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Telling Others



Telling others is very important, but timing and content need to be appropriate

We have developed a template for the production of ID cards which contain appropriate emergency contact information. Sufferers may become disorientated or lost, even in well known places, their ID card is their way home. As a carer, should anything happen to you, the ID card is your way of ensuring your loved one is not left without appropriate support. These cards can be produced for you at by Al's Place

For carers, establishing a network of support may prove vital for your own sanity. For some with close and open relationships with friends and family this may not be a problem. Others may find this to be a gigantic hurdle. Al's Cafe provides information and advice to help you arrange appropriate meetings with family and professional people. The aim is to make them fully aware of the situation and put in place a support network to assist you care for your loved one

Cared For people may not want to discuss their condition, especially in the early stages, preferring to go about their lives pretending that nothing is wrong and finding excuses to support this. They may not even be aware that their behaviour is becoming more erratic. Later they will have to face the fact that things are not right. Encourage them to talk about it openly and use your empathy and understanding. If you project a relaxed attitude, remaining interested and casual, they will adopt a similar approach and become comfortable within themselves. This gives them the confidence to talk about their condition, sometimes even with strangers. What matters here is not the words used by the sufferer, but the clues you will be given, which you may be able to use to improve their world

Sufferers may tend to recount certain memories with alarming regularity. Recalling the school sports day may be their way of saying "I would like to go running". Try it, it may be a dead end, or may lead to a new activity and their world becoming a safer and happier place

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