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Safeway #1231
12032 SE Sunnyside Rd
Clackamas, OR 97015


I just talked to Monica; they will be leaving for Texas on the 18 of September for a Medical appointment on the 24th. They have specialist and equipment there that can help save Alexa; they have a very special cancer facility one of only a few in this country with this special equipment. What you can do to help is donate United Air miles. It requires 40,000 miles per ticket ($558) they will need three tickets, or about $1700. They are going to have to make at least three round trips. Thankfully, Dante has family in Houston they can stay with. As always thank you for your prayers of support.

To donate to the fund, please use the jug located at the Customer Service Counter of Sunnyside Safeway, or Any branch Bank of America �Alexa delos Reyes Fund�

[email protected]


Tragedy struck the delos Reyes Family on May 5, 2004 when an MRI at Emanuel Hospital resulted in a diagnosis of a large mass in the brain for precious little Alexa- youngest child of dedicated and long standing Safeway employee Monica delos Reyes . She has recently undergone one perilous surgery but since the doctors can only confirm a 50% removal of the tumor found in her brain, she is not out of the woods and faces a long up hill battle for recovery and chemotherapy.

Already this has taken a toll on the family emotionally, financially, and spiritually. In response, her family at Safeway store 1231 have banded together to stand by her side in this time of need. To all our loyal customers and caring neighbors who enjoyed Monica�s outstanding service we call upon you to lend a helping hand.

With the gracious assistance of Bank of America, we have established an account to help the family meet expenses. Donations can be made at any branch for the Alexa delos Reyes� Fund, or at the Safeway located at 12024 SE Sunnyside Rd.

Cards and messages of support and prayer for the family left at the store for the family will be delivered by Samantha or Brenda, the following day.

Quote from Store Manager At Safeway, "We realize our employees, like Monica, are the backbone to our success. They enable us to provide the Service 10 experience all our customers deserve and expect. It is with pride we stand by them in times of need. If you have any ideas, thought, or comments to share contact Brenda at [email protected] , or at"
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