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'Circle of Care' is a programme developed for care-giving relatives of dementia patients by the German Alzheimer Association in collaboration with Janssen-Cilag, which aims to provide in-depth information and relief

Dealing with the progression of Alzheimer's Disease and caring for people through the three stages of the disease is often a daunting and distressing task. This has principles in common with all forms of Dementia. Often relatives feel isolated and alone and feel they are left to their own devices, dealing with the 'unknown' and seeing their beloved ones becoming more and more distant and estranged. We hope our information will be of help to you and your loved ones

Showing support for and acceptance of the person with his/her disease will help acceptance of the disease for both of you. Respect the façade the patient builds as an attempt at self-healing and don't trivialise the fears. Give patients a sense of security & let them know you are not going to abandon them, but never keep any promises you can't keep (especially never say you will never move your relative to a home as you might not be able to keep this promise!)

Don't bear the burden on your own, share the responsibilities; the highs, lows & doubts with family, friends & groups plus seek professional support. One of the hardest things is to help carers help themselves. Permitting personal 'Space' allows the carer time to reflect on their personal situation, develope a life outside of Dementia, and be better prepared to support their loved one - you must learn to be selfish for their benefit

The key is to everything is as simple as 'Quality of Care'. Your emotional attitude & approach are extremely important - be interested, be happy, be yourself and most of all - have some fun! It is catching and very rewarding

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