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The Inaugural Conference of the African Evaluation Association was held in Nairobi on the 13-17 September 1999 and attended by over 300 evaluators from 35 countries.  About 80 papers were presented covering all major areas of evaluation research. Ten national associations or networks of evaluators in Africa were established through this initiative. The African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) was created as an informal network facilitated by UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) as follow-up to the Conference and to facilitate implementation of its recommendations.. 


The AfrEA Database

The AfrEA database with detailed skill profiles of over 450 evaluators working in Africa, created as part of this initiative, can be obtained in searchable form or as a MS Word document.  All evaluators working in Africa are invited to send in registration forms so as to be included in this database.


AfrEA Conference Objectives

The AfrEA conference had the overall objective of "Increasing Evaluation Capacity in Africa" as well as 6 specific goals: 

1) to foster the creation of networks of professional evaluators and professional associations; 

2) to develop a sustainable structure to link national associations to an Africa-wide association;

3) to review the US programme evaluation standards for adoption or adaptation in Africa;

4) to create a database of evaluators in Africa;

5) to invite contributions to an annotated bibliography of evaluations in Africa;

6) to publish the papers and proceedings of the Conference.


AfrEA Conference Documents and Resources

During the Conference, Michael Quinn-Patton, author of "Utilization Focused Evaluation" delivered a series of excellent training lectures.  The response to these was very positive.  The lectures had been taped so we asked him for permission to make a transcription freely available in Africa.  He kindly agreed.  This short training text  “Utilization Focused Evaluation in Africa” is probably the most useful training document on evaluation freely available in Africa.

Participants discussed a paper titled "Appropriateness of the Program Evaluation Standards for use in Africa".  It was decided to create indigenous "African Evaluation Guidelines" through collaboration between national associations and networks.  The current draft is available on this site (in "Key Documents") and a final version will be published early in 2001.

Many evaluators in Africa have sent in reviews of key evaluation documents.  Over 100 reviews are available in our "Annotated Bibliography".  These have been structured by topic.  Authors and evaluators are welcome to send in more.

An additional available resource is a final draft set of "M&E Guidelines" for national HIV/AIDS control programmes produced by UNAIDS.

Other resources and links to interesting sites will be added from time to time.

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The AfrEA Conference was sponsored by UNICEF, IDRC, CARE, FHI, ADB, UNDP, and UNCHS. 

 Special thanks are due to the Regional Director of UNICEF, Urban Jonsson, for his support to this initiative.


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