Welcome to the
24th Australian Junior National Archery Championships,

held 13th-19th January, 2002

Carol Ashlee (Chair)
Robert Whittlesea (Secretary)
Aileen Anderson (Treasurer)
Gretel Dabovich
Dell Henderson
Graham Kuchel
Roger Moore
Neville Turnbull
19th Jan - Best All Round Archers & Trans Tasman Team announced

19th Jan - Field Champions emerge through the heat & dust

18th Jan - Results first day of field

17th Jan - Today's the "rest" day

16th Jan - Clout results

15th Jan - Target Champions decided

14th Jan - First day's competition completed

13th Jan - Championships opened

10th Jan - Weather forecast looking good

11th Oct - City Council and State Government add their support
29 Aug - Under 19s - Clarification
01 Aug - Dinner venue in the snow!
31 Jul - Quals for Junior World Field
31 Jul - Matchplay not an option
17 Jul - Olympic champion at the Junior Nationals
15 Apr - Logo designed

17 Nov - Committee formed

Sunday, 13th 9:00am Team Managers' Meeting
10:00am Opening Ceremony
11:30am General Briefing
12:30pm Practice
Monday, 14th Target, day 1
Practice commences 7:30am
Tuesday, 15th Target, day 2
Practice commences 7:30am
Wednesday, 16th Clout
Thursday, 17th Rest day
Friday, 18th Field, day 1
Practice commences 7:30am
Saturday, 19th Field, day 2
Practice commences 7:30am
6:30pm Presentation evening

We acknowledge and thank our sponsors....

of South Australia


Be SunSmart - Save Your Skin!

We're Smoke-free

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