October 4, 2004 We would like to thank Mark Wilson and his Hood-to-Coast team #120, for there love, support, and prayers. It is amazing to us how people who have not met Alexa, could offer so much of themselves. Thank you for being such angels to our family.
CulturePulp Comic from the Hood to Coast Relay Fri - September 17, 2004 issue

May 12th, 2004 With love and appreciation, we wish to extend our sincere thanks to Head Neurosurgeon Dr. Abtin and all who assisted with the Surgery. Also thanks to Dr. James Lindsay (peds-intensivist), Dr Janice Olson (peds-Oncologist), Dr. Peter Gyerko and all the other doctors and staff at Metropolitan Pediatrics Clinic , Dr Peter Quint and Dr. John McCreary (Anesthesiologist) and the nurses and staff in the I.C.U. Bonnie Grasty, Jeremy, Tracy Crossman, Stephanie Dahlin, Branton Byers, Lynn Davis, Nicole Gardner, Katie Groh, Michelle Kain, and Vanessa Dollar, Jay, Carol Evans, Denise Welch and all the doctors and nurses who helped return our child to us.

We wish to say an extra special thank you to Chaplin Merv Friberg and the Father and Sisters of the Catholic Chapel, and all those people who have prayed and are praying for Alexa. We would like Lynn Davis of Child life we appreciate her extra special attention to Alexa�s brother. In addition, to our immediate and extended family for all the love support and encouragement during this very stressful time, especially our special Angel who has sat with us and never left us alone during this time.

The delos Reyes family wishes to convey our love and prayers to all the mothers and families who have children at Emanuel.
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