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Practical Tips



This section is designed to help you cope with your daily life

  • Keep a notebook, diary or calendar. Write down important things
  • A daily or weekly timetable can be very useful
  • Add notes as you think of them
  • Put reminders where you will see them, a note on the door to remind you to lock it, put out the rubbish or turn off the cooker
  • Use an alarm to remind you of important appointments
  • Develop security routines to lock the house at night or when you go out
  • Have smoke alarms fitted and gas detectors fitted
  • Keep important things in the same place, such as money, keys and glasses
  • Develop routines and do things in the same order each time
  • A daily newspaper provides today's date
  • Put labels or pictures on cupboards and draws to remind you where things are
  • List important telephone numbers by the phone, use the phones memory or buy a picture phone where buttons are replaced by pictures of people
  • Keep the skills you have, use routines and activities to reinforce these skills
  • Do not rush things or feel pressured into completing something
  • Do not be afraid to say that you have forgotten what was said or that you do not understand. Ask questions
  • You may have forgotten the word you want to use, come back to it later
  • Try to express your thoughts and feelings, letting others know your emotions helps them to help you
  • If you feel uncomfortable in a crowd and do not understand what is being said, say so. Often 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 conversations are easier to follow
  • Be happy, if you are not - say so and try to explain why
  •  Use ID cards with emergency contact information for both sufferers & carers

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