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This site is for beginners and also I am not specialist. I have solved easy problems only (approximately 10-20% problems per volume). In my site, You will not find solution(s) for all hard problems... maybe sometime later ...., when I will getting better in this profession.

This page is dedicated for the ACM warrior and specially the beginner ( Here I try two thing:

   1. Arrange all most of my experience as a reference for myself later.
   2. To encourage the ACM warrior specially the novice out there to be more active.

To contact me, send me an e-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] 
(note: if you are an Bangladeshi , you can use Bangla language =)

How to use this site


  1. Study the Tutorial page for increasing your coding capability.

  2. Read Reference page for increasing your resource.

  3. Use ACM ProblemSet Tricks page to solve problem. You can read problems and submit that from this page. I believe if you start reading and study the page from top to bottom with the way that the page stated you got 200 AC when you finished the page.


Way to get my source code:

1. You can get my accepted source code. But it depends on my decision. And my decision can very case-by-case basis.

2.  You will not get AC by submitting my code directly. My sending code must have simple logic error. You must know what the algorithm and what it does

Important notes:

1. I review only those problems which i have solved. I try to review those to my level best.

2. I use C/C++ as my programming language.

3. As my view is changing and always try to upgrade my skill so this page is always in under construction.

About Complexity

This is how I rate problem difficulty:

1: Only programming knowledge is enough to solve those problem. Very Very easy problems
2: Some times need some primary mathematical knowledge or intelligence
or small calculation.
Very easy problems.
3: Standard algorithmic problems or mathematical concept needed hardly. In the case of algorithmic problem just implement the algorithm.
Easy problems.
4:In the case of algorithmic problem direct code are not applicable.
Getting harder.
5:Hard to guess the standard algorithm.
Standard problem.
6:A lot of knowledge and efforts you need to solve this problem.
A very hard thinking problem.
7: I did not understand how can I solve this and someone help me by giving me the algorithm.
Unknown Status.


At every second each people think a different thing. 

sometimes I feel that a problem is very difficult when others don't feel the same way, and vice versa. This rating is highly relative.

My Solved Problems

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Your Comments please

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Best view

All the pages of this site will best viewed at every kind of resolution ( I hope) as I made it like that. But I have tested it with 1024 by 768 and  800 by 600 only.   


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