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ABOUT Robert S Heathcote 

Robert S Heathcote is a Sole Trader developing Database Systems for small business. 


Roberts' background was initially in the field of Industrial Engineering, where he was involved in all aspects of ensuring efficiently run production lines and the documentation of production and training processes to Australian Standards. 


Over the years, Robert began to be involved in the development of database's as a tool to cut costs and ensure more efficient time usage by fellow employee's. This was the focus of his work whilst employed in a major financial industry call centre, for which he won a number of in-house awards.


In 2001, Robert joined a small Application Development firm in Windsor and began his training in SQL database development as well as continuing development using MS Access


In 2002, Robert began to branch out on his own, undertaking jobs for small business's and sub-contracting. The business has continued to grow since that time.


Robert is currently studying for his Bachelor in Information Technology through Charles Sturt University to back up his extensive hands-on experience.


Roberts' IT experience extends to the entire MS Office Suite of Applications, in particular: Spreadsheets,  Desktop Publishing, presentations using PowerPoint. He also has experience with Stand-alone Application development (Using Visual Basic programming), Web Development/Design, general networking and troubleshooting


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