Rubik's Cube

II. Solve the Top Corners

Below are 3 ways to get a corner piece from the bottom to the top. Because a corner can be rotated 3 different ways, there are 3 different sequences to get the corner piece arranged correctly. Before attempting any of these moves, you must rotate the bottom layer until the desired corner piece is directly below it's destination.

~~~~Move Up:~~~~


F+ B+ F-


R- B- R+


R- B2 R+ B+
R- B- R+

Oops! Did you MOVE UP this corner piece the wrong way? Don't panic... you can either KNOCK DOWN this piece, and start it over again; or merely ROTATE that same piece in its place later on.

Sometimes, a corner piece is already in the top layer, but on the wrong corner. Use the simple sequence below to knock it down to the bottom layer. Afterwards, you can climb it up to its correct spot by using one the previous sequences.

~~~~Knock Down:~~~~


R- B- R+

Other times, a top corner piece is in the right spot, but rotated wrong. So...






R- B+ R+
F+ B+ F-


F+ B- F-
R- B- R+

You only need to memorize one of the above. For example, if you choose to memorize the "clockwise" sequence, then use it twice to rotate a corner piece counter-clockwise.

Go ahead and solve the other top corners. You will not disturb any of the others that are already fixed in place. After arranging all 4 top corner-cubes... Congratulations! The entire top side is finished, which is enough to amaze anyone. Now you can proceed to solve the Middle Edges

...or you can SCRAMBLE the puzzle again, and re-solve the Top Layer. WHAT? Are you CRAZY?? NOOO!!! By re-solving the top layer, you become more accustomed with the Rubik's Cube and the moves that solve it. It also builds up an arsenal of ammunition that conquer the later steps.

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