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On Making Important Decisions

Only our heart knows what is best for us. The heart does not know how to tell a lie. It does not pretend to be rational but let ourselves celebrate in our imperfect humanity, indulging in our passions, just letting ourselves be who we really are. It is where we keep our deepest secrets, our childhood dreams, our natural love of playing and having fun, our angst, our tears, our joy and laughter. It only thinks of what is best for us and wants us to have it. It doesn't know about failure or regrets, it only wants us to be our unique selves.

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Whisper My Song To The Wind

Whisper your pain to the wind
Let the air heal the wounds of your past hurt.
Whisper your cares to the wind
Let the breeze blow your doubts away.

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Three Trends To Consider When Buying A New Computer

Donít ever believe that the new OS will perform well if you just provide it with the so-called minimum system requirements. The minimum system requirements trap is a sales gimmick that you should not fall prey into. It is just meant to increase sales and should never be used by the intelligent computer user. Instead use the recommended system requirements as the minimum and add some more depending on the applications you plan to use in your computer. Remember my golden rule of computer upgrade is not to have to upgrade later because you have accurately figured out at the time of purchase the resources you will need two or three years ahead.

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Ang Tamang Paginom Sa Barakong Kape

Ikaw ay uupo sa mahabang hapag kainan habang hinihipan mo ang tasa upang lumamig ang lamang kape. Ang tamang pagupo ay iyong ang isang paa ay nakatungkod sa upuan habang ang isa naman ay nilalaro sa pamamgitan ng pagurong at sulong ng paa sa ilalim ng bangkong upuan. Tuloy pa rin ang inyong usapan ng iyong kasamahan sa bahay at ikaw ay palingon-lingon sa malaking bintana at inuusisa kung sino ang nagdadaan sa lansangan. Kung may nagdaan na kakilala ay iyong kakamustahin at uusisain kung saan patungo ang taong nagdadaan.

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