"A 'Golden' Opportunity from Ghana"
(The Lads complete lots of E.U. bureaucratic papers)
Updated 14 November 2005
"Lizzie Borden "Ax"identally Emails a Scammer"
(Watch the scammer try to steal money donated to a church)
Completed 26 January 2005
"The Lads Suffer the Norman Conquest"
(The scammer thinks he's going to defraud a frail old man out of his last penny!)
Completed 21 January 2005
"D.B. Cooper Lives!"
(The Lads take on the infamous hijacker D.B. Cooper)
Completed 17 December 2004
"Bob the Builder Gets a Death Threat"
(The Lads threaten me with assassination)
12 December 2004
"Penny Mahoney vs. Kwaku Martins"
(the scammer who refuses to give up.)
Completed 11 October 2004
"The Church of the Freckled Skin"
(Part of a group bait.)
Completed 29 September 2004
"D.B. Cooper vs. the Larry Williams Gang"
(D.B. Cooper hijacks a lad's mail account)
Completed 6 May 2004
"Seamus O'Paddy vs.Grace Butuma"
(lots of crazy story lines and scored two pictures)
Completed 25 Nov 2003
"Seamus O'Paddy vs. Jennifer Kabila"
(The lads meet a religious nutter.)
Completed 7 Oct 2003
"Bob the Builder vs. Alamuda Savimbi"
(An electronic translator leads to big confusion)
Completed 30 Jan 2004
"Count Chocula vs. Magret Lamine"
(a rather dull and drawn out bait with a couple funny moments)
Completed 21 Feb 2004
"Mustapha Abacha vs. Ali Hussein"
(Saddam's son sends a letter to another scammer)
Completed 10 Jan 2004

Before you get all worked up into a frenzy of political correctness, read this:

None of these stories should be construed as racism.  I do not condone racism in any form and those of you who do should refrain from writing e-mails to me. They will go unanswered.  The advance fee fraud scam is not restricted to Africa nor do its perpetrators belong to one race exclusively. I struggle against these scammers because they prey upon old age pensioners and other vulnerable people.
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