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At Access Database Solutions, we offer the following database services to small business. 


  • On-Site Consultation MS Database Development and testing 

  • Full MS Access Databases Modifications to Existing Databases 

  • Layout & Design 

  • Reports for Data Analysis or Presentation 

  • Automation of Administration Tasks  

  • Data Scrubbing and Migration 

  • Repair and Recovery 

  • Documentation of Database System and Training Manual 

  • Staff Training days

We can also assist your business with

  • Databases other than MS Access 

  • Customised Software 

  • Spreadsheets 

  • MS PowerPoint Business Presentations 

  • Desktop Publishing 

  • Help Desk/troubleshooting

With our experience we have the ability to analyse your database and information processes and work towards a solution to suit your needs. Part of our services includes help desk and troubleshooting for our valued clients. 


All prices include GST


Basic Ad-hoc (B) Advanced Ad-hoc (A)
Database Work $66.00 $77.00
Documentation $77.00  
Project Rate negotiable at consultation negotiable at consultation



  Ad-hoc rates Project rates Documentation
Basic Database Dev B available available

Table Structure

B available available

User Interfaces

B available available

Reports (queries)

B available available

Calculations/VBA Code

B available available
Automation of Processes A available available
Database Upgrades   project only with project
Data Migration & Scrubbing   project only with project
Specialised Database Work (SQL etc) A available available
Spreadsheet A available no
Presentations A no no
Desktop Publishing A no no
Customised Software A available  available



Where documentation is necessary, the prices of the documents will be offered as a document set and not as an hourly rate. Buying a document set can reduce the projects hourly rate upon negotiation.


Long Term Projects - negotiable depending on project


Non project on-site work - Minimum fee of one hour at Basic Ad-hoc rates.


Projects to include Terms of Engagement to be drawn up and agreed on by both parties, covering - costs, scope, deliverables and time frame, objectives, project specifics.






























































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