOT THE WLM. They are in charge of this lesson, and decide who learns it.
Weyrling days are now very similar to the days spent by Full Riders.
Many Weyrling pairs die during Blooding. Those that survive are often haunted by the losses for a long time. Most Weyrling Masters resign due to the losses retained during this phase of training.
M 17 - M 18
Keep drilling on everything learned. At times, a Weyrling might be tapped into a Wing preceeding Graduation, but that is often rare. You are ferrying firestone in the Weyrling Wing during Threadfall. The top Weyrlings are being specially primed to go into the Gold's Wing or a High Altitude Wing. Now's your chance to brush up on skills in order to get a better Wing Placement. You are still NOT eating with the Full Riders, yet.
Weyrling Graduation
M 18 D 28
A Weyr-wide gather is held for the graduating Weyrlings. This lasts all day, on the first Threadfree day, rain or shine. The graduating weyrlings display their skills and receive their scrolls.
The training WLM may decide which order the display and presenting of scrolls goes in. (Also, the trainer may decide whether to do this live RPG or in the email, or as a private story with the weyrling class... or a combination.) Basically, the presentation of the scrolls are for each graduating pair, much as in a High School graduation with the diplomas. The WLM can write a speech, or simply announce names. Wingrider chords are presented to each rider, and they move to the Fighting Weyrling Wing. For tapping purposes, this Weyr automatically taps weyrlings who are 18 or older, or ones who are 16 or older and who have RPG'd often and well, or by special arrangement in the case of people with limited online time, as long as the weyrling is 16 turns or older:
Graduates still fight in the Weyrling Wing and eat at the Weyrling Tables until the WeyrLeader assigns them a Fighting Wing, which is the transition to Full Rider. Weyrlings must be 16 turns old or older to be "tapped" into a Fighting Wing. ((Please arrange this tapping with the WingLeaders and List Keeper in advance, so it runs smoothly at the graduation.))
Transition to Full Rider is traditionally marked by a Wingleader telling a Weyrling Graduate:
"The WeyrLeader has allowed me to ride with you."

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