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419eater.com (my favourite) swapmeetdave.com/Scam/
cashier's cheque scam
scamorama.com 419fraud.com
Baiter419 U.S. Secret Service
nigerian419fraud.freeserve.co.uk U.S. State Department
(a must-read if you've been scammed and are thinking of
travelling to Africa to attempt to recover some money)
Busted Up Cowgirl
specialising in the EBay scam
freewebs.com/heinousmoz fraudaid.com
ebolamonkeyman 419 Rental Scam
Max Wieldruk  
419 S-C-A-M  
Alexander Kerensky  
Mr Udo Watt, Scam baiter  
Artists Against 419  
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