Rubik's Cube

I. Solve the Top Edges

The cube is scrambled and you are ready to make your very first move to solve it. There are 4 edges that have to be placed on the top layer, one at a time. If the edge is on the bottom layer, then rotate the bottom layer until that edge appears in the front, dircetly below its destination. The edge can be flipped around two different ways, so there are two different moves used to climb it to the top.

~~~~Move Up:~~~~




B+ R+ F- R-

The edge you want to move may not always on the bottom layer. Sometimes, it can appear at the "equator" of the puzzle. Other times, it can already be on the top layer, but on the wrong side. Either way, it must be knocked down to the bottom layer. Afterwards, you can climb it up to its correct spot by using one the previous sequences.

~~~~Knock Down:~~~~


R- B- R+



And finally, you may need to invert an edge that is already in place.



F2 B+ R+ F- R-

Don't worry, be happy! As you MOVE UP, KNOCK-DOWN or INVERT an edge, the other edges that you've already finished will NOT be disturbed in ANY way, by ANY of these moves.

After arranging all 4 top edges, continue to solve the Top Corners.

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