Murder Mystery

Our treasurer, Josh Winthrop will be hosting a Murder Mystery Sun Sept 11. He asks if people who would like to come bring italian type food or snacks. If you have any other questions, please contact Josh (we will forward e-mail sent to the Gamers' Guild e-mail that has the subject line Re: Murder Mystery, or you can call him).

Posted: August 29, 2005

A room for Game Night

After a long and arduous struggle, we have procured the ground floor lounge in Mohn Hall on thursdays from 7-9 pm. Come and regroup after a day of classes by playing all sorts of games, from card games to board games, to video games with the Gamer's Guild.

To find out more about Game Night and other Gamers' Guild functions, check out our events page. To check out our calendar, use the yellow link in the Navigation Dropdown at the top of this or the events page. To find out more about the calendar, read this entry on the events page.

Epic Story

We were finally able to put the Gamer's Guild Epic Story onto the website! Check it Out!


Albright College now has a FaceBook! The FaceBook is a school-based social site. You can contact your friends and classmates, and keep in touch after you graduate. The only catch is that you have to use your Albright E-mail. If you don't remember your Albright E-mail, the nice people up at the Help Desk in the Computer Science building will be happy to assist you.

Posted: 21 April 2005

April Fools Day

Find out when April Fools day is in any given year!

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Our calendar has moved

We've moved our calendar to Yahoo!Groups in an attempt to help to accomodate the needs of the Guild. This leaves us with a little trouble, but we've developed a workaround solution that is easy to use and benefits everybody using the site. You can read about it here.

Website Upgrades

We've updated the website to be fully compatable with all browsers! If you have any problems, please e-mail the Guild with the subject line: Re: Website.

Posted: 15 March, 2005

The Gamers' Guild Calendar

We have added access to the Gamers' Guild Events Calendar to the site! You can reach the Calendar from the events page.

You should confirm every Gamers' Guild Event with the calendar. This way you can make sure that no details have been changed, that the event has not ben canceled for some unknown reason, and that you have the right time and date.

The Links Page

Continuing our efforts to rework the site, we would like to know what you want. Visit the links page to see some :: links and categories. If there's something you'd like to see there or if you have any other suggestions, drop us an e-mail with Re: Website: Links in the subject line. All feedback is always apreciated!

We want to hear from you!

Site Under Re-construction

We are currently in the process of fixing up the site from more than four years of neglect. We appreciate your patience, and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Keep in mind that the site is in an infant stage, and will be changing often for a while. Please check back once or twice a week to see what's different, and send us your comments!

If you have something useful or nice to say about the site, if you have a critique or criticism, or if you just want to know more about the Albright College Gamers' Guild, please e-mail The Albright Gamers' Guild with the subject line Re: Website.

Thanks for your help with this!
~John Cordes, Webmaster

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