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"All That Glitters
Is Not Gold"

Updated 14 November

New 'Letters' section! An ever-building archive of different types of scam letters.

For scam baiting
the Irish way,
we recommend 'Adoptalad'
      Fight Nigeria 419 E-Mail Fraud

Welcome to 'Adopt a Lad'. This site is dedicated to the fine art of 'Scam Baiting' where we waste the time and resources of scammers engaged in the Nigeria 419 Advance fee fraud.

If you are one of the lucky few who have not been spammed by these fraudsters, click on the 'What is 419?' link for an introduction to the advance fee scam.

Click on 'Scambaits' to access the archive of my dealings with the 'Lads of Lagos'. I try to keep them engaged with the hope that I've fallen for their scam in the hopes that they have less time to move on to a real victim. All the while they are getting hurled with insults and inanity that goes over their heads due to their unfamiliarity with Western Culture.

I hope you enjoy the stories.

-Sean Patrick,
Dublin, Ireland
adoptalad AT yahoo.ie
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