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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Well, as much as I like blogger I'm going to have to move yet again...


This one lets you post comments and there's photo albums and such. So we'll see how it works out.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Again, I have been trying to post, and here comes the excuses! I haven't been 100% motivated to write anything, and when I do finally get around to recounting the tales of my life, something breaks and the post is lost. It happens. Frequently it seems. So let's all cross our fingers and hope this one makes it!

So what's been happening lately? Well, I'm being crossed trained for a different LOB (line of business) at work. It's not so great because I've moved from tech to billing, but I'll survive. Just finished the two weeks of training and call taking, now I'm moving on to the "trial" period where they watch over you like a hawk to point out every little mistake to make sure you know how to do the job. Boy I feel sorry for the slobs who got my group last week! Nobody was listening to our calls then! But anyway, the funny thing about this LOB is that it's the member telling us what to do, as opposed to us telling the member what to do. Very odd. Takes some adjustment. Also, the 30 calls in 8 hours VS the 15 in 10 hours takes some getting used to as well. It'll be another 4 weeks of that, unless of course I get a "get out of jail free" card, which may happen! I have an interview on Thursday for another LOB! This one actually has a raise involved so I'm a little happy about that. My tech supervisor positioned me with all his power so with 10 openings, I'd better get this job and not have to finish the trial billing office crap! I mean sure it'll be a usefull training, but 2$ an hour is a bitchin' deal if you ask me! So all you people cross your damn fingers already!

Well, that's it for work. What about my personal/social life? Well that's next, so stay tuned...

I've been riding the bike at almost every available opportunity. Not bear in mind they don't have large gas tanks, but when gas is at a good price, you just found a great excuse for a ride! I took my first night ride the other day. Very different experience. I didn't feel as comfortable as in daylight, but that'll come with practice. First time changing the lenses in my goggles from the shades to the clear lenses. I bought some kick ass goggles. Next I'll put the yellow lenses in! That'll be today if the weather holds. And the rest of life has been fairly pedestrian. Last night I went to the Dom around 3:30 and I left at 9:30. Drinking and being bored aren't a good combination, but at least I beat my friend at backgammon which she'd been playing most of her life and to be honest, that was my first real game. Now I know the rules. I kicked so much ass with the doubles at the end when almost all hope was lost and won! I rule! And when I finally got home at 11, I found out that someone I talk to on the internet actually saw me last night, but didn't say hi? I'm hurt. I'm going to have to give her the cold shoulder from now on. For the love of god, say hi to people you know! Blah! Anyway, it's time to shower and go out for breakfast! Mmm, 10am breakfast... Yummy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Busy busy busy busy... I sound like the magician from the frosty the snowman cartoon... You just won't catch me cracking any eggs into my magic had nor do I own a disobediant bunny... Yeah, I know I'm funny. You laughed.

It's been a while, and I'm not really sure where to start... I might as well start with work, since it's what makes me busy after all. Lots of work. Lots of overtime. I think I hit 50 hours last week. I'm going to have nice paycheques. This will certainly help recover from the cost of the bike. I'm still doing the special project with the SNet group, and I'll even be going in even today on my day off for 4 hours. Hardly a day off in sight, but on the plus side, I get a drive home again because the I stay until 12! No stupid busses home, which makes me happy. I want a raise.

What's going on besides work? Not a whole lot. Apparently I missed the girl next door's birthday last week. Shame on me. I of course knew about it after she made me lunch last weekend and casually dropped the fact that her birthday was comming up. I forgot. Nothing I can do about it now, so I'm just going to roll with it. It's not like I'm dating her or anything, so I'm not in any peverbial dog house here. If anything, she's to blame for not reminding me again and again and again... Yeah, that's it, her fault!

Let's see, what else happened last week of note. Oh, I got to see my friend from Mount A, she was up for some conference and she flew with Jets Go which was a funny story. It was nice to see she found a way up and back, but it probably hurt financially. Stupid Jets Go. Anyway, we had a nice short visit which basically entailed a nice warm apple cider downtown. And I got dressed for this on my day off? I don't know about that... Was it worth it? Downtown is a long bus ride! Meh. I don't think she reads this so I'm safe.

Spring looks to be on it's way. Temperatures are getting warmer, and roads seem drier. Almost time to bring the bike to my house. Along with all the other purchases I'll need to make to ride it, I'm going to need a bike cover! So many things, so little time... I work so I can have the money to buy these things, but I don't have the time to buy these things! Catch 22? I think so! Anyway, since I'm not experienced enough, I'll have my uncle drive my bike home for me so I can get used to it in a local environment. I'm also taking a course on riding and safety in April. I was originally in this one, but was bumped out, and now I'm back in. Hooray! So now my May is free again and I hope to travel out east. But we'll see if work permits such a trip. Anyway, it's getting late, and I have a lunch date to be at soon, so off I go, and until the next update, don't sneeze into the wind.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's the long weekend for me, and it's about time. It was also a payday today so I was certainly feeling good for all the work I've been putting in. My pay was for 95.25 hours. It's a new record for me. Plus it was in a province where OT starts after 40 hours. So yeah, OT is good. And on top of that, the raise. Can't argue with that. I'm loving it. So what do I do with all this? I spent it before I got it really. There's the bike to put a down payment on, and all the stuff that goes with it. Bad news on that front as well. Some stupid !)%(&*# at the college took me out of the course and threw out my file because my credit card didn't pass thru. This of coures was *AFTER* I had called her to make arrangements for this. I told her to wait until the weekend passed to put it thru since I had just paid it off. Needless to say she's very appologetic for the situation, but she still needs her neck stepped on. The only thing that made Thursday a good day was when I punched out at work, and stayed a couple hours to listen to some support calls. That's right, the cat's out of the bag. I've put it on my resume and applied for a second line job. I just hope it doesn't trickle down to firstline that I'm bilingual incase I don't get the job...

But what about today? Today I had no work. It was nice. I did all the things I enjoy today. Well, almost, but that's just because I'm a big wuss. Anyway, today I had bar-b-q'd food. Delicious steaks that were sadly cooked well done, but that still didn't stop me from eating two... Yeah, two. They were tasty. I also vegetated, at someone elses house no less. Yep, I went next door and I was the only one there basically. After a while of sitting on their couch watching a David Blain DVD, the girl next door showed up to make me lunch. Yay me and not having to make lunch! (I realize this is in no order, but steaks were way up there.) So after eating, we watched some stupid shows on TV. Something called "Passions"? I can't believe they put innane crap like that on TV, but hey, it takes all kinds... After the horrible TV, I discovered I was locked out of my own house! The sad part is that I had told the grandparents that I didn't have my key and to leave it unlocked. Oh well. Just an extra excuse to walk the girl next door to work. I also offered my services to drive her home (which she took up, but more on that later) So what do I do between the time she starts work and the time she got off work? I went tobogganing! Well, call it what you will, I grabbed my krazy karpet and headed off to the slope. It was a nice evening, and an excellent test for the buff. Nothing like windy speeds and snow flying in your face to test something that claims to wick away moisture and keep you warm! It worked excellently. And there were memorable points to the whole adventure. Everybody gets their own little award...

Me - Stupidest run
* I basically saw this built up jump on the hill and decided to take it on with the krazy karpet (head first of course). This resulted in what was described as a *POOF* of snow with arms and legs flailing around. After reviewing the landing mark in the snow, I've concluded that I was about 4 feet in the air and travelled about 12 feet in distance. I got up not 2 seconds after the jump, only to fall right back down in triumph!?

Uncle - Longest butt slide
* The uncle decided to try the krazy karpet only to find it slip out from under him halfway down the hill. This left him slidding down on his butt a quarter of the way leaving him stranded near the end of the slope. Nice.

Aunt - Longest run
* She beat everybody by at least 10-15 feet in distance, and on her last run. She kept going, and going...

Little cousin - Most dangerous accidental run
* As the little guy was walking back up the hill with the krazy karpet, he began to go in reverse. From what I could tell, he stepped on the karpet and went back down the way he came. Very close to the woddent posts of the fence, and ended up going down the side of the slope. That would be the road least travelled for sure.

All in all, it was a most excellent waste of time. A quick shower and a phone call later and I was on my way to pick up the girl next door, who sounded horrible on the phone. Damn flu/cold season. This led to a quick Wendy's/Shoppers run for food and medicine. All she got was the chilli, so it was definitely my treat. It's not that often that when you pay it's cheap, so I take it when I can get it. Score points with a buck fifty the right way! And that was that. Dropped off the girl next door, grabbed my taxes and beer and off I went to file my return. Looks like a nicer one this year compared to last. I'm in the green of course, by approximately 400+ so I can't complain. That'll pay for something bike related I'm sure. (Mayhaps the course?)

I've also joined an online DVD rental club today. I'm hoping that works out for the best. I've heard good things about it. I've also purchased another buff. One to go with the bike. Blue flames. Very nice.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Wow am I tired. I'm still at work, but I'm listening to calls. This is much better than taking calls. Thankfully I have the weekend off to relax... Relax enough to go to Montreal that is. There's a wonderful little motorcycle show to attend. How convinient that it lands just after I get my license. I'm going to see if there's anything worth purchasing at this event. Prices should be better, and hopefully they'll have some under the table tax free mojo going on. Should be fun... But I don't know about this waking up by 8:15 AM thing.. Looks like I'll have to try to sleep as soon as I get home. This will be hard after all those 2/3 AM nights I've been having. Ick. But the overtime... The overtime... And all this even after my raise... That raise better be on that pay 'cause I want all that money money money! 50 hour weeks hurt. But 40+ in Quebec is all overtime. Yay to that. One good thing I can say about working in this province. And it looks like I'll have another 50 hour week next week too! Maybe more if I'm lucky. My supervisor advised me not to burn myself out. Seems like sage advise. But then again it's not like the special project that keeps me here is late. It's mostly babysitting computers once they get started on what they should be doing. Anyway, work needs to be done, and I want to leave at 10! Have a good weekend.

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