28 January 2005-

Adoptalad gets a mention in a rentamatic.co.uk article. There's some information in it regarding the 419 Apartment Scam.

6 May 2004-
I managed to liberate an email account from the infamous Larry Williams gang by cracking a scammer's password unfortunately it appears that I was the only person being "scammed" from this account so i could not warn off any potential victims but it was still nice to score a coup against a gang that has successfully scammed thousands out of gullible victims.


13 Dec 2003-
Someone at The Drogheda Independent noticed Adoptalad.com and ran the following piece:

Local justice as email con artists get conned

I love it. For once the scamsters are being scammed. Drogheda Independent readers will remember our piece two weeks ago on the Liberian email scam. Basically a person sends you an email claiming to be the son of the former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor.  He informs you that he has ten million dollars to deposit in a bank account, and if he gets your bank details, you’re in for a cut of the money.  Happy days? Fat chance.  It, like all the other email ‘opportunities’ is a massive scam.

But now irish internet users are hitting back at the scamsters by taking up their most valuable resource – their time!  It’s called scam-baiting, and it happens when net surfers attempt to con the con men by stringing them along.  One particular site,
www.geocities.com/adoptalad is simply hilarious.  It plays these people at their own game, taking on the identities of concerned story swallowers, and leading the conmen (known as lads) to believe they have snared someone.  But every time the conmen ask for the cheque (there’s always a cheque) the person behind the site, who uses the pseudonym Sean Patrick, thinks up of a wonderful excuse.

‘I told one guy the cheque was late because Ireland had been hit by a huge tidal wave,’ he said. ‘Another of these ‘lads’ believed me when I told him that a volcano was erupting in Athlone!’  Sean also gets the conmen to send him photographs of themselves, holding up signs saying, for example, ‘amadan’ – the Irish for idiot.  Another scammer, in the midst of a four month wait for his money, was told to ring up an Irish bank and ask for a special E-JIT form.

Fair play to you Sean. You’ve struck a blow for the scammed!


10 Dec 2003-
After reading the story in the Star, radio announcer Niall Power of The Beat 102-103 in County Wexford rang me for an on-air interview about my website.  We discussed some of the dirty tricks we use in scambaiting and my general impression of the scammers.

30 Nov 2003-
Adoptalad is featured in a story in the Irish Star Sunday.  Reporter Ken Sweeney wanted to know about the emerging art of scambaiting after coming across this website during his research into the Nigeria 419 scam.

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