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Is it very difficult to disclose oneself as a good programmer? Most probably not. Most of us who knows C/C++ want to see ourselves as a good programmer. For this reason many of them have registered in But often they do not do well only for lack of proper direction. I am one of them. You know, it is an essential factor to get the correct help line in appropriate time. From this respect I am inspired for this little diligence. To solve the problems, the difficulty that I have faced in the 24-hour online judge and the help and guideline that I have found to overcome them is integrated in this site "ACMBEGINNER".

When we start to solve a problem, we become confused and it is very difficult to find the easier problem at first. For this reason here I have given two lists (i) with ascending order of their difficulty level and (ii) subject related same problem though it's relative. Here you also found some steps to overcome the difficulty the difficulty that  I have faced. At the same time there will be some related link page for brief knowledge. With this, the site also contains tutorial , which help one to use the experience of the 24-hour online judge in the real time contest. So lets go to find some thing new, something easy...  



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