Rubik's Triamid

Parity Fix

Just like the Square-1 puzzle, you may encounter a parity error near the end. And just like the Square-1 puzzle, I had to refer to Jaap's Puzzle Page to see if there was a quick and easy fix. The answer is: Unlike the Square-1 puzzle, no quick and easy fix exists; as you almost have to start all over again! The Triamid has the Hollywood-style plot-twist ending which is PURE EVIL! In the case of a parity error, you must completely mirror the puzzle.

Step I: Swap 2 Corners

This is the first step to "mirror" the puzle and define what the new color of each side is suppose to be.

Set Up:

No set-up
is necessary

Do the Move:

Rf- Lf- T+
Lf- T- Rf+

...and two corners
are swapped.

After the two corners are swapped, use Pyraminx like moves (L+, L-, R+, R-, etc...) so that the corners of one face have matching sides. This will help you figure out what new color each side is suppose to be.

Step II: Invert All 4 Corners

You know the drill; invert each and every corner by repeating the next move.

Rotate the entire puzzle so that the corner is at the lower-left (of the front side).
Pop the top to view the buried color of that corner.
Snap the top back on, and rotate the entire puzzle so that...

  • The same corner is still at the lower-left, and
  • the color of the bottom side is the same as the hidden color.

Do the move...

Lf- R+ T+ Lf- T- R- invert the corner.

Repeat this step for each and every corner. Meanwhile, you will not disturb any of the others corners in any way.

Step III: Match the Corners if Necessary

Merely use simple Pyraminx-type moves (L+, L-, R+, R-, etc...) to match the sides of all 4 corners.

The corners of your Triamid should now be completely mirror-imaged. Meanwhile, the edge pieces are completely scrambled (again!), so you must re-do the entire edge-phase. You could argue that this is bad solution, but you only have to do a parity fix once; and the toll is the same as solving the lowly Pyraminx twice, which is the easiest and quickest of all Rubik-like puzzles.

SO ONCE AGAIN... Place the Edges

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