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Registering arms in France

Société Française d’Heraldique et de SigillographieConseil Français d’Heraldique

When France was ruled by the kings of the House of Capet, it had no provision for heralds to grant coat-armour, a situation which continues to this day in the French Republic. The right to a coat of arms is established by usage, and by a “date certain” since which such arms have been borne. This is often established by a deed sworn before a notary, who then places it in the archives of the département (administrative division) where his office is located. This procedure is recommended by the Société Française d’Heraldique et de Sigillographie. Several private armorial registers also operate, notable among them being the Conseil Français d’Heraldique.



Société Française d’Heraldique et de Sigillographie

French Society for Heraldry and Sigillography, Paris


Conseil Français d’Heraldique

French Council for Heraldry


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