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1.What about Privacy Policy  and Term of use?


As our aim is totally non profitable and to spread out the knowledge of programming, so you republish any contains of this site on your own. You can also use it to any non-professional purpose. You don not need to get any permission . But please give the credit to the authors. 

If you  want to use any contains of this site for any professional purpose then please get permission from the author. 

2. After Reading the problem what of the following should I do?

a. Thinking about the key terms.
b. Working with pencil and paper.
c.Try to understand the whole thing.


Obviously the first step is not coding. Before the first submission your first work is to understand the whole thing and about the key terms. Then try to find out the critical input. After doing all of this you can start coding.


3. Should the mathematical problem be solved by thinking the following?

  1. Try to generate a formula.

  2. Using the existing formula.

  3. Try to understand it basically.


Actually the answer is highly subjective. Using some proved formula can solve many mathematical problems and many other problems you need to derive an equation. So it is better for you to study on the mathematical basic and formula.


4. What is the best compiler?


Turbo C++ 3.0 IDE is the traditional one. It is very good for debugging and run program. But it has limitations. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 over come some limitations. But the judge use Linux and the GNU compiler that the Linux has is a great compiler.


5. I am a Windows user and I do not have Linux. How can I use Linux compiler.


I have a compiler named CYGWIN B20, which work in windows environment but act like Linux compiler. You can try this.


6. How can I get to know about the unsupported function of the GNU compiler?


Reading the GNU manual you can find it out. Another way to know about it. Visits the help of Turbo C++ 3.0 IDE. There the help of each function is contains a table of portability. The UNIX and ANSI portable function are allow in GNU compiler.


7. I have downloaded your executable files but it is not running in my system.


I have compiled my source code with CYGWIN B20 compiler. The compiler has a lot of dll files, which is necessary for creating the LINUX environment in windows system. I think your system do not have those dlls. Try to install the compiler or collect the dll.


8. Suppose an algorithm of a problem is not known to me. Which are also you do not submit. How can I get the algorithm?


Try to find it out from the algorithm related book.


9. How can I solve the variable range difficulty problems?


Using a several way can solve a variable range difficulty problem. You can use a height data types. You can use a general data types i.e., character array. Or there may be no logic on that way, you need to try something else. (Problem 10515).


10. Can I send you something if I found more interesting?


Yeh, obviously. You are always most welcome.


11.Why the problem tricks and input output are indifferent pages.


There are some other sites, which contain tricks of many problems in a single page. Actually the beginner downloads the pages and use in off line. I believe every beginner has a tendency to see the tricks before try to solve that by himself. But is not a good way to improve ones skill. So put every problem tricks and critical input output in different page. So the viewers cannot copy all together.


12. There are no limits on some of the inputs/outputs in the problem. 


If the input/output is an integer and nothing is said about the limits of it you can assume that it fits in an 32-bit signed integer. However, even if the output/inputs fits in an 32-bit signed integer there are problems where results during the calculations can exceed a 32-bit signed integer if one don't watch out! In some problems the limits are not explicitly stated but there are limits due to the problem being solved or due to some other thing.


13.I'm working with a problem that have floats and I feel uncertain about if the accuracy is enough.


The problems are made so that when using a good method and calculating with the datatype double in C the accuracy will be enough.


14. Can I discuss with you about the problem you do not submitted.


Yeh, you can. I shall try to help you as much as I know.


Special thanks to "Tapan Chandra Das" for this page.


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