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27 May

I have recently returned from a trip to Rome. You can read all about it and see the pictures on my travel writing page.

1 March

Added logo and link for the Campaign For a Non-Browser-Specific WWW. The general idea is that web sites should be easily viewable on all types of browser. Check out the site for guidelines on how to make your web site more accessible. If there's anything on my site that doesn't work with your browser, let me know.

12 February 2000

Added a couple of DVD related links. Planning to do a small amount of travelling later in the year, so watch this space for a full pictorial account.

1 November 1999

I seem to have gone and got a job (doing software for a digital TV company) so unfortunately haven't had the time to work on this site or even move it to Connect4Free... So we're still with Geocities, bless 'em. I have had the time to do a few bug fixes though, so you should find it works better, especially if you use Netscape.

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