November 20, 2004

Alexa's updates and pictures will appear at carepage from now on. Messages and prayer can still be left on this site. Thank you. Brenda

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November 5,2004

Alexa's surgery in Houston went well, she is healing quickly. The tumor is being treated in Houston for the next two weeks, and than if all is progressing well she may be able to come home. As always thank you for all your prayers.

November 1,2004

Alexa's Dad and Grandmother (Monica's Mom) arrived home safe from Houston.

October 17,2004

This WEBSITE has a new e-mail address: [email protected]

October 4,2004

Alexa and Family have traveled to Texas, to a special cancer hospital in Houston. The doctors there have schuduled a surgery for the 22th, the tumor have increased in size and must be removed, the portion attached to her brainstem will be left until she is a little older to be removed. The tumor affecting her left eye, no more will be known until after the surgery. Please keep her in your prayers.

August 18, 2004

Alexa's two satellite tumors have increased 30% since the first surgery. The doctors have increased her chemo and are having Monica give it at home.

July 14, 2004

Alexa had an MRI last Tuesday; it showed what appeared to be growth in the tumor. The doctors are changing some of Alexa's medications and plan to do another MRI in about 2 months. In the mean time, we ask for much prayer and support. The account at Bank of America is still open for donation. More fundraisers are being planned, if you have Ideas or can help, please e-mail us at [email protected].

June 22, 2004

Alexa had her 8 hour Chemo on June 17th, she did very well. She held tight to a stuffed animal and her blanket. She is getting more movement back on her left. Alexa has not lost her hair, although we keep expecting it.

June 6th, 2004

Alexa's doctors have informed us the tumor is malignant, but slow growing.

June 3rd, 2004

Alexa is begining to pull herself up on things and crawl again. She is using her left legand strugling to use her left hand. She is in good spirits, and has just received a very cute haircut.

May 21st, 2004

Alexa started Chemo Thursday, Only 51 more weeks to go. The tumor is non-malignant, but will require more surgury in 6-10 weeks. She is still unable to move her left side we hope physical thearpy and Chemo will help.

May 12th, 2004

Alexa started eating solid food on Wednesday, the swelling in her head has decreased and she has started looking like her little self. We've found out that she hates Pedialite. She is still in Pediatric ICU though.

This is a direct quote from the delos Reyes Family:

I. First and foremost, we want to thank the wonderful, caring, compassionate and generous Safeway Family and customers of store 1231 Sunnyside Road. Their prayers and support have given us strength throughout this difficult time.

II. On May 5th 2004, we brought our daughter, Alexa, to Emanuel Hospital for an MRI because we noticed a lack of movement on her left side. The MRI showed there was a large mass on the right side of her brain, which had to be immediately removed. Within the hour, she was admitted to the Pediatric ICU, where a team of doctors made the determination that surgery was necessary for her survival.

III. She went in for surgery at 9:30 AM on May 7th, 2004 and returned from recovery at about 5:30 PM. The Neurosurgeons stated that they had removed half of the tumor (50%). The tumor was vascular and Alexa lost a lot of blood. Therefore, at that point, they decided to stop. Another MRI was scheduled to verify the percentage of tumor removed. After the pathology reports come back, we will know what type of tumor we are dealing with. We will be working very closely with Dr. Olsen, the Oncologist and her associates to determine future treatment options. Alexa was born with a rare disease known as Neurofibromatosis, which can cause tumors in various parts of her body.

IV. The Safeway 1231 Family has opened an account at the Bank of America to help the family meet expenses. Donations can be made at any branch for the Alexa delos Reyes� Fund, or at the Safeway located at 12024 SE Sunnyside Rd.

    a.The employee family will be holding fundraising events at the store we currently have a     hotdog feed and a fresh Oregon Strawberry shortcake sale planed� Check with the store for     dates and times.
    b.The employee family will be happy to have all the positive support for our events, to be     held at the store.
    c.Cards and messages of support and prayer for the family left at the store for the family will     be delivered by Samantha or Brenda, the following day.

V. If anybody wishes to contact the family, please call Samantha or Brenda H. at Sunnyside Safeway: (503)698-1121, [email protected] or Please do not contact the hospital directly, contact Samantha or Brenda. They will get information and update regularly.
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